Thursday, December 16, 2010

½ Price S/H + New Basket Colors Today and Tomorrow

Dear Longaberger Friends,

Longaberger is holding a Customer Appreciation Sale TODAY, Thursday, December 16, and TOMORROW, Friday, December 17! This offer includes 1/2 PRICE STANDARD SHIPPING on anything you purchase from the Wish List, December Flyer, and Holiday Supplement through my website .

In addition, the Company is offering the following four baskets during this two-day sale in colors never offered before:

*Revere Basket -- this basket has only been offered once before on a one-day sale. You can purchase it through tomorrow in Warm, Rich and Deep Brown, PLUS a Red Weave with a Warm Brown interior! BEAUTIFUL!

*Tall Tissue Basket and Lid -- available in Warm, Rich and Deep Brown PLUS BLACK

*Buffet Basket and Buffet Buddy Baskets -- available in Warm, Rich and Deep Brown PLUS BLACK

See below for more details! While these items purchased today and tomorrow may not be guaranteed for Christmas delivery, the Company will strive to get these items out if possible. Don't delay -- this offer is only good on my website through midnight tomorrow!


*Holiday Helper Santa Belly Basket Set

*Monogram Basket Sets -- December only

*Peppermint Twist Dip Bowl and Spreader w/Comfort Food $30

*Great Hostess Bundles

*Holiday Supplement filled with new products available from October - December

*New Wish List full of great ideas for entertaining, decorating, organizing and gift-giving

*Comfort Foods return including Beer Bread, dips, and dessert items beginning at $6

*Sisters fabric purses

*Online-Only offers each Wed.!

*Become a Consultant for FREE! Ask me how!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Order by Christmas

A quick note:   If you want any gifts by Christmas, I will take orders up to December 15th.  

Thank you

Saturday, November 13, 2010

This week in Longaberger


Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, and starting on December 1, the holiday parties will start. These are some recipes and ideas I have gathered to use with the food products Longaberger currently in the Wish list catalog.

Seasoning Blends

  • For appetizers, use the seasoning blends: combine 5 Tbsp. Southwest, Parmesan Garlic or jalapeno and Cilantro Seasoning Blend with 1cup Sour Cream and 1 cup Mayonnaise. (Reduced fat Sour Cream and Mayonnaise may be substituted). Chill for 4 hours before serving. Place favorite chips with the dips.
  • Blend 2 tsps. of the seasoning blends to cream cheese to use as a flavored spread on the beer bread, bagels, or biscuits. Butter can be substituted in place of the cream cheese as flavoring to cooked meats and as a spread.
  • Use the seasoning blends as rub on chicken, meats, and seafood.
  • Sprinkle over vegetables just before roasting
  • The seasoning blends can be used to flavor mash potatoes, pasta, or any place where spices would be used.

 Tropical Key Lime mix


 Key Lime Tarts: Bake individual mini pastry tarts

You'll need one package of Tropical Key Lime Mix

8oz cream cheese

1/2 stick (1/4 cup) softened butter or margarine*

Prepare packet 1 of Key Lime Pie l Mix as directed. Fill mini pastries with cheese mixture. Sprinkle top with contents of packet 2. Garnish with a thin twist of lime. Wonderful! * Low Fat Alternative: Simply omit butter and use no-fat cream cheese! Some flavors may not set up in a ball, but still taste great and may be used as a spread!


Note: This can be turned into a regular 9” pie and can be substituted with the White Chocolate Amaretto Mix.





Longaberger has two soups which can also be a wonderful addition to a holiday meal. This last recipe, which comes directly from the catalog, and it uses the White Cheddar Potato soup Mix



½ packet White Cheddar Potato Soup Mix

3 cups water

4 medium potatoes, thinly sliced

1 cup diced ham

½ cup chopped onion

1 cup grated cheddar cheese

Preheat oven at 350°F. Place sliced potatoes in a Woven Traditions® Medium Oval Casserole or 9x13” baking dish. Combine soup mix with water, onion and ham and pour over the potatoes. Top with grated cheese, cover with lid or foil and bake 1 hour. Remove cover and bake for 30-45 minutes longer until potatoes are tender.


So try these food products for the next get together. They can find by visiting, . The spice blends, beer bread, soup mixes and dessert mixes all sale $10 and under. For more recipe ideas, visit . Happy Holidays, and may God bless you.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So much to offer, too much to choose from

Since I started this blog a few months ago, I have been writing as though the reader has been a long time Longaberger customer, either with me or another consultant. I received today an email, that had me thinking, what if the customer has not bought a Longaberger product in a while, or has never heard about Longaberger at all. So this article is dedicated those out there who has never purchased anything in quite a while, received Longaberger as a gift, or has never purchased anything before.

What is Longaberger?

Longaberger started with Dave Longaberger over 35 years ago. The company started out with just making baskets, but it has grown to be much more than that. Longaberger today is run by Dave daughter, Tami Longaberger, and is consider a direct-selling company specializing in home décor products. In addition to baskets, Longaberger has other home and lifestyle products, such as pottery, wrought iron, candles, fabric accessories, wall art, and specialty foods. You may get purchase products through one of 45,000 Independent home consultants, which I am a part of.

