Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spring Cleaning Combo – Laundry Basket and Lunchbox Basket

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I have often used a combination of baskets in areas of my house that have been very useful.  The reason is while most people would find value in collecting a Longaberger basket, I find it more valuable to use the baskets.  In other words, the functionality of the baskets. 
If you are a Longaberger basket collector, I am giving you a challenge right now, as you are sitting there reading this post, to find ways in which to organize with your basket.
My first “go to” baskets are the Small Laundry Basket and the Lunchbox Basket.  You can use these two baskets in any room.   Let me show you how I use these two baskets.
The Small Laundry Basket- basket ($194.00), Protector ($53.00), Lid ($80.00) Total = $ 350.00
Laundry Basket with lid and protector
(c) 2016 Photo by P. Lynne Designs
Ok, I not the best person for laundry tips and tricks, I do not use it for the laundry.  You can if that is your purpose, but you can do so much more with this basket and its companion pieces. 
For instance, Example #1 is a treasure chest for kids.  All you need for this organization piece is one Small Laundry Basket, one Lid, and one protector.  Other Items you can use is the Lunchbox Basket, the companion protector and Lid, The Medium Market basket, protector, and Lid, Small or Medium Stow Away Baskets.  The trick is to get your child to see what treasures they have inside.  You can label them with the Small Blackboard Tie-on ($14.00) or the Large Blackboard tie-on ($16.00).
Example #2 is Hope chest.   It is smaller than the Retired Hope chest that Longaberger sold a few years ago, but it will do.  You can also use the protector and lid, and place only the more important stuff for your child to use and remember when it is time to give it to them.  I know that it will fit a wedding dress, baby albums, mementos, or awards they have won.
Craft supplies example #3.  Just like the treasure chest idea, you can add smaller baskets to divide the supplies, and it is great if you have a really small place to craft, like I do.  I have my crafts in my home office, and that space was converted from a dining room in a condo townhome.
Last, I cannot leave off what the baskets was made for, the laundry.  What I love about the lid and protector is when you are not able to complete your laundry, you can place the lid on top until the next day, especially if people is coming over. 
Bonus:  It also makes a cute little kiddie bench for your child to sit on or a perch for the cat.  Just add a pillow on top of the lid. To secure it, add Velcro to the bottom of the pillow and to the lid.  
Lunchbox Basket- Basket ($75.00), Protector ($17.00), Lid ($36.00) total = $128.00
Lunchbox Basket being used to hold Laundry supplies
(c) 2016 P. Lynne Designs

Who does want to carry lunch in this basket?  Although I no longer work outside of the home, I could totally rock this.  In Japan, this could make a good bento box basket, but since I am not in Japan, I decided that this would hold items in my laundry room, like my dryer sheets, samples of laundry pads, and extra TP (Toilet Paper).  There are other ways of using this basket and its companion pieces.
Keeping in the theme of the above examples with the laundry basket, the first example is placing the basket combo inside the laundry basket as part of the treasure chest.  I see cars and little toy men for boys, a tea set in the basket for girls.  How about clothes for the dolls or a Star Wars collection.  Teething toys, stuffed animals, and pacifiers for babies. 
Example #2 would be for the hope chest idea, again, placing smaller items inside the laundry basket for that special day, when the adult child gets to see what is inside.  
For the Craft supplies example, you can store glue sticks, stamps, die cut dies, ink pads, 6 x 6 paper pads, small kits, sewing supplies (make a great mending basket), small needle baskets, and hold a current small project inside. The basket is bigger than it looks.
Bonus:  Makes a great small coffee tray to carry mugs out to sit on the porch or to hold K-cups, hot chocolate packs, pastries, fruit basket, and a caddie for small items.

So that is it for this week’s product idea and review with Longaberger products.   Be sure to check out my website at www.longaberger.com/patricialogan, and if you would like a catalog or to find out about Collector’s Club (only $30 until April 30th), or how to be a member of my team, you can follow me and contact me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  You may also email me.     

P. S:  All the items listed can be easily put on a party order.  you can add one here or create your own and reap the benefits of half priced and Host dollars.  

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