Friday, January 30, 2015

Organizing the Easy way with Baskets: 25 Ideas

What is the first thing you think of when decorating with baskets?  If you are thinking dust collection or country decorate, think again.  There are so many possibilities to decorating and organizing with a basket, until I lost count.  So I have 25 ways for you to organize with a basket (and a couple of bonus ideas too)

Tea basket-
(c) 2015 The Longaberger Co.
  •           Pod holder (laundry)
  •           Hair bows (bathroom)
  •           Perfumes (bedrooms)
  •           Creamers –small (kitchen)
  •           Small office items (Home office)

                                        Laundry basket-
(c) 2015 The Longaberger Co.
  •           Separate clothing of different family members (laundry)
  •           Balls and other sports equipment (garage)
  •           shoes (bedroom or mudroom)
  •           groceries (inside car trunk)
  •           recycle bin (kitchen, garage)

                                                         Medium Market-
(c) 2015 The Longaberger Co
  •           car and other small toys corral (playroom)
  •           Book mobile (car if toting library books, kids room)
  •           Project bin (sewing, craft, hobby Room)
  •           Winter gear holder (coat closet, mudroom)
  •           Pantry items (kitchen)

                            Handy Helper-
(c)  2015 The Longaberger Co
  •           Perfume (bedroom, Bathroom)
  •           Glues and tapes (craft and hobby room)
  •           First aid kit ( bathroom, kitchen, garage, car):  Don’t forget to have more than one
  •           K-cups and other hot beverage packs and pods (kitchen)
  •           Picks for guitars (music room)

(c) 2015 P.Lynne Designs
Protectors- (can purchase separate without the basket)
  •           Set inside a large baskets as dividers
  •           Holders inside another containers as a divider
  •           Holds paints when working on a project (get the lidded ones)
  •           Leftovers (replaces any name brand plastic container)
  •           Samples you get in the mail or at the grocery store

So there you have it, just a few of the many things you can do with a basket that are slick and modern.  Before I go, I want to leave you with a few tips:
·         Think outside of the basket- Just because it is called a bread basket, for example, it does not mean you have to use it for bread.
·         You also do not have to use it for your home.  Take it to the office (baskets make excellent conversation starters), your boat, or car (yes a car needs organizing too), school (especially if you live in a dorm or if you are a teacher, share a classroom).
·         Make a gift basket of the recipient’s favorite goodies, pastimes, or a get well basket.  Add the basket as part of the gift.  It’s rude to ask for it back.

Have fun decorating with baskets.  Don’t forget that when paired with other pieces (pottery or wrought iron), you can extend the use of your basket, and never leave out the protector.  Not only does it protect your baskets, but there are so many uses for the protector by itself (as pointed out earlier)

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(c) 2015 The Consultant Connection

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