How do I make a purchase?

As I stated, you may purchase Longaberger products through one of 45,000 independent home consultants through their website, catalog, or a home party setting. A typical website will be listed as You can go to that consultant’s website to make a purchase, sign up to join their team for free or to get a business kit, or just to browse. All consultants’ websites take Visa, Mastercard, and Discover Cards. Each consultant has additional information on how to contact them, and may be listed on the website and/or business card they hand you. You may also make a purchase at a craft show, if a consultant has products available for purchase at her both. Select purchases can also be made through groups who hold fundraisers, including Design a Basket.

What is considered a fundraiser?

Any current product can be considered a fundraiser. Longaberger has a brochure that list specific products can be most profitable for a group. Contact a consultant for the list of profitable products. Any group will earn 40% off of all sales, and anyone from a girl scout group to church groups can have a fundraiser with Longaberger products. Please contact any independent home consultant for details.

What is Design a Basket?

Design a Basket is a program where an organization or individual can design a basket specifically for them as a custom order. So for instance, a bride can have the colors of her wedding in a basket and her marriage date on the lid. You can also list a family reunion, church groups, anniversaries, birth announcements, etc… Specific baskets have been selected for this purpose, and you can purchase 1 for individual use or have an order form and have a fundraiser with it. Please see any independent home consultant for details.

Can I earn extra products?

As with many direct selling companies, there are ways to earn more products through the hostess program. You can host a party, either at home or through the catalog. The party must total $150 to start in order to earn Hostess Dollars and/or half priced item. For instance, a party total of $300 will get you one half-price item. Half price means a $50 product will cost $25. Hostess dollars mean that you earned a product for free up to that amount. A party total ending $350 get you 2 half priced items, and $50 worth of product.

You can also earn products by becoming a Longaberger consultant. At the moment, you can sign up to become an Independent Home Consultant for free or you can also sign up to get a kit for $49, $229, and $459. The free signup does not include any products or paperwork, and is perfect for those who want to sell via social media and their free website provided by Longaberger. For those who want sell the more traditional way of having parties in the home and through that catalog and through the social media and their website, you can also purchase one of the business kits, which includes paperwork.

If you have any questions or like what you just read, please let me know, or visit my website, I will be happy to answer them. I also love referrals, and will welcome anyone to the family of Longaberger consultants and customers. Until then, take care.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October is National Baking month...

Did you know that October is considered National baking month? Neither did I until I read it over the weekend. To celebrate the last few days of this baking month, Longaberger has products that can help you with this task.

For instance, Longaberger has a new food line, and all it takes is a couple of ingredients to make dips, bread, or even nachos if you please. With the Salsa, you can make this classic cheese dip. All it takes is Velveeta cheese, and a jar of Longaberger’s Sweet and Spicy Salsa into a microwavable bowl. Microwave for about a minute, put some in a smaller bowl, and serve with chips.

With the cake pans (2 for $50 or one for $25), you do not have to just bake cakes. They are good for a single person to bake fish, a couple pieces of chicken, or even roast vegetables, without using a big sheet pan. They also make good centerpieces.

Buy the loaf pan and get the Bread mix for $39. Make a gift out of it, by making the loaf of bread in the loaf pan, wrap in cello, and add a note to instruct the receiver to keep the pan. The bread is easy to make, just take a can of beer or club soda and some butter, mix the ingredients, put into the oven, and about 50 to 55 minutes (depending on your oven) you will have a fresh, hot loaf to take.

So celebrate October with a baking feast for the senses as well as the palette, and have fun. Just an FYI, you can get these products and more at 25% off if you become a Longaberger consultant. The sign up is free, and you will be able to use you consultant number right away. Become your own boss, and earn some extra money on top of that. Use that money to plan a vacation, get presents for the holidays, or pay down some bills.

So visit today, and check out all the baking, serving, entertainment, and decorating products that Longaberger has cooked up just for you.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Need a little inspiration- A guide to gift giving

Hello, I am Patti, your little holiday elf, ready to give you inspiration into gift giving. Believe it or not, the holidays are fast approaching, and soon, everyone on your list will be shopping, getting gifts, receiving cards, and presents from one and all. Santa has given me permission to help spread the holiday spirit throughout the land. It is never too early to shop for that special someone on your list, and you want to stay ahead of your game, by shopping early. Don’t know what to get them? Give them the gift of Longaberger in their stockings, and they will appreciate the thought of you thinking of them.

Follow these suggestions, and you cannot go wrong.

• For the tree decorator: Get them the 2010 Tree Trimming Little Falling Snow Basket Set with WoodCrafts Lid. It sits on a table by the tree or anywhere in the house. Fill it with holiday candy, or other goodies. Better yet, how about putting a gift card inside to their favorite store (sorry not included). You will have an instant container that is recyclable, and recycling is good for the environment, and nothing to throw out.

