Wednesday, August 8, 2018

As Summer ends and School Begins.

Yes, these look like they could be a bargain,
but check again.  The photo was taken at local Walmart
by P.Lynne Designs
This is the second post I have started.  The first one has already posted.  I have not looked at the views.  Perhaps, it will go viral, or not.  I am not going to wrap my brain around it.
What I am going to try to wrap my head around is the fact that it’s that time again.  What do I mean by that?  If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle, you know that time.  It is time for back to school shopping. 
Now for some, the school year blends into one seamless motion, otherwise known as “All Year” School.  It is when the kids go to school from January-December, taking the usual spring and winter breaks, but take 1-3 weeks off for summer break.  This allows parents to take the iconic family vacation but also allows them to work normally, without finding a babysitter. 
For others, it is the traditional, “September-June” or now the “August-May” School year.  10 months of studying and learning, followed by 2 months of family vacation, summer camp, summer school, while parents find the babysitter.  Most babysitters charge enough that you need a small loan to pay for them.  Do not forget the local neighborhood pool, theme parks, and family outings. (Personally, I do not like saying “picnic” because of the origins of the word, please search for it.).
Shorts are now on clearance at Walmart
Photo taken by P.Lynne Designs
Summer is also the time when we go shopping for back to school, and this is the main topic for this post.  As a child, I used to love going “back to school” shopping.  I have never won a uniform, so my parents did not have to deal with that.  OK, I did, the gym uniform.  I remember we have two choices:  a white blouse with navy blue shorts or a unitard (combo top and shorts).  I always choose the white top and shorts because I had bladder issues and was afraid that if I played hard enough, I would not get out of the unitard in time to go, and you know what happens when you don’t.  I can now rock a mean onesie though. 
Anyway, I would have in mind what I wanted mom to get, and that was when the small but stern fights in the store would begin, but my sister was the worse.  She would walk around the store half the time with her lip poked out.  Mom would finally give in to something we really wanted.  She had no problems with my brother.  He agreed to everything mom would put in the cart. (suck up, LOL).
Side note: My parents raised my oldest nephew.  One year, my nephew, who is now 22, wanted everything Pokémon, including underwear, and got it.  I guess as a grandmother, you do things differently for your grands then you do for your children.
School supplies were my thing.  The latest notebooks, binders, planners, pens, and pencils.  You name it, and I wanted it.  This past weekend was “no tax” day, and once again, I missed it. It is a good way to save while trying to shop for clothes, supplies, and all things, school.
I have some tips on how to shop for school.

