Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mother’s day is coming-a note from the Fairy basket mamma

PLEASE NOTE:    This post is for your loved ones, ladies.  You are welcome to view it, but do not be surprised if the following are ideas you have seen in this post.  In fact, act surprised….

(2012) Photo by P.Lynne Designs
With that being said, I am now talking to the husbands, partners, and children who can read (and will read this to their younger siblings).  I have seen your mother’s day gifts over the years, and I must say pretty impressive.  The runny eggs and burnt toast idea is touching, but hey, we all cannot try to be Rachael Ray out there.  How many gift cards can a person receive in 10+ years?  After all, you are you, and to mom, there is no one else but you.   She will still love you for it.  I am may have some suggestions that will help mom feel like a million bucks, without spending a whole lot. 
First of all, I want to point you directly to this guide.  It is full of ideas in form in a gift basket Ideas.  I said Gift Basket Ideas.  It is fairly simple, and you can pull it off.  If this is what you are going for, follow these instructions to the letter.  Deviation is allowed.
1.      Order a small, medium, or large basket from this site.  There are some wonderful selections to choice from.   If you have any questions about any basket (or pottery) item, please let me know.
2.      Gather her favorite things, and do so by theme. Pamper items, favorite snacks, healthy snacks, reading nook, favorite movies, and favorite music are very popular themes to place in the basket.
3.      Place items in the basket.  You can add height by putting taller items in back of the smaller ones.  Group like items together.
4.      Wrap so that the items will not fall out.
5.      If the items you placed in basket are item that mom can pamper herself with, give mom several dates to have a spa day to herself (no kids or spouses allowed in the house that day).  Spouses, now it the time to ask for that special day off, to take care of the little ones, while mom is taking her special time.  If not, see if there is a friend or family member who can take the kids for a couple of hours.

6.      Rinse, and repeat once a year.  It does not have to be her birthday or mother’s day to do it.

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