• For the baker: how about the Woven Traditions Cake Pan Set (Set of 2). Now they will have pans that do not rust out, is vitrified, which means that it is dish washer safe, can freeze , place in the refrigerator, perfect for singles to warm food in the oven. Speaking of ovens, the pans do bake a wonderful cake, that will not burn. You can even microwave with it. That is not all you can do with these cake pans. Create a center piece using candles, a wreath, or vines. Place a flower in the center of the pan. Change it out as the seasons change. Instant decorations for the center of a party table, or sideboard. Place ornaments in for Christmas, fruit, or pinecones for a fall look.

Oval Muffin Basket with Protector makes a great corporation gift to give to employees or clients. This is great for realtor who just sold a home to their clients. Place a gift card in as a welcome to your new home gift.

• For the sports fan: NFL WoodCrafts Cutting Board (32 teams to choose from). They can cheer on their favorite team and be prepared for the superbowl (or any kind of bowl game for that matter) at the same time. Serve meats and cheeses on it. How about that centerpiece explained earlier?

These are just a few gift ideas for the holidays. For more information on gift ideas to give a person, visit my shop at , and remember what Santa and Patti the Little Elf said, “It is never too early or too late to shop with Longaberger.”

Oh, BTW, to make it extra special, why not shop from your own website? It is free when you become a consultant for free. For details, click on “Join me”. It just takes a few minutes, and you will be shop on your own free website in no time.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wednesday Special-October 5

October is Breast Cancer awareness month, and also the team I am on is having a luncheon on the 16th at the Longaberger®Golf Course.  for those who follow locally, I do apologize of not promoting this sooner than later, but maybe you will want to join us next year.   the purpose of this luncheon is to raise funds for not only breast cancer awareness but all forms of cancer.  I need to get started in making my cards, and my journal for a silent auction.

Tomorrow's special also also have meaning, because $1 of each sale will be sent to the American Cancer Society.   You will also get one free.

My father survived breast cancer over 25 years ago, while I lost a best friend to the disease.   Lois was a beautiful person, who loved the Lord, and who devoted her time to children, both as a school teacher, and a mentor.   We went to the same church together, and she made sure that childen learned all they can to get a good education, and to do their best to contribute to the world around them.   She had taught me a lot about feeling good about myself.
One year, I was one of the chaperons to a group of youth who were traveling to St. Louis, MO for a conference.   We had arrived, but the staff did not have our rooms ready, but we were welcome to sit around, and wait.    before that time, I had not stayed in a hotel as nice as the Adam's Mark Hotel downtown St. Louis, and I was in awe of the hotel.   I was telling Lois how I loved the way the hotel was, and then I said something that I should not have let come out of my mouth.   I said the words, "I do not deserve to be in a beautiful place as this hotel."    Lois got mad, and told me that she did not want to hear me say that phrase again coming out of my mouth.   She was right, it was a degrading remark to myself, even though I did not mean to say it like that.   What Lois meant by that remark was everyone deserves to be in any place anywhere in the United States, no matter what your social status is, or how much money you have.   it does not matter, because YOU matter.   That was the type of person that Lois was, and it was a privilege to have her in my life as one of my  mentors.   I thank God for her and her family.   Her children are grown.  Her daughter is a teacher like her, and has a daughter of her own, while her son plays sax and is an accomplish musician.

My dad is a wonderful man, and together with my mom,he has raised two children, a third as their own, and now they are raising a grandchild.   he was a miltary man, 20 years in the Air force, 10 years with both the post office and the state.   My dad is strict, like most parents of the 70's and 80's, but he also has a sense of humor that makes you wonder how you know this man, LOL.   He sings in the key of Q (for those of you who are musicians, you know you cannot find that on the piano), and he has one dance for every song, but he is my dad.   I also thank God for him as well, and dad means well.   I did not always see that.

Why I have mention these two people, because they are/were in my life, and they are part of the millions of people who have survived or died of the disease.   I am sure that there is someone in your life who is like that.   If it is not breast cancer, then it is some other cancer, or heart disease.   They come into your life and has a great influence on it.   That is worth celebrating for.

You take care, and remember this month by getting a mammogram, if you already have not done so.   enjoy the reast of your week.    God bless you.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Longaberger given as a special Gift....


I am not going to sell to you today, but I am going to show you why I am so proud being an American and an Independent Home Consultant.  I have always been proud of my nationality, my race, and my heritage.   I have not always shown it, because I am not a showy person, if that is the word to describe how I feel.   This is an article that was sent to me today in an email from my National Sales Leader, Marilyn Imhoff-Edman, who received it from another NSL.   I love being part of Marilyn's team, and she is a positive influence on me, even though I may not always show it.   Here is the article, originated in USA Today:

 First lady Michelle Obama underscored her healthy eating project today by giving U.N. spouses a tour of a working farm near New York City, and giving them nature-themed gifts.

The spouses also learned about children's programs at Stone Barns Center, which is north of New York City.

"It is an example of what can be done with local businesses, local farms and neighborhood schools, of the kind of energy that comes from children having a hands-on experience on the farm," Mrs. Obama said at a luncheon. "And when they grow it and they touch it and they taste it, they believe in it more than anything that we could tell them."

Mrs. Obama also touted her "Let's Move" project against childhood obesity.