  • When they get out for the year, rather your child goes to a private, public, private-public (otherwise known as charter school), pre-K, college-bound, or whatever, please do an inventory check when they get out.  My mom did this for a while, and it saves dollars, which is what we want.  Have your child give you their unused supplies and look through them.  If there is anything they can use for the start of the new school year, use it.  Unless it is a new school (5th grade transitioning to middle school; high school to college), it is not really cost effective if you buy 5 new spiral notebooks and have 5 unused ones sitting at home.  Same with pens, pencils, and other stuff.
  • Get your child’s supply list from their school and stick to it especially in high school.  There may be a particular brand that is more cost-effective than that $5 notebook your child has been eyeing.  If they really want that notebook, have them save for it, buy it themselves, but use it at home.
  • Catch all the sales.  Staples and other stores are good around this time of year for school supplies.  At the same time, they may issue limits on the number of supplies you can get in each category (ex: Buy 3, get 2 free with a purchase of $50 or more).  Reading the fine lines of a sale will prevent the “I did not know” when you get to the checkout.
  • If you can shop without your child, do so.  While it is nice to get your child a toy every time you shop for supplies and clothes, it can add up.  Plus, a child may have everything by the time the holidays roll around.  Save a headache and the extra bucks by not taking children with you.
  • If you must take them, please explain to them why you are going to the store and this trip is a “no toy” trip. Stick to that.  By “no toy” means you are not getting anything extra either (that new book you have been dying to read or that top and it is on sale).  You need to set an example for your child.   This goes for the spouse as well.
  • Big name stores are not the only source for shopping and discounts around this time of year.  Mom and pop stores (otherwise known as small businesses) will have some deals as well.  Take a look around these stores, who may have a bigger discount than you think.  The rewards include getting on their mailing list and being the first to shop before the mainstream public can shop the latest collections.  You may also find that one-of-a-kind piece that would look good on your little one (or big one).  Also, a lot of these stores are handmade items, sewn by the owner, no middle person involved in the process.  This is one thing I have a personal testament to because I own a stationery company.  The only people I pay at the moment are my wholesale suppliers for my materials.  I do not have any fancy machinery to maintain, just my computer and die cutting machines.  The money I make goes towards the things I need, like supplies, paying my business bills, and maintaining my household.  Other business owners are paying for their child’s dance lessons, or just getting by.  I will touch on why prices are so high for handmade business products in another post.
  • Looking for a good backpack
    The photo was taken at a local Walmart
    By P. Lynne Designs
  • Use online stores too.  I know there is a huge debate about this topic so I will make it brief:  if it saves you time and money, order online.  Do not order because everyone is doing it.  If there is a cheaper price at a traditional store than an online store (after all, you are paying Shipping and Handling and now sale tax for these items), use your gas and go shopping.  If you do not have the time to go, and you can get that item from Amazon in 2 hours or less, and you save money, shop online. 
There is no right way to go shopping.  Everyone needs to have a back to school budget, and how you maintain that the budget is up to you.  Find bargains, discounts, and institute a few routines along the way will make a smooth transition into the new school year. 

Now I am issuing a disclaimer, which should have been at the beginning of this post:  I cannot help you out with your child’s grades during the year.  I can issue pointers, but if your little Einstein refuses to study with all that stuff you saved to get, then the best advice I can give you is start taking away the electronics.  That should get their attention.  Have a great start to a new school year, and God bless you. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Planning to Shop for Your Room

