Thursday, March 24, 2016

Bright, Beautiful and Big Savings in time for Mother's Day!

  • Just in time for Mother's Day - save big on these functional favorites in bright spring colors!
  • Endless uses abound for these basket sets - check out a few ideas below
  • Order by March 31 and receive them in time for Mother's Day gift-giving!
  • Call me or visit my Longaberger website to order today!
  • Don't forget about the Mother's Day basket available for this month.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring into Style and Save!

  • The perfect accessory for Spring to carry the essentials you need each day.
  • Choose a burst of color with Forever Spring or a classic for all seasons with Vintage and Pale Yellow
  • Great for any age, with a leather strap that adjusts 29½” to 54” length.
  • Call me or visit my Longaberger website to order today!

Join the Club Today and then Come Celebrate with Us!

  • For a limited time, join Longaberger Collectors Club for just $30 – a $15 savings!
  • Already a member? Renew today for the special $30 price and extend your existing expiration date by another year
  • New members who join with this offer and attend the Gathering (invitation e-card below) will be invited to meet and celebrate with Longaberger Chairman John Rochon, Jr.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Let the Blooming Begin!

  • For a limited time, get the Spring Weave Small Round Basket set at special savings!
  • Available in four color options – Warm Brown, Vintage and Pewter stains and the cheerful Forever Spring pattern.
  • The new Spring Weave style is the same as featured in our March 2016 Flyer.
  • Call me or visit my Longaberger website to order today!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Getting ready for baby…. The Longaberger way.

Becoming a parent is one of the most beautiful things in the world.  The first years alone are filled with firsts.  A fresh face to look at, first foods, first words, crawling, and finally walking.  Teeth coming in, learning who your family members are, as well as that first lock of hair (what will it be?) You want to capture all of those memories in a scrapbook (which I would be happy to help you with as well-shameless plug), but what about those keepsakes that you cannot fit into a scrapbook?  There are several products Longaberger makes that can fit any task big or small.

Let me guide you first to the small items; a lock of hair, a baby tooth, even a footprint, for example.  The Kiddie Purse comes in colors; pink, blue, and pewter, which the third choice is quite trendy, and perfect for the person who does not want the traditional pink or blue.  If you do not want to use it for a keepsake item, you can always have it in the nursery for the changing table, use it as a bow container for little girls, toy trinkets for little boys.  Either way, you can always a footprint to the lid, and use the 2016 tie-on for the birth year of the child.  If your child or grandchild was born before 2016, ask a consultant, and they will try to track the year down for you.

If you are looking to contain something a little larger, like a christening gown, any number of Longaberger products can and will be wonderful for that item or a group of items.   One item I can think of is the Laundry basket with lid.  Do not forget the basket protector.  You can place your item(s) in the basket, and write on the inside of the lid with a sharpie marker the date the items were placed.  You may want to have something to protect the article of clothing.  If it is several items, type up a list and tape it to the inside of the lid.  Another thing you might want to do is place the item in a container before placing it in the basket since it is not air tight.  This prevents water and the outside air from ruining that piece.  As always, use the Baby Tie-on for a label. You can write on the other side the child’s name.

For corralling diapers or books, the Desktop Basket is designed for that.  It is actually made for the home office or family room but think outside the box for this.  The open design allows for easy grab out for a quick change.  You can also contain baby’s first books in the basket as well.  The small and medium vegetable baskets can serve for the same purpose, on a small scale.   
Finally, you can contain all of your little one’s stuff in WOVEN™ cubes.  They come in three sizes:  Short cube, Tall cube, and Long cube.  Spread them throughout the baby’s room to hold toiletries, bows, baby toys, teething supplies, and even burp cloths. 

The best thing about all of these products is they have multiple uses, which means when as they grow, the baskets take on a new meaning for the child.  The all can hold a child’s treasures, school supplies, accessories, and electronic equipment, but do not worry about that for right now.  They are after all, in baby mode.  If you raise them right, without any problems, they will make you proud of them, and grow into the wonderful, law-abiding citizens they are should be.