Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Got Your Chores Done?

  • Housework is never easy.  You have to wash the dishes, sweep the floor, clean the kitchen and bathrooms, and make the beds.  After all, they are not going to clean themselves.  
    Now I have a basket that does not live up to its name.  It is called the chore basket, and the reason why it does not live up to the name given is because you can organize with it.  here are some ideas to the “organizing” basket:
    ·        Holds small cars or dolls in a child’s bedroom or play area
    ·        Holds game pieces
    ·        Use it as a nail pampering station
    ·        Holds scarves and hats
    ·        Holds hair extensions
    ·        Use it as part of a mailing station (holds stamps, greeting cards, or bills)
    ·        Use it as part of your writing nook. Holds pens, your journal, and a snack or two. 
    ·         Planners are all the rage now, so it can hold planners, stickers, washi tape, and color pens. (you see where I am going with this?)
    ·        Holds cameras
    ·        Can be a part of a charging station.  Plug up your phone or tablet and stick inside of the basket.
    ·        You can carry your lunch in it
    ·        Use by the pool or at the beach (see picture)
    ·        It can be your car basket.  Place those things next to you, so you can reach for it.
    ·        Holds baby toys while changing them
    ·        Diaper caddy
    And many more ideas.
  • A hard-working basket at a fantastic price! You will love our Medium Chore Basket because it’s one you’ll reach for every day. It’s so versatile, you can use it in any room of your home.
  • At just $55 – you save $14 for a limited time.
  • The Chore Basket is available in Warm Brown, Vintage, and Pewter. Protector available separately
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