Planning to Shop for Your Room
Image by P. Lynne Designs
In my previous blog post, I started talking about the art of organizing your room, by first decluttering to get rid of the stuff.  I also mentioned that recycling it the best way to go, and you can do that by re-purposing or make someone else happy with it.  You can also toss it if torn beyond repair. 
Once you are done with decluttering, you can determine this, start organizing. 
The Main Thing that Needs to be Organized…
My craft room is a hot mess.  I can work in it, but I need to put things in drawers, shelves, and make cubbyholes (more on that in a moment).
My craft room is actually the dining room.  I decided when I moved in that it was to be a home office, and then the crafts started coming downstairs. One. At. A. Time.  Soon my computer table doubled as a crafting room/filming room/eating room (because I like to eat while I work).  My dining table got pushed up towards the sliding door, making that the eating area.  My living room became this mixture of living room/storage area for the crafts and baskets.  Yes, this is my bottom half of the condo.
Make a plan
This is one of the first things I do whengettingt ready to organize a space.  Using my Craftroom as an example, I am going to go through this process. 
1)      Determine what is the space is being used for.  Even if you are remodeling the area, writing down this is part of your plans for this space helps you focus on what needs to go in that space.  In my case, this space will still be a craft room/home office.  Since I have occupants, this is the only space to put it.  Before, I could have transferred it to my second bedroom.
2)      Make a detailed plan for what this space is used for.  Why did I repeat what I just said?  Because sometimes, people are funny in saying, “I am making a craft room, and turn it into a laundry room. So, my detailed plan for my room is to “make and product crafts for myself and others (both paid and gifts), writing (freelance and blog post), stationery products, and to relax on the computer at the end of the day”.  Now, experts say that you cannot relax in the same room you work in.  I do not have that luxury to do what the experts say, even before the occupants.  Why?  Because my second bedroom was not set up that way, and when new carpet was put in 2013, I tried to get my parents (who are the owners of the condo) to see it that way, but they talked me out of it.  My mom said that I would not like it. At the time, I could keep the security system on, and I would have more walls. Do not listen to others when you know what’s right.  Make these plans, ask people what they think, but it up to you to make that decision.  You have live with that decision unless you have money to blow, and I do not think that most of us have that decision.
Work with your favorites
1)      What are your favorite stores?  What stores speak to you.  This is a general question to answer.  My favorites are (keep in mind that most are U.S. based stores):
a.       Target.  That bullseye gets me all the time.  I love the layout and the prices (when they are on sale). You can find bargains if know where to look.
                                                               i.      Ikea.  I know it is now a United States based store, but I feel like it.  The store with the funny sounding name and brands that you need a translator for has gotten me with their prices (yesterday I walked out with 7 items under $20). 
b.       Any craft store like Hobby Lobby, Joanne’s, or Michaels.  You know I craft, but in the last few years, the craft stores have been increasing in Home décor and organizational items.  
c.       Walmart.  I do not like them thenthe way I used to when they sold Cricut machines, but for home décor and organizational items, I still love them.
d.       The Container Store.
e.       Amazon.  Enough said.
2)      Go online, not to the store.  All the stores I mentioned above are online, so go online to shop, but put them in Wishlist form.  Go wild, but not too wild.  Still, check prices, but places like Amazon will tell you when the price has gone down, increased, or go on sale when you register to get notices.
3)      Now go Shopping.   With list in hand, go to the brick and mortar store (yes even with the Amazon list), check to see if that same item can be purchased for less.  You may find a better price.  Sometimes it is higher.  Sometimes they may beat the competitor’s pricing.  You will never know until you go. Take your budget with you.  Do not buy anything with a credit card, if you do not have to.  Debit cards are different.
Takeaway moment:  Just like in the My Ambiance Life blog, I will give you a summary or little bit of takeaway moments.  This takeaway moment is brought to you by the words “plan and shop”.  (Sorry for the Sesame Street take on it).
  • Plan your organization.  Know what the room is used for and why is it being used that way.  Plan your furniture and other things to go in the room.  Now is the good time to plan your budget.
  • Shop.  Pick your favorite store.  One store I forgot to mention is your own home.  You may already have a piece of furniture that might look better in the room you are organizing than another room. It saves you time and money.  Go online and make a wish list.  Finally, go shopping WITH YOUR LIST AND BUDGET.

Once you do all of that, you are ready to get to organizing and decorating.  Good luck.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Decluttering the Home