"Our goal is to ensure that children born today grow up at a healthy weight, understanding how to eat and live in a healthy way," she said. "And we're working with kids because oftentimes it's easier for them to develop new habits than it is for us to try to change old habits as they get older."

The first lady also gave the spouses gifts tied to the kitchen garden she set up at the White House. The descriptions are provided by the White House:

A three-wick soy candle is an original design from the Chesapeake Bay Candle company, based in Rockville, Maryland. The relief on the candle was inspired by a photograph of the frieze, an oak leaf and rose garland, which hangs above the North Portico of the White House. Our national tree and flower, the oak tree and rose, symbolize strength and compassion.

The candle is presented in a custom-made box in a brilliant shade of shimmery sky blue with a silver imprint of The White House on two sides, also designed by Chesapeake Bay Candle. Details on top of the box are taken from the frieze and the lid is secured by a caramel-colored band affixed to a decorative pewter medallion, an exact replica which is a part of the oak and rose garland on the candle.

Each gift is presented inside a one-of-a-kind, hand woven basket made of Maplewood harvested in the Midwest by The Longaberger Company, which is a family-owned and operated American company that has been in business for over 100 years. Each basket is lined with a khaki canvas insert. A nickel tag is affixed to the outside of each bag and engraved with the words, "Made Exclusively for Michelle Obama."

I hope that the spouses will enjoy their baskets, and their candles.  this shows that Longaberger products can be given as gifts anytime of the year, for any occasion.

Thanks, Marilyn for the article.  I hope this article inspires someone to decide to give Longaberger as a gift, use it for entertainment, organizing, or to make some extra money.   Just contact me anytime.    God Bless you and I will talk to you soon.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Join Now for free part 2-Hello

Hello, Hello, Hello!


FREE TO SIGN UP with our extended Longaberger Family. We would love for you to join us!

What an exciting time it is here with The Longaberger Company. The fun begins tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept. 1, just in time for holiday selling.

YOU can sign up to be a home consultant at no cost. Everything is done online – including orders. Here’s how.

Visit my website at My Associate number is 1399070.

Click on become a consultant. On that page, click join now. In just a few easy steps by filling out the information you can join our family of home consultants. Make sure you have your social security number handy. I’ve included my associate number for you to fill in the appropriate box. When you hit submit, YOUR Number and your free website will appear and you will be ready for business.

Need extra money for holiday shopping? Want to get your Longaberger products at a discount? Re-decorate your home? Extra money for a car payment?

Do it at your pace in your way. It’s all online!

Starting September 1, we have several new products lines including foods, fabric purses, and beautiful chocolate brown pottery.

My favorite is the new Medium Oval Casserole.

We’re not your mother’s baskets anymore! We’re all falling in love with Longaberger all over again!

Come join my awesome team of home consultants.

Need help sign up? Text me, call me, tweet me, email me or I’m on Facebook. I’m available to assist you.

As always, I appreciate your friendship and your passion for our products.

Sincerely, Patricia

P.S. We’re looking for referrals, too. Maybe you have a friend that would like to join us?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Looking for extra money

From July 2-September 30, 2010, if you sign-up to be part of my team, you can get the new $459 Business Builder Kit valued over $1,000 and packed full of products and literature you need for business success for only $259!

Longaberger is the perfect way to get started in a business. You can work around your family’s schedule, and having fun while earning extra cash. Having the free website and product are wonderful too. Work your business the way you want to. The best part, no quarterly minimums to deal with. When you join with this special offer, and you submit $1,000 or more in sales by your first Success Start Date, you will not owe anything more on your kit. Plus, with the $1,000 or more in sales, you will make $250 or more in commission, which is a wonderful way to save for a vacation or to pay off a bill. If you have not seen Longaberger in a while or just getting to know the company, you are in for a treat to the products you will be selling. From baskets to pottery, candles to food and in between, Longaberger has a product for you.

Longaberger even has a wonderful fundraising program for your child’s school or community to earn money. The best part is you get the sales credit while they earn and keep 40% of the profits earned,

I love Referrals!!!

Please contact me at  or visit my shop at , and we will talk

Monday, August 9, 2010

August 2010 Newsletter

Dear Longaberger Friends,

This Wednesday, August 11, from noon until midnight on my website, you can purchase Woven Traditions Classic Blue Pottery for 30% off! This pottery collection is retiring the end of August, so this is a great opportunity to add pieces to your collection that you need at special prices. You can still order any Classic Blue pottery through August 31, but our current inventory will be on sale this Wednesday, August 11. Order early to get the pieces you wish! See the photo below for more details!

Don't forget about our other terrific specials offered the entire month of August, including our Horizon of Hope products, Halloween Collection, and the sale on the Bittersweet Basket Collection. Check out the photo below, look at the flyer online at, or e-mail me and I'll be happy to send you a flyer too! I have these beautiful new products in my home as well, so if you would like to book a show to share them with your family or friends in person just let me know!

Thank you for your support of my business and The Longaberger Company!



*Horizon of Hope Campaign Thru August 31

*Halloween Products in August Only

*Special Savings on Bittersweet Baskets for Fall

*Watermelon Basket for Collectors Club members -- join the Club today!

