Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I just popped on here briefly to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year from Tricia's Baskets.  

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let me do your last minute Christmas Shopping

With all the last minutes holiday preparations for the big day, the last thing you want is to miss someone on your list.   I would love to help you with that decision.   Longaberger has everything for those last minute gifts.   Here is what I suggest:

#1   Not sure what you are looking for?   Does the person Like holiday items, that last all year long?   Here are some suggestions in the Holly and Jolly picture listed below:

#2:  I can be your personal shopper.  Just tell me about the person you are shopping for, what their taste are like.   Also let me know if this is a secret Santa gift  (I can send it to their home, without you lifting a finger).   These can also make good teacher’s gifts, for your favorite mailperson, delivery person, or even your hairdresser.  

#3  If you prefer to do it yourself, My Shop address (website) is   All the products are listed, and if there is something unique that you want to find, you can also shop at the Factory Store Online ( or go through the link on my website.   Right now there is a Glass stand that is only $15 (original price $35), a So Rachel jewelry sale, and a holiday sale where the prices start from $6 (Markdowns are 60%)

There are even more clearances after the holidays.  December 26-31 starts the clearance sale for all holiday items.   Be sure to watch on my Facebook page (, my twitter page (, or email (  If you have any questions or would like to place an order with me. Please email me (, Inbox me (, or Tweet me (, and I will help you out.

Thank you,

This e-mail is being sent to you by me,  your Independent Longaberger Home Consultant. If you prefer not to receive future e-mail updates from me, please reply to this e-mail and type "unsubscribe" in the subject line. My business address is: 2444 Ravenel Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43209.

Patricia L. Logan
Your Independent Longaberger Home Consultant 
Shop 24/7 from your seat and not your feet:
614-236-4970 (home)  614-266-1970 (Cell)
Consultant #1399070

Monday, December 5, 2011

Shopping Longaberger this Holiday Season

Looking for Christmas gifts is a nerve racking experience that should be done only once a year.   With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all sales in between, a person should not have any problems finding that perfect gift.  Longaberger can help turn that mundane task into a ease of use experience.
First of all, a person can always shop through the home show or party experience.   More on that in a moment.   This is how the company first started out.   These days, a person can shop through the convenience of online, and with a busy schedule, which includes kids, marriage, and being on the go, a person can literally sit down in front of the computer, and shop.   If there is an Independent Home Consultant involved in the shopping process, a person can shop from their home consultant’s website.   For an example, a person can shop through without a consultant, or, which is my individual website, because I am a consultant, and I will receive sales credit whenever a person shops through my site.   In fact, I encourage anyone who reads this article to go through my website, not the regular Longaberger website.
Another way for a person to shop this holiday season is through the factory stores.   Factory stores are another fun way to see the product up close and personal, have both current items from the Wishlist Catalog, retired items, as well as some items that would be shown in the main homestead store in Dresden, Ohio.   There are currently 7 stores located in Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, and Indiana, with more on the way.   Please visit this link to find out where they are located.  Of course, if there isn’t a location nearby, there is The Factory Store online, which is
As stated earlier, Longaberger has a long standard of having home parties, also called home shows.   This started when Dave Longaberger started this company in 1973.   His basic belief was for guests to see the product, touch the product, and in the case of baskets, comfort food, and candles, smell the product.    This gives the guest the total package.   If a guest sees the total package, in my opinion, the person would want to purchase the product, learn how to earn the product for free, and even learn how they too can sell the product.   This is done by an independent Home consultant, who walks guests through the sights and sounds showing products and, again in my opinion, educate the guests on what the products are, and how to use them.   Next the consultant will instruct guests on how they too can have a home party like their host, and offer the opportunity to make extra money with Longaberger.   I will be up front to say this business is not for everyone, but it is very obtainable to do.
I am offering the opportunity to make money with Longaberger.   The starting kit is $19, and there are two additional kits you can purchase too. For more information visit my website, or read this article here.   Further information on the business kits are here.  
   This is the last blog post for 2011, unless there are specials that I need to bring up, such as this one:

Available this Wednesday from Noon-Midnight EST

Or to tell you that you can shop my online party now through December 17th.   The beauty of this online home show is you may be the winner of some host dollars and free product.   Just follow this link, and it will be shipped directly to your door.   Your name will be entered in a drawing, and I can contact you through email you want.   It will be shipped with your order because you will be the new host (currently I am listed, but I can change that).
As always, have a wonderful merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Deal

Happy Cyber Monday. This is great for holiday parties, Christmas get-to-gathers, or for anyone on your list who love entertaining or having a party. First up is an exclusive 8"l x 4"w x 2"h Woven Traditions rectangle bowl. This $18 value is only $14 today. It holds 17oz. Next is a Brie Baker, also exclusive for Cyber Monday. This 7"d x 2 3/8" h is not only perfect for brie cheese, but any kind of cheese or dip you want to warm. You can warm it with or without toppings, like fruit jam on top, then serve it from the baker. You can also use both of these for other things to, like holding jewelry, and condiments.

