Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Harvest the Bounties of Fall - October 14 and 15

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  One reason is what I like to call, snuggle season.  You can get out your favorite blanket, snuggle by the fireplace or pit, if you are outdoors, and chat with family and friends. Fall nights are made for this.   I just thought of a cool idea for Halloween if you or your child do not like the traditional orange plastic pumpkin for a trick or treat bucket:

Take the today's special, which is this wonderfully cute fruit basket, and use it instead of the pumpkin bucket.   Once Trick or Treat night is over, your child can use this basket to hold all their little trinkets and treasures inside.  What makes even better is if the child does not want to use it, you can use it for a fall centerpiece in the middle of a table or on a shelf.   You will already have the basket, so why not use it for fall, Winter (holds gloves and hats), Spring (create a spring floral arrangement) or Summer (holds plastic cutlery for an outdoor table).   There are so many uses for this fruit basket.  since this is a returning product (for two days only), I have one, and I absolutely love mine.
Also available for this week is the Apple Basket, make its return debut as well.  The last time it made an appearance was last year in the fall.
  • Two great sizes make these baskets perfect for your apple picking adventures this Fall and beyond!
  • Our incredible Vintage stain makes a limited appearance as one of the 4 color choices for this special offer - with so many to pick from, you can coordinate these baskets with any decor!
  • Call me or visit my Longaberger website to order today!

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