*Summer Supplement Products available through 8/31

*Check the retirement list so you don't miss your favorites!

*Classic Blue Pottery retires 8/31!

*Online-Only offers each Wed.!

*Become a Consultant for as little as $49 and start achieving your dreams with Longaberger!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Longaberger Bee 2010 Part 2...Christmas

This is a short post to talk about the Holidays. I know, summer is not over with, but part of the Bee is to talk about the third and fourth quarters, or to everyone who is not in the business world, the second half of the year.

I am concentrating on the living room/great room and office area, and how to make it cozy your guests and make entertaining a breeze. Before I do that, let’s talk about Longaberger’s theme for the holiday season. If you keep with the holiday themes that Longaberger has, last year it was snowflakes and a cookie exchanges. The year before that, Santa. Well, this year, it is all about snowflakes and snowmen. I will give the official names of the baskets in a later; I do not see it in the new Fall/Winter catalog. Speaking of which, if you want the new catalog, and you do not have a consultant, please let me know. If you have not receive a catalog in a long time from your consultant, please her/him know.

The baskets are round this year, which kind of reminds me of the Drummer Boy baskets or something like that from years ago (about 2002-03). There is also a snowman hat basket for those of you who are into unusual baskets. The colors are red and green, with snowflakes on the lids and the sides. I always like getting sets, because the protector, lid and liner complete the look of basket. They are the “accessories” of the basket. Sort of like having jewelry, a purse, and hosiery to complete the look of a dress or suite. Without them, a basket is just a basket. If you look at lesser quality of baskets in retail stores, they try to add liners now.

The rest of Bee 2010…

One of the events I forgot to mention in the last post was the Horizon of Hope party the day before General session. I only poked around for an hour or so, before heading towards the company store. Consultants put their names in for a drawing or two. All of it goes for a good cause: research at the American Cancer Society, especially for Breast Cancer. The Bee Boys were there. Tami Longaberger’s daughter, Claire Kaido (not sure of the spelling) singing. She is very talented, and will be releasing her first album in the fall. Maybe she will give Taylor Swift a run for her money. Anyway, there was dancing and a flash mob dance. In case you have been hiding under the covers, a flash mob dance is a dance where a person comes out of nowhere and start dancing to a well-choreographed routine, and other start in. What everyone else is not aware of is this was all planned in advance. You can watch them on You Tube (, just type in the words, Flash Mob dance. It is all the craze in Europe. I practiced the steps, but did not get back in time to do it. Not sure if Longaberger’s flash mod will be on there. I urge you to check out Tami Longaberger’s new book called Weaving Dreams: The Joy of Work, the Love of Life. You can get it on, Barnes and, and a couple of places on a pre-order. It should be out either August or September.

Decorating …

For your living room, you want a room that can change with the season. In Part 1, I talked about shopping in your own home. If you have pieces of furniture that you want to get rid of, repurpose it first. Maybe you are tired of that chest of drawers in your master bedroom; use it behind your couch instead. If you have a big enough space, pull your couch away from the wall, and far enough so you can get to the drawers to store things that you barely use but have for special occasions like holiday parties. Use the top to hold tchotchkes (or knick-knacks). Perhaps you have a favorite collection. Place them on the top, and every once and a once and a while change up and pull out different pieces of your collection. Use the top of the dresser at holiday time to put your food items on it, in case your living/great room is not within walking distance of the kitchen. One of the things I like about wood, is you can paint it in your color scheme, or place a different stain on it. Be careful though, because some woods show off the color better than others. So test it first to see if you like the stain or paint on it, before you make a total commitment to painting or staining all over. I would paint or stain in an area of the piece where you cannot see it and live it for a few days. I would also do the same with your walls. My tip: go to the paint store, get those little switches. Go home and place removable tape under the swatch. Again, live with it for a few days, if you like it, go back to the store and buy the paint. It is better than getting stuck with 5 gallons of periwinkle, and cannot get rid of it.

Once that is established, get your accessories. Do not go overboard with it. Again, go shopping in your home and repurpose, but also get some new pieces. I have the Flair basket and Bowl (the small one), I will be getting more of that basket. I may stick to the warm brown, rich brown and black stains, or I may change it up a little for fall. I really do not know yet, I am still in summer mode.

Small Flair Basket and Bowl Set
Your office, if you have one at home (not the ones at work), should be a place to work, as well as your sanctuary to get away from everything else. No kids, spouses (unless you are sharing an office space), and all of their minions should be there. Make it comfortable, but not too comfortable that you would want to sleep in there (unless that is what you like). This is the place where ideas happen, rather this your office away from your office, or where you work your home business, make it you. You should never have to take your “work” to your bedroom. At the end of the day, you should be able to just shut the door, and leave to do things with your family, just like your work office, if you have one. I will not go into details on office organization until another post, but I do want to let you know that Longaberger products work well in the office, from the flair baskets I just talked about to the recharging station, where you store all your small electronic stuff like your cell phones, IPods, and MP3/MP4 players in one area. Longaberger makes your office look good.