Decluttering the Home

Hello, and welcome to my first official post of this newly named blog, At Home with Tricia's Baskets.  I had to decide on which direction Tricia’s Baskets needed to go, and with much prayer, crying, pouting, and submission (which most religions including Christianity practice, and should practice daily), I have concluded (with God’s help of course) that I have come too far with this blog to just put it down.  Even though the company let me down and I have decided an exit date if the company comes back before then (June 30th, which also marks the end of the selling season, July 1st starts the new one), I should press on.
I have outlined in the previous post the plans for At Home with Tricia's Baskets, which may go through changes with the new blog, such as a platform change, so far, I am satisfied in the direction I am going.
Let me shut up about these changes and get to the real reason behind this particular post.
My home has changed…
When I was writing Simply Organized Crafts, I had mentioned that I live in a condo for one.  Since that time, I have acquired tenants who live with me.  They are my nephew (22), his girlfriend (20), and a cute cat, named Gizmo.  So, the home now has 4 occupants.  When you have other people living in your house, especially after living alone for over 16 years (2 apartments and this place), adjustments need to be made.  I had to ask myself these questions:
1)      How long are they staying?  My nephew and girlfriend arrived in August 2017, and they were camped out on my living room sofa.  Not good.  I moved them into my second bedroom after it was apparent that they were not trying to find an apartment. He was in between jobs, she was not working at the time, and my father told my nephew that he can move back home, but not the girlfriend.  Guess who got them?  I would have to say the only problem has been switching the cars when one of us has to leave. I am only allowed 2 spaces; one in the garage and one directly behind, all other vehicles associated with this condo have to park in the overflow parking. The cat came later.  Adjusting to a cat (and the occasional dog visits by his other pet, a mini-husky mix name Strype) has been challenging since I have no pets. So far, it has been 7 months.
2)      What is the purpose of them not finding any other lodging?  No money.  They stayed in a hotel for a week, so they had to come here. 
3)      Exit date of Casa De Patricia?  Who knows, but a friend of mine told me last Sunday that I have to give them a date, and she is right.  I have been too soft on them.  I am left babysitting the cat (she is under my feet as I type this), and I need to get stuff out of the corner near the stairs.  So, if you have this problem, give your guests a date to exit Casa De (insert name here), and remind them.
The kitchen is pretty much well taken care of.  The girlfriend organized it herself, I just have to put things where I need it when they leave.  For now, it stays. The living room can use a little touchup, with my stuff in the corner from the second bedroom, as well as the bookcase that I may put in my bedroom. 
Let's Get Started 
I would like to show you how to organize your room.  We will start with decluttering, and in the next post, I will tackle how to plan and shop for your room, this includes shopping in your own home to save money and time.  In the last post, I will show you how to organize what you bought so you will not have to organize in this manner but every 5 years or when you move. 
Decluttering the stuff
I am organizing my craft room.  You may be decluttering the closet, something else that I am doing, but for this post, I will use my craft room as an example.  I have been decluttering this room, slowly.  Keep in mind some things when you are decluttering:
1)      Can I still use it (wear it)? Does it have holes that should not be?  If so toss if it is not usable.  
2)      Do you want it or need it?  If you can still use it, by all means, use it.  Set a date, say “a year from now, if I am not using this pink cardstock, I need to repurpose it by giving it to someone who needs it.”  This need could be again, donate it to a school or nursing home, or sell it.  Find a place to put it for now. 
3)      Donate. As mentioned before, if you cannot use it, donate it to someone who can.  Your donations are taxable at the end of the year, and someone can always use it.
4)      Sell it.  If it is in excellent (never used) to gently used condition, you can always sell it.  I have run into a lot of and belong to many destashing groups on Facebook and other social media sites.  Some are specific groups (like Rubber and Clear-Mount Stamps: Sell, Buy, or Swap Group or Columbus buy, sell, trade), brand specific (Longaberger ISO (In Search Of)) or generalized (Destash Divas).  Be sure to check the rules of each group BEFORE you join, introduce yourself, and you may get something that you are looking for or have someone to take that 50 spools of Persian White yarn off your hands.  Also, be sure to use the Facebook Marketplace if you are not up to joining any groups.  Name your price and prepare to negotiate down your price (rather stick to that price), especially if you need some room for new stuff.
5)      If joining groups are not your thing, or you are not on anything social media sites, the best way to go is to sell your stuff on Ebay.  Keep in mind that once your stuff sells, Ebay takes a percentage of that sale (3% and up depending on the item and how much it sells for).  You can always use Craig’s List, Amazon (providing that it is current items), or if you are totally off the internet Grid, an old-fashion yard sale. 
a.       Make sure your items are good-quality items (no junky stuff)
b.       Make sure your prices are well-noted in the listings (on the item if you are having a yard sale). 
c.       If you are listing your item as an auction, be sure to have a good starting price.  This means that this is the price that you will accept as the minimum price.  It could go higher.  I would also list it for a week.  Any longer, and people who have your item on their watch list will grow tired and will take it off their watch list.  In other words, make them want it.
d.       Ship small items through the post office, larger Items through either FedEx or UPS.
e.       GET A PAYPAL ACCOUNT. I cannot stress that enough.  If you do not get paid (and I recommend that you receive payment before shipping), or if the money is shady, you can dispute a claim.  Same thing if you pay by Paypal, and you do not receive your item.  They will work to get your money or refund on your behalf.
6)      Trash.  Yes, there are times when you keep something, thinking that you can fix it.  Sometimes that does not get done.  If you can get a new one, trash the old one. You had good intentions, but nope, trash it.
These are some of my recommendations for getting rid of your clutter. 

