Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello and ...

Welcome to my Basket site.

This is my first entry on this site.   I will bring you all ideas on how to decorate with Longabereger products, as well as entertainment tips and more.   I started this long before this first entry.   I have mentioned this business on my other blog, MDN Creates, newly named and already for my paper business.   I can't wait to get started.

First I want to give you a site for you to cruise to...

This is my website to where you can look and decide to make a purchase or if you in need of some extra money, to join my team.

Now before you think that this is just another site to get you to purchase something.   Think long and hard about it.   Everyday, everyone it trying to sell something.   For instance, did you know that every time you go for a job interview, you are trying to get an employer to hire you?  That is a sale.   How about when you were age 10, and you are trying to get your parents to let yopu go up the street to a new friend's house.   That too is selling.   We have been doing it all our lives, and you have no idea, that every idea, convencing the parents and teachers, as well as dates, and jobs are all based on this principle.   another word for that is called marketing.   You market yourself to get the job, the promotion, and the marriage to a long standing relationship.

Still convinced that I am trying to sell you something.   Yes, but what I am trying to let you see is the fun side of what I do.    I love this business, because first of all, Longaberger makes good quality products, and they are so innovative with the creation new products.   I will explain to more about that quality at a later time.   what I want to talk to you about are bills. Everyone has them.  with the recent change of the credit card industry, it is ntot safe to have a credit card any more, and many of you out there are probably just opened up your statement, and asked yourself where are you goting to get the extra money.  You can always ask for a raise, but what if you do not have a job.   If you can just pay down one bill at a time, would you do it?   with Longaberger business, you can give yourself a raise, and pay off your bills, save up for a vacation, or a house.
Just click here to join my team.

I will admit that selling is not for everyone, so if you are uncomfortable about being in front of others, or you are not sure if you like the products or the company, I will explain in my next post.

Well that is all for now.   I will have more things for you to ponder.   Have a good day, Keep in touch.  God Bless You.