Well that is it for this time. I hope you enjoyed learning about decorating for the holidays, decorating in general, and events at Bee 2010. To order any of these items I mentioned, please visit my shop at www.longaberger.con/patricialogan. Just a reminder, you have a few hours left to order the canister sets. Visit my shop for details. Have a good week and God Bless you all.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

What’s New with Longaberger…part 1?

Bee 2010 was this week, and I had a blast learning about all the wonderful products that will grace Longaberger this fall. I am so excited about this. New patterns, new weaves, and the return of old favorites. Longaberger is no longer just a basket company. Longaberger is your "Whole House" company now, where baskets, pottery, and wrought iron are not the only thing going on at Longaberger. First of all, I want to take you on a tour of the "new" Longaberger. Rather this is your first time learning about what Longaberger is, or you have been a fan for years, there is something new for this fall for everyone. Just think of me as your organizing, interior decorating guide. Let’s start.

A couple of decorating tips that I picked up from one of my classes are:

- Pick your paint last, not first. Find that one piece that you like, and work around that piece. It may be a painting that has that perfect shade of red you want in your room. Draw from that color, and add accent pillows, window treatment, etc… In case you wondering what this has to do with Longaberger, they have had wall art since January 2010. I bet you did not know that. There will be new wall art for the fall. From country to contemporary, there is a piece of wall art that you may fall in love with.

- Do not be afraid to shop from your own home. In fact I encourage it. Re-purpose the current item in your room and pull something from another room, and will make that room look different. Once you have done that, look for the few little pieces that will further accent the room.

- When you do paint, only do one wall, not the whole room. When you change the room, or decide to move, you do not have to paint the whole room back to a neutral color. My instructor explained to the class that she paints every holiday season.

These are just a few tips that you may be able to use in your home.

New products for the kitchen. To make your fall and holiday entertaining effortless. I know, summer is still here, and the last thing you want to think about is how many people you want to invite to your annual holiday extravaganza. Well, think about it for a moment. The week after next will be August, the last official month of summer, and September 21st will be the start of fall. In between that time, the kids will be back in school, thank God. You do not know how many times I have to hear my mother tell me that she and my father are having a hard time getting my nephew out of bed. Mike starts high school this year for the first time. Anyway, back to new kitchen products. I start with the kitchen, because parties, especially small intimate parties (less than 20 guests), land in the kitchen at some point, and stay there. You want something to set the mood.

Let’s start with the food. Does anyone remember White Cheddar Potato soup, Tropical Key Lime, White Chocolate Amaretto, and Sweet & Spicy Salsa? If you do not, don’t worry. Longaberger sold these foods a couple years ago, and discontinued the product line. Well they are back, and just in time for all of you fall and holiday entertainment needs. Joining them, are food mixes such as Hearty Beer Bread, and three seasoning blends; Jalapeno & Cilantro, southwestern, and Parmesan Garlic Blend. I have tasted them yesterday, and they taste absolutely delicious. Recipes? Of course, Longaberger has recipe ideas, and they are simple to make. To complete the picture, the dips can be placed in the new low bowls. Sit that in the middle of the new large Low basket, and set chips around the bowl. The bread is cooked in the new loaf pan. Once that is done, cut the bread on woodcraft cutting board, and serve the soups in the Soup and Salad bowls. For dessert, serve the White Chocolate Amaretto dip in the Low Bowl surrounded by cookies on the Contour Tray and basket. Add your favorite holiday entrée and place it either in the 9 x13 pan or in the new Oval casserole bowls, which comes in either small of medium.

Oh, I forgot one other thing: If you bought the chocolate pottery that came in only 9x13 last year, you are in luck. The chocolate pottery now comes in all pieces. So with that in mind, build your set while you can. Tip: chocolate is a plant!

Oh I have so much more to tell you for this coming season, until I have to break it into parts. This is part one. Part two will be coming soon, very soon. Think Holidays again. I will give you a hint….it is a continuation of last year holiday collection. Until then, God Bless you.

This is just in:   You can get made to order Canisters from today to July 31.  Mix and match in any of the colors you see in the Photo.   click here to see all the products in My Shop.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's Bee time

It is that time of year again. Columbus, Ohio is going to the Bees. No, not type of bees, the Longaberger Bee has descended on Columbus, Ohio, and I am going to have a good time. This is the time, where consultants learn new ways of selling the product, new products for the Fall /Winter Catalog, and the Bee Boys, oh those wonderful Bee boys. Ok, stop that, Tricia, you are getting beside yourself.

Anyway, that is where I will “bee” (no pun intended) for the next few days (typing this post on Word, before copying it onto Blogger and it is not fun. Telling me that “bee” is supposed to be “Be”.) Anyway, I hope to share pictures from there of all the new products. They also promise to have lots of surprises for the consultants, and hopefully for you too. I will post the Wednesday special at midnight, and since Star Trek: The Next Generation will not be on tonight on WGN, I am doing some last minute things, and then putting myself on curfew alert. Curfew alert means I have one hour after I return each night from the Bee to look at email and other things, and then it is lights out. (Yes, I am a Trekkie at heart. I watch all but the first one)

Well that is it for now. God Bless you.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sale, Sale, Sale

I have posted the following on my Facebook Page:

Tricia's baskets: How's the Saturday going? My Saturday is wonderful, and I am very excited about this sale this weekend. There is another sale coming up on Tuesday June 22, and it is a THREE-DAY SALE!!! I will post that information Monday evening. Losts of great sales going on lately. Visit this Weekend.

