Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January specials

(c) 2015 The Longaberger Company
Start with this campaign, I am going to list the current month’s flyer, and end it with a look at the next month’s campaign.  You can still see all the products listed on my website, but I just thought that you might want to take a peek at the products beforehand.
So what is in this month’s flyer?
Good question.  I know there are some people who are Irish or love the look of Irish inspired products, and Longaberger does a really good in provided that this year.  This year, Longaberger has taken the look of what I called the hexagon basket (5 ½”l x 5 ½”w x 2 ½”h; Rec. Wt. Use: 2 lbs.), added green and light green up-splints, and the lid pays tribute to those customers, who love and paint their lids. The basket is called The Irish Festival basket, and it is they type of basket that goes well in any room.  Although the basket is pretty to look at, always think about ways for it to function in your home. After all, like the flyer says, “Like Spring itself, our Irish Festival Basket brings a splash of fresh color that will brighten any day.
This one is for the lovers (and everyone else)…In addition to the Irish Festival Basket set, Longaberger has two, count them, two sweetheart baskets.  They were first introduced last month as a two basket set (two baskets, two protectors, two lids, one liner).  This month, they are sold as two separate sets.  The first basket is called The Love Basket set.  The basket (7”l x 4 ½”w x 2”h; Rec. Wt. Use: 2 lbs.) is white with one red up-splint, it comes with a lid and protector.  The drop-in liner is sold separate.  The second Sweetheart basket is called The Chocolate Swirl Basket set.  The basket (4”l x 3 ½ “w x 2 “h; Rec. Wt. ½ lb.) This candy truffle looking basket comes with a lid and protector.  Be sure to order just in time for V-Day.  The “V” stands for Valentine, and guys, you can slip a little something on the inside for your sweetie. (Hint, hint)
(c) The Longaberger Company
Organizational month is in January, and this is a good time to clear the clutter.  Once you clear the clutter, used these baskets in this month’s flyer to organized the rest of your stuff.  Of course, all Longaberger baskets are versatile in any room, and they value last for many generations.
Coming up next month:

February is the month to welcome in spring, so the month has Easter baskets and a pottery sale going on as well.  So until next month, stay warm, and get ready to welcome in the season.  So if you have any questions, you can get in touch with me at plogan721@att.net or through social media (Facebook, Twitter, G+, or LinkedIn)

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