Wednesday, January 14, 2015

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Taking inventory

On my other blog, Simply Organized Crafts, one of the topics I cover is organization.  I love an organized room, and it is easy to clutter a home or a room to the max (ever heard of those extreme hoarding shows).  This month is the month to take a look at what you have, get rid of the things that are no longer have use for you, place an ad on Craig’s List, Ebay, or place it somewhere until you are able to have a yard sale in the spring, or if it is damaged and irreparable, toss it.   
This is also a good time to take inventory of the items in your house.  This is not only good in case you need to make a claim, should there be a fire or a burglary in the home, but again, you can see what you need and what you do not need.  You do not have to sell your gently used items either, there are places, such as thrift stores, consignment shops, and free stores that can take them as well.  These days, the poor are not the only ones who shop in these stores.  The only downside with giving your stuff to a thrift store is they can and will not pay you for the items, and if you are looking for extra money to pay down a debt or save for a vacation, it may not be your best bet.  You can fair a little better with consignment shops.  They also do not have to accept your items either, so you are taking a risk.

 So when you are decluttering this month or any month, consider using this tip while decluttering.  Oh one other thing, it is good to document everything as well.  You can do this in a handwritten document or digital.  You can take pictures of your stuff or video record it.  Just do not put it on You Tube, or you will have a feeding frenzy of thieves wanting to steal your precious items.  This is a private matter that should be stored in a safety deposit box, for yours and a few select people’s eyes.

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