I am $29 away from staying active for the quarter.

June is the Month:

I know I am a little late on posting this, but I just found out from CNN that June is the biggest month for weddings.   If looking for a gift for this month, look no further than my website.   Ladies (and gentlemen), if you need a registry, visit my site or email me, and I can set you up on my site.  The Woven Tradition pattern is one of the most sought after patterns in the country, and it is perfect if you are just starting out in your life together.   Longaberger's Woven Traditions pottery is trendy, and virtrified.  That means that it is durable.   You can microwave it, place it in the oven, freeze it.   One thing I would not try it on the stove top.   You can place it in the dishwasher.  One thing I do want to add is it is green friendly.  you are not using paper plates to eat off of.    I love, love, love the Flare bowl.   If you are into modern shapes, this works well with it.   That is one thing I love about Longaberger, they are always on track of be innovative.

Well I am off to do other things, but I just wanted to let you know that there is a THREE-DAY SALE this coming Tuesday as well.   I will post it here and on my Facebook page.  The badge is to the right of the page.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and God Bless you.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello, where do I begin...

OK, sorry I have not been posting here lately.   I have been concentrating on my page on Facebook called of course, Tricia's Baskets.  On that page, I will be listing sales that are going on my website for Longaberger.   In case you did not catch it, it is .   I will continue this blog, and hopefully I will get to blog on that regular basis.  

Next month is an exciting month for Longaberger consultants.  It is Bee time, or for those who not familiar with the lingo, convention time.   during the week of July (this time from July 21-24) consultants all across the country will converge in Columbus, Ohio, and learn about new products, and new things that are happening with the company.   I will report on this blog, as well as on my page what I learn about the products only.  Sorry, I cannot give away trade secrets.   If you want to find out for yourself, you can always signup to be part of my team.   I have 5 currently, but I can always use more.  

The great thing about being a Longaberger home consultant is you learn so many new things about the company, such as how to promote and sell the product, what is going on with the company, and the best part is you increase your quality of life, and the more you sell, the more your earn.   What I also love about the company is I get to meet new people everytime I schedule a home party, have an open house, or meet a new home consultant.   I do take Longaberger everywhere, such as networking, or out and about.  I am always working, ever when I think I am not.  If you love Longaberger products, why not earn free products, gain new friends, and have fun, while earning extra money.  There are sponsoring incentives as well.  click here for further information and to join.

In the meantime, if you are on Facebook click here to go directly to my page.   The new term is to "like" my page.   Personally, I like the word, "Fan", but I do not work for facebook, there is nothing for me to say about word, LOL.   I plan on having things like, What would you do with this product?    Oh, one qualification that you love Longaberger products and could be a consultant, is you do have a new idea for say a bread basket or the new Flare Basket.  

God Bless you, and talk to you next time.  I promise I will not take as long this time

Friday, April 30, 2010

Spring Preview

Ok, tomorrow is Spring preview day.   It only happens in Columbus, Ohio, and if you are local, come to the Doubletree Worthington, 175 Hutchinson Ave, Columbus, Ohio 43235 at 10am.   for two hours, you will be treated with products, a style show, prizes, and a opportunity to become a Longaberger home consultant.  There will be a presentation on that opportunity.   the business kit normally costs $399, will be on sale at Half price for $199.    You can split that up in 6 payments, and it will only cost you $33.17 a month.   If you cannot make this event, because of your schedule (Only 2 hours 10am-12nn), or you live in a diiferent state, email me at or make a note on my facebook page (located on the left hand side of this blog), and I can put you in touch with the other city in the US that will have this event.   they are on different dates, but so far, Columbus is the only city that has a date on a Saturday.

Again, if you are local (that is 50 or less miles) come to the Doubletree Worthington.  if you need directions, let me know too.   

Well, that is it, except you have only a few more hours to get the April Specials for the month, and after Midnight (Eastern Standard time), the specials return to their original prices go here to check them out.   tomorrow start the May Specials of the month, and there are a few that I would have to get my hands one.

Take care, and God Bless you.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pottery Sale, Registries, and

Longaberger is coming upon its last days for the pottery Sale.   please go to and click on featured items to order.   If you like purple pottery, the pottery is availble in eggplant.  If you do not know what to order, Longaberger has new dash bowls.  You can use them like the mini loaf pans, although they are smaller.  Need a travel mug for work?  the travel mugs are 1 for $16 or 2 for $32.   The pottery is perfect for a Wedding, Mother's day, or even a grad gift.  

Registries and Wishlists  (How to)

It is that time of year again. Weddings, graduations, Mother's day, Father's day, and moving. If you are one of the more fortunate ones to go through these happy moments, you are in good company. June and September are the most popular months for weddings, so i have been told. June also a good month for graduatons, both high school and college. Spring in general is a great time to move, and there is also mother's day, fathers day, and babies. Did you know that you can make wishlists, and registries on my website?

