Tuesday, February 16, 2016

4 Reasons of Why When Purchasing a Longaberger Product

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Wall Cubby (NEW for Spring/
Summer Catalog)
I have a confession to make.  As I look back over my posts on this blog for the past few months, I suddenly realized that although I am always posting sales events here, I have never given my readers a reason to make a purchase.  For that reason alone, I apologize.  Even now as I pen this post to you, I do not have a concrete reason to ask you to purchase something that is of value, but I am asking you to at least consider it.
1.      This is not your grandmother’s Longaberger.  It is not even your mother’s Longaberger. Next month, there will be a new line of products that I hope will appeal to everyone.  It is called Woven.  Woven is a line for the millennial generation and the person who thinks like a millennial.  We are talking natural wood for the baskets and metals for the new hook.  It is a clean look that is popular for the moment.  Of course, last year, the Pewter stain was introduced in the Fall ’15/Winter “16 Wishlist Catalog.  
2.      Organization.  Baskets make great containers for organization and storage.  They do not just sit around and look pretty, they have a purpose.  They also have durability. I have organized my craft room, as well as my bedroom, kitchen, and laundry area with baskets. You can also use pottery to organize your room as well.
The Small Stow Away
(c) 2016 The Longaberger Company
3.      Craftsmanship.   When you look at two baskets, like the Medium Market Basket, there are some slight differences between them.  That is the mark of not a machine, but a person weaving that basket.  Each basket weaver takes pride to make you the best quality basket out there.   It is not easy, trust me, I have tried it.  I admire the work they do.  Same with the pottery.  That is handmade quality at its best.  However, if you ever receive a basket or pottery and it is not up to the quality you expect from a Longaberger product, let me know, and a new one will be shipped to you at no additional cost.
4.      Customer Service.  I am here to help you achieve the look you want, rather it is decorating, organizing, or entertaining with your Longaberger product. If you ever have any questions about your product, having a party (in the Home or Online), or even joining my team, please contact me at plogan721@att.net, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. If I do not know the answer right away, I will let you know, but I will find it.
Bonus:  If you are looking for something extra to do, and you are a sales minded person who does not mind your own business, please contact me through the links above or on my Website.   Benefits include (but not limited to): 25% commission, 1% additional commission when you sign up a qualified consultant, sales incentives, your own website, 25%-50% off all samples, Other consultants, staff, and tools to help you along the way when you are unable to reach me (which is rare), and 25% off all products you personally order (except Homestead Online Products which are 20% off).  I would love to have you on my team.  The best thing about this is the flexibility and meeting new people.  You have flexibility in your hours and availability to your customers, as well as doing strictly home parties, craft shows, online parties, or a little bit of all three.  The possibilities are endless.

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