Also ask me how to earn Host benefits while sharing this offer with your family and friends.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Specials

Shop all Weekend and you do not have to go anywhere, except to the kitchen for some leftover turkey, or a snack or 2. No long lines, and no fighting.  Visit

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I have an online party going on....

...And you are invited. The online party is a good way for a person to gather hostess benefits, and get orders from guest who are attending a party and get orders from people in other states.  If you want to get orders only from people who like to shop online, you can do an "online only" party.   There is a open date and a close date.              
 For an example, my Online party open date is November 1, 2011 and my close date is November 11, 2011.   Once the date is set up, you are given a password, where you can go in and set up invites for your guests, and monitor who has ordered.   The best thing about doing an online party is the hostess benefits. For instance, if you have at least a $150 party, you can get 1 half priced item, but if you have a $1000 party, you can get 3 half-price items AND $200 in host dollars, which allows you to order $200 in free products.  Also with a $1000 party you will receive free shipping.

So my online party ends Friday (Nov. 11, 2011 or 11-11-11).  The link to this party is   If you want to have your own online party or schedule a home party and allow people to order online, let me know by emailing me (, or Facebook ( or  Remember you can also make extra money for the holidays as well.   Have a wonderful day.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Last day....

NOTE: We will be sending this email to the customers on your myShop distribution list tomorrow morning (Saturday, October 22) to remind them to take advantage of this very special online offer celebrating and paying tribute to family.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Horizon of Hope Products available in October

If you missed out on seeing Horizon of Hope products from Longaberger in July, it is available this Month (October 1-31, 2011).  Here is a except from my consultant's newsletter I want to pass on you:

In 1995, Longaberger and the American Cancer Society joined hands to start a powerful movement called Horizon of Hope. Since then, we've raised more than $15 million in support of breast cancer research and education—and the women diagnosed with this disease. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and for the first time ever, customers can purchase Horizon of Hope products in October. Pick something pink, and join our passionate fight for a cure.
Horizon of Hope® Sisters™ Carry Me Away Tote – Pink Passion - $79
The Carry Me Away Tote is tall enough to hold notebooks and folders, and roomy enough to hold all your essentials. It has a front slip pocket and recessed zipper closure, and two interior slip pockets to hold your cell phone or other small items

Horizon of Hope Sisters Recycle Tote – Pink Passion - $10
Reduce paper and plastic waste by taking this fashionable tote to the grocery store and on errands. The Tote is foldable for easy storage and 100% polyester.

2011 Horizon of Hope Travel Cup - $18
Great for on-the-go, and holds 10 ounces.

Horizon of Hope Sisters Umbrella – Pink Passion Coordinate - $26
Has a black aluminum frame, black plastic handle and 100% polyester canopy.

2011 Horizon of Hope Scarf - $20
This dye-dipped crinkle scarf is bursting with layers of pink and so lightweight it can be worn all year long. It is 100% cotton. Hand wash and lay flat to dry. Can be worn as head wrap, draped around your neck, worn as a belt or tied to your handbag. Click hereto view our video featuring 10 great ways to wear our Horizon of Hope Scarf.

From October 1, 2011 through October 31, 2011, the American Cancer Society will receive $1 from the purchase of each Horizon of Hope Travel Cup, Sisters Carry Me Away Tote, Sisters Recycle Tote, Sisters Umbrella and $.50 for the purchase of each Horizon of Hope Scarf.*

* Copyrighted 2011 from The Longaberger Company®

Something New is coming on the horizon regarding my website and technology...November 1, 2011!

As of right now, the techno gurus at The Longaberger Company®  are working on a way that allows host of home parties to earn more hostess dollars within their parties.   If you host a show, and you have a friend in another state who wants to order something on your party, they can order online starting November 1st.   More details to come...

Well that is it for now.   Please remember to visit my website at for all things Longaberger including Holiday items, gifts, and becoming part of the Longaberger selling family.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at  Also view my blog with the QR code to the left of this article with your smartphone.  Just use a reader available with most smart phones, scan the code, and you will be able to read this blog on your phone.  I am also on Facebook at Tricia's Baskets.   You can leave your questions and comments there as well.   Until next time, have a wonderful fall day.   God bless you.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

One more day....

There is just one more day before....
1. Sales for the month of September fade away....You can still get them after today, because these products will be available for a higher price.  My question to you is why would you want to pay a higher price when you can get it cheaper?
2. To be a hostess for a catalog show in September.   Yes, there are other months in the year, and I know that everyone is so busy this time of the year.   September was a time of getting the kids settled in school, getting ready to put away the summer clothes, organizing the house for fall, and finally anticipating on what October brings. But what about November? How about December? Do you have everything you need for the holidays?
3. Buy something for $35, and get a recycle tote bag for JUST $5!!! You can use recycle tote bag, I am sure of it. For those you who are not aware of it, you can use a recycle tote for more than just going to the grocery store to carry groceries in. This was the original concept of these bags, but you can use them as a:
1. Dance bag. If you have children who take a ballet, jazz, tap, or any type class that requires you to take specialized shoes to dance in, carry in style with a tote.
2. Work bag. Do you wear a special item with your clothing at work? Do you carry your lunch? Anything that is work related and small