Your takeaway:  
I want you to have the best-organized home, but it is going to take time, patience, and strength to purge the items you no longer want and need, and to give to someone or to toss.  Once that you get rid of those items for either reason, you have more room to put the things that you treasure the most, and you will gain space that you never knew you had in the first place.  I have only touched the surface of getting your home or room organized.  Next, we will talk about shopping, including shopping in your own home to organize that space.  This is also part of recycling pieces once used to hold your discarded stuff. You will find that piece of advice in the next post, titled “Plan to Shop for your room”.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Announcement: Career Change

Announcement: Career Change
Making a Career Change
Image by P.Lynne Designs
Hello, and Welcome to At Home with Tricia’s Baskets and the first day of June.
From time to time, I will be making announcements on my blogs and on my YouTube channel.  I do not like being in the dark on changes, and I am sure you do not like them either.
This announcement comes on the heels of what I have been dealing with the whole month of May.  As you may have seen on the news and on social media, the owners of Longaberger made an announcement that Longaberger has ceased operations due to a number of things that I will not address on this blog, nor on my Facebook Pages, Tricia’s Baskets-Longaberger and At Home with Tricia’s Baskets.  The reason being that they are dealing with a lot of legal issues, some which I, as part of the sales field, are not privy to seeing, until the owners are able to talk about it to us about it.  I have been going through so many emotions about this, even some that my friends and family do not know about.  I am going to leave it at that.
It will be a month since they made this announcement on May 5, and if sometime in the near future they are able to reopen and resume operations, I will not be continuing with them.  This decision was hard, and I only have one customer who may be affected by the company not able to complete her order.  It was an order in August 2017, and before my website shut down yesterday, I was able to conclude that since there was still an extended order on two the items she asked for.  I will try to contact her to see if she received them, if not, then she can dispute the order with the credit card company and get a refund on the items not received.  This gesture would probably be my last as a Longaberger consultant.  I will inform my upline, Marilyn of that decision before June 30th, which would have been the last day of the current selling season.  I do want to remain friends with her.
June 30 also ends my run in the direct selling industry for now. It has been a good 18 years total.  During this time, I was also a Tastefully Simple consultant and a Your Inspiration at Home consultant (a sister company to Longaberger).  I had fun, made new friends, new customers who are also friends.  It has been a wonderful ride.  My life is changing to a new industry…. The stationery industry, the crafting industry, and Freelance writing. With these industries, I am able to touch more lives, and expand then being just a consultant with an established company, should Longaberger reopen.  I feel like I need to explore this, which I had the company, P. Lynne Designs since 2010.  You can read about it sometime, not in this blog.
This was the whole reason for me to change this blog from what it was, which was an all Longaberger blog.  Now it is including other decorating companies, some home life, family (including pets and singlehood), and travel.  I hope to make it better than the three blogs I had before (Tricia’s Baskets, Simply Organized Crafts, and Traveling to the Mouse’s House).  I hope you will enjoy it.

Here’s to the new blog, full of wonderment, shiny, and new.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Changes are coming to this blog

