Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A place to hang your hat….Stocking Hook

It is early Sunday morning, in the wee hours before daybreak, and I am sitting here thinking about a coat or hat.  Why?  Because it is cold here in Columbus, Ohio, an hour’s drive from the Big Basket, which is Longaberger headquarters.
I was also thinking about the coming holiday season
when we will start seeing an influx of guests in each of our homes. Rather you celebrate Thanksgiving (by the way, Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers), Christmas, Halloween, or Hanukkah or even Kwanza, we have just 11 weeks until 2016 to make it work out. Do not worry about that for now.  What do you do with the extra coats, hats, scarves and gloves along the way?  If you live in warm climate, that is not a problem, but for the rest of us, what do you do, when you have an influx of 2 extra coats and a full coat closet?   Simple.
This little device right here à  
It is called a stocking hook, but I call it a little helper.  Why?  Because you can hang an extra coat or even hats, or scarves on it.  It is not just for a stocking, and that’s not all.  

I have a similar one that was sold by Longaberger a few years ago, and I stick my garbage bag on it, because I do not have the space for a garbage can in my galley kitchen, and galley kitchens can be quite small.  Another thing I use with my Woven traditions hook is I hang my clothes on the one in my bedroom (It was supposed to be for my bed clothes, but that is another story for another day.

So look outside the box, and just because the new hook has a snowflake on it instead of a leaf (the original WT hook), that does not mean it cannot be used all year long. 

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