Wednesday, February 4, 2015

An Easter Eggstravaganza! February 1-28

Here comes Peter Cottontail
Hopping down the bunny trail
Letting you know that Easter’s on its way….

Some Bunny Loves You -2015 Easter basket, bunny Divider, and Egg
(c) 2015 The Longaberger Company
I am not sure if you know the rest of the words, I had to guess at it.  That’s right folks, it is time to start thinking about bunnies, chicks, eggs, and another reason to eat chocolate all day.  If you are Christian and Jewish, it is time to think about Ash Wednesday, Passover, and Palm Sunday.
I want to talk to you briefly about the change of seasons and your decorations.  I know it is just February, but Longaberger is celebrating easy, by helping you prepare for the season of spring.   I also know that it is hard to think with the Northeast end of the United States buried in over 5’ of snow.
So what can you do now to prepare for spring?   Simple….
1.        Buy some flowers.  Flowers can brighten up any room, especially when put in the center table.  Please no artificial, as they can contribute to the dust, dirt, and mold problems in the room. (You will be surprised at the number of people who do not change them out).  If flowers are not your thing, buy a plant.  Plants contribute to the oxygen levels in the home, making the air more breathable.  Note:  DON’T FORGET TO WATER THEM.
2.       Change the color scheme to a lighter shade of your winter colors.  You do not have to stick with it, but the lighter scheme helps with the planning process.  When April and May rolls around, find colors that complement the lighter color scheme, or change up the whole scheme.  Spring does not mean pastel colors either.
3.       Make sure that your home is up to date for spring weather conditions.   The snow storm has taken its toll on our city streets and on our homes.  Make sure there isn’t any lasting damage to the roofs, the basement, attic, and the heating and cooling systems among other things.
4.       Check your cars.  Again, with all the driving in the ice and snow, cars could suffer from it, especially if they are buried under a foot of snow.  Check tires and all the lovey car maintenance need for the spring.  Don’t forget to change the oil.

5.       Check you.  I have post that talks about organizing your closet and other areas of the home on one of my other blogs.    Check what you need in terms of spring clothing.  Do not always go what’s in, because it may not always flatter your figure.  Go with what works with you.

What's new for February:

  • Instead of a 1-day sale this week, we have special month-long offers!
  • Make the season special with WoodCrafts Bunny Dividers for just $22 and WoodCrafts Easter Eggs for only $11
  • In 6 Spring-inspired colors, mix and match to bring the beauty of Spring indoors.
  • Visit my Longaberger web site to order today!
  • Be sure to watch for a Wednesday special next week!

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