Yes, I can do bridal, new home, and new baby registries.   I also have wishlists.  Click here to start a registry list.  It is localed on the bottom right.   If this is your first time on my website, you need to create an account.   Once you create an account, do the following :

1)  Select either create a registry or wish list
2)   Look over you information to make sure that the information that Longaberger has is correct.
3)   If you want a co-registrant, select yes or no.
4)   Select date by clicking on the calendar, select event type (wedding, New home, baby, other)
5)   Select pre and post date addresses. 
6)   Save the registry.
7)   Announce on your invites that you have a registry, and from there, your guests can search for your registry by Name and state; ID, or Email
You can also update your registry or wishlist
The wishlist is really simpleto create as well, but both the registry and the wish does allow you to select your items so you can give that list to your family and friends.

So sorry it took so long for me to post.   I was not sure if I could have a blog, and I can.   I will check in at least once a week.     Take care, and God Bless you all.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Wednesday Special

This Wednesday's online-only offer is a great deal -- you can purchase our retired Mug Rack which holds six mugs for just $15 -- a 50% savings! Since our Mugs and Soft Square Mugs are on sale for 20% off the entire month of April -- just $22 for a set of 2 Mugs and $25 for a set of 2 Soft Square Mugs -- you can really add up the savings this month! The offer for the Mug Rack begins at noon on Wednesday, April 7 through midnight that day -- quantities are limited, so order beginning at noon through my website or call 614-236-4970 or e-mail me at and I'll place the order for you! See the photo below for details!

As noted above, ALL Woven Traditions Pottery in ALL colors is on sale throughout the entire month of April -- it's our yearly pottery sale! Now is the time to add to your collection, or begin purchasing the pottery you have always wanted.

Plus, during April, you can get a free lidded protector set with the purchase of any color Buffet Basket or Buffet Buddy Basket!

AND, with every $50 in guest sales, you'll earn a $10 coupon to spend on another $50 purchase in June! It's like creating your own 20% off sale in June on ANYTHING in our collection! See the photo below for more details!

Thank you for your support of my business and The Longaberger Company!

Baskets of blessings,

Patricia Logan

Independent Home Consultant



*Save 20% on ALL Woven Traditions Pottery!

*Receive a FREE Lidded Protector Set with the purchase of a Buffet Buddy Basket or Buffet Basket!

*March Hoopla Buffet Buddy Basket with college/NFL colors and logo lid through April 16!

*Wish List full of Mother's Day gifts!

*Online-Only offers each Wed.!


Become a Consultant for as little as $49 and start achieving your dreams with Longaberger!

Monday, March 15, 2010

March madness

Welcome to March Madness.  It is basketball time, and I am not a sports person, unless you throw in a little ice, or an uneven bars or a balance beam or two in there.   where there is basketball, it is always time for a little team spirit.   Just would like to remind everyone, that if like what you see or read, go to to order or to join my team.  I am looking to increase both my customer base and my team, so let me know by going to my website.
Well, it is late, and I am out of here.   I will see you later,hopefully with some pictures.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello and ...

Welcome to my Basket site.

This is my first entry on this site.   I will bring you all ideas on how to decorate with Longabereger products, as well as entertainment tips and more.   I started this long before this first entry.   I have mentioned this business on my other blog, MDN Creates, newly named and already for my paper business.   I can't wait to get started.

First I want to give you a site for you to cruise to...

This is my website to where you can look and decide to make a purchase or if you in need of some extra money, to join my team.

Now before you think that this is just another site to get you to purchase something.   Think long and hard about it.   Everyday, everyone it trying to sell something.   For instance, did you know that every time you go for a job interview, you are trying to get an employer to hire you?  That is a sale.   How about when you were age 10, and you are trying to get your parents to let yopu go up the street to a new friend's house.   That too is selling.   We have been doing it all our lives, and you have no idea, that every idea, convencing the parents and teachers, as well as dates, and jobs are all based on this principle.   another word for that is called marketing.   You market yourself to get the job, the promotion, and the marriage to a long standing relationship.

Still convinced that I am trying to sell you something.   Yes, but what I am trying to let you see is the fun side of what I do.    I love this business, because first of all, Longaberger makes good quality products, and they are so innovative with the creation new products.   I will explain to more about that quality at a later time.   what I want to talk to you about are bills. Everyone has them.  with the recent change of the credit card industry, it is ntot safe to have a credit card any more, and many of you out there are probably just opened up your statement, and asked yourself where are you goting to get the extra money.  You can always ask for a raise, but what if you do not have a job.   If you can just pay down one bill at a time, would you do it?   with Longaberger business, you can give yourself a raise, and pay off your bills, save up for a vacation, or a house.
Just click here to join my team.

I will admit that selling is not for everyone, so if you are uncomfortable about being in front of others, or you are not sure if you like the products or the company, I will explain in my next post.

Well that is all for now.   I will have more things for you to ponder.   Have a good day, Keep in touch.  God Bless You.