Changes are coming to this blog
So many Choices
Copyright @2018 The
Longaberger Company
Hello, and welcome to the new At Home with Tricia's Baskets.  It has been over a year since we talked, and I do apologize for being absent.  I decided to revamp this blog for several reasons, but first, I want to explain briefly why I have not blogged in that time span.
1)      I have been blogging.  Not here.  For those who follow me in social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube), know that I have my rounds as a crafter, writer, graphic designer, influencer, and now YouTuber.  
2)      I have restarted my YouTube Channel (never really left) but finding content for all my blogs and a YouTube channel has been challenging that I am willing to take.
3)      My family and I have had some health challenges in 2017.
4)      Finally, as of May 4, 2018, I am faced with an uncertain future as an Independent Home Consultant with The Longaberger Company.  As of this writing, I still do not know what’s up, and the news that you are hearing is of a temporary closing.  I will not know until they (the owners) send me an official email of what is the current and future status of The Longaberger Company. I know that I am angry that we (the sales field) was not better prepared, but an email is better than finding out when you place an order that your website was closed.
The last statement is what got me to see if I closed this blog or not.  I know I had downloaded a copy of every post written by me, in the form of a single file, so that I could purge this blog.  I am so glad that I forgot to do it, as I discovered 3 days ago. 
So, what is next for Tricia’s Baskets?
The last statement also had me thinking, “what if Longaberger closed its doors for good?”  Surely, everyone will find out through the news media, rather you are an employee of the company or part of the sales force getting that official email or a customer who has ordered from their consultant in the past, or visited Longaberger’s headquarters (Big Basket, Homestead, or their new place in Dresden, Ohio).  I want more from this blog than showing you how to decorate with or to buy Longaberger products.  There is so much information on decorating for your home, and I showed that to anyone who read my now closed Simply Organized Crafts blog.  I also showed you lifestyles for family living, as well as travel tips.  I want to transfer that knowledge to this blog.
I want to Introduce you to At Home with Tricia’s Baskets
This is the last post under the name, Tricia’s Baskets.  I am not getting rid of talking about Longaberger either.  The blog is getting a new name and a niche upgrade.  It will also be a little less “sales”, meaning I will not be placing sales flyers in every corner.  I think that is what turned people off from engaging in the posts and not fully reading them.  If a product is on sale, I will only provide a link to the article, and maybe say something like “Featured in this post”.  Something like that.
In addition to the way I present Longaberger products (if and when the company is fully back in business), I will also feature their sister companies as well.  I am no longer “Just a Longaberger product” consultant.  There are Tomboy Tools (tools made specifically for women’s hands), and Paperly (paper products, such as notepads, clipboards, business cards, and more).  I will also talk about decorating on a budget, especially with products from Ikea, Dollar Tree, Target, At Home, The Container Store, and Walmart as examples.  I will also include Amazon when it applies to what I am talking about.  I will include online coupon codes, but only if it applies to the post I am writing.  I will not have it as a weekly feature.  Finally, I will talk about travel, but since I do not travel every month, it will feature some tips like, “what to pack for a cruise”, “How to plan for your family vacation”, or even some Disney Tips and tricks.  This is just a sampling of what is possible for this change.
I cannot do this alone…
This blog is for you the reader.  I gave you my ideas and I want to hear from you.  I want this to be a place where you can get some tips, some tricks, and trends.  I will do my best to give you information on what is trending, but on a budget-friendly scale.  Not everyone can afford to Rose Gold everything, but by just having 1-2 pieces to start with, and when you can afford to get more, get the pieces within your budget.  This is an example of the advice I would present to you each week and your tip for this week. I also do hauls and starting “Come with Me” videos on my YouTube Channel, but it is not enough.
I want you to make suggestions.  If there is something that you have seen or want me to do, tell me in the comments area below each post.  You can even make these suggestions on my YouTube channel.
So, it is nice o be back, I wish it was on happier terms with concerns with The Longaberger Company, but I have faith that whatever happens with the company, there would be a reason for the decisions made, and I trust God for it.  If this company does continue, I will be continuing to be a consultant until June 2019.  I will explain when the time comes. 

Until then, it is time to revamp a blog.   Talk to you later.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Need a vacation? I hope so.

Today of all days, I was just thinking about the goals I have planned this year. It is close to the end of the year for me and my colleagues at Longaberger, and it is time to think about the annual convention. These are the things I am thinking about:
  •  My sales 
  • Sales of my friends.
  • Sales that my cousin should be earning.
  • New products I will get to see.
  • What products will be retiring? 
  • What products will be staying on, but will get their fall color on them? 
  •  New recruits that may be coming my way? 
  • Hawaii (Incentive Trip) and Walt Disney World (Family Trip)

 Some of the things that happened that were good in my business this year (July 2012-June 2013): 
  • ·         I made $5,200 in sales, and will get a ribbon.
  • ·         Made new friends while working at the Jeffersonville Longaberger at Home store and Homestead.
  • ·         Being able to make some cards to sell during the silent auction at the team’s Horizon of Hope luncheon in October, and knowing that the proceeds will go to a worthy cause. (There will be one in October 2013 as well)
  • ·         Signing up my cousin to sell Longaberger. 

