Thursday, March 19, 2015

Complete Your Table!

If you have purchased Longaberger Pottery before this post is made especially for you

Have you ever started a collection before, only to find out that as you get towards the end of your collection, you cannot order it any more.  Well, if you have been collecting any of the pottery pieces in Cornflower, which was part of the original colored pottery Longaberger began to sell in the early 2000's, or Tomato, which was brought back after receiving hundreds of requests to bring it back in 2014, they will be retiring at the end of the month, joining Ivy, Traditional Red, Heritage Green, Traditional Blue, Butternut, and Chocolate in the Longaberger vault.   Longaberger is has some new colors coming in the fall.  The only problem is I have an idea of what the new color is, but I have swore to secrecy on how dark or how light this color is.
I do, however, also know that the Soft Square Woven Traditions pottery is also retiring, and that is all colors.

So if you want to complete your table, now is your chance.     
  • Now is your last chance to order Woven Traditions® Soft Square Pottery and Woven Traditions Pottery in Cornflower and Tomato.
  • Be sure to order yours by March 31 before these pieces go away!
  • Call me or visit my Longaberger web site to order today!

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