Wednesday, November 4, 2015

November Hosting and Booking Bundles

Anytime of the year is the perfect time to be a hostess of a Longaberger home party. What is it really special about posting a Longaberger home party this time of the year, November is one month away from the actual time of hosting a holiday party and gift giving.
Among the favorite reasons for hosting a Longaberger party, are gathering with friends, meeting new friends, and the savings a host gets for hosting a party, in the form of host dollars and half price items starting at the $350 level.
The trend today is not to host a party in your home, but you can host a party at many different venues other than your home. Those places include a girl’s night in, in a restaurant, a party house, at work (although I recommend that you ask the boss first), and my personal favorite, use that party as part of another party such as a baby shower or a bridal shower. You can even use a home party as a way to get new goodies for your home. do you have a friend who loves Longaberger products? Host a party in her honor, and give her the dollar and half price items.
Does your church, school, or organization need to raise some funds for new equipment or building? I do not call those parties, I called on fundraisers, but you do not have to treat it like a fundraiser, treated like a party. Kick it off with a huge celebration, and while people are viewing what you have at the event, they can also order Longaberger products. When I get my commission, I will donate it to your organization.
I know you are thinking that this sounds wonderful, but what if you are out of town, or have people who would like to order but can’t because they live out of town? Simple, it turns into an online party. I will not get into too many details, but you can read about it in an article I posted last year

In any of these scenarios, I would be happy to come and show your family and friends the beauty that is in Longaberger products.   Please contact me for more details or questions at

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