 ....And so much more
Of all the things that I think about during that course of a fiscal year in the business, it gives me joy when I can make a difference in someone's life, no matter how great or how small.   I look at the little things in life.
So maybe you have been thinking about this business and you wonder, "What’s in it for me?"  I will honestly say that I do not know what this business will bring for you if you sign up, but I do know this:  
  • ·         Maybe you are looking for something new to do in your life.  
  • ·         Maybe you are looking for something new to place in your home or office, but you do not have enough money to make that purchase.  You will earn a commission to do whatever it is you want to do, including buying product and perhaps earn free products.
  • ·         Maybe you do not know about Longaberger but perhaps you are curious enough to give it a try.  The best way is to purchase an item or business kit, and learn about the company and its products.  
  • ·         Perhaps you are trying to find a way to earn extra money to pay off a few bills, get a new car because you need one, or to take a vacation to anywhere, because you have never been on one in quite a while.
  • ·         Maybe you need a new friend in your life.  At the bee, Longaberger’s convention for consultants, you will meet tons of new people, all striving towards the same goal or perhaps different goals.
  • ·         You always wanted to stay at home with your child, but could not. If you are a single mom, you need to earn a second income, without dealing with a second set of traffic, trying to get to that second job, and missing more of your child growing up before your very eyes.  This business is flexible enough to allow you to work as many hours as you need or want to.

Whatever the reason for you to try this business, know this….give it a year, and if you are not satisfied, the Longaberger can always buy your kit back.   No questions asked, and I will not beg you to stay.  This business is not for everyone, but someone always say, “Nothing beats a failure but a try.”  I am not going to say it is going to be easy, but if you do, you may get a vacation to Hawaii in March 2014, sooner than later.

These are my thoughts and I thank you for listening.   If you want to try Longaberger, as a customer or a consultant, let me know.  You have nothing to lose.
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello and ...

Welcome to my Basket site.

This is my first entry on this site.   I will bring you all ideas on how to decorate with Longabereger products, as well as entertainment tips and more.   I started this long before this first entry.   I have mentioned this business on my other blog, MDN Creates, newly named and already for my paper business.   I can't wait to get started.

First I want to give you a site for you to cruise to...

This is my website to where you can look and decide to make a purchase or if you in need of some extra money, to join my team.

Now before you think that this is just another site to get you to purchase something.   Think long and hard about it.   Everyday, everyone it trying to sell something.   For instance, did you know that every time you go for a job interview, you are trying to get an employer to hire you?  That is a sale.   How about when you were age 10, and you are trying to get your parents to let yopu go up the street to a new friend's house.   That too is selling.   We have been doing it all our lives, and you have no idea, that every idea, convencing the parents and teachers, as well as dates, and jobs are all based on this principle.   another word for that is called marketing.   You market yourself to get the job, the promotion, and the marriage to a long standing relationship.

Still convinced that I am trying to sell you something.   Yes, but what I am trying to let you see is the fun side of what I do.    I love this business, because first of all, Longaberger makes good quality products, and they are so innovative with the creation new products.   I will explain to more about that quality at a later time.   what I want to talk to you about are bills. Everyone has them.  with the recent change of the credit card industry, it is ntot safe to have a credit card any more, and many of you out there are probably just opened up your statement, and asked yourself where are you goting to get the extra money.  You can always ask for a raise, but what if you do not have a job.   If you can just pay down one bill at a time, would you do it?   with Longaberger business, you can give yourself a raise, and pay off your bills, save up for a vacation, or a house.
Just click here to join my team.

I will admit that selling is not for everyone, so if you are uncomfortable about being in front of others, or you are not sure if you like the products or the company, I will explain in my next post.

Well that is all for now.   I will have more things for you to ponder.   Have a good day, Keep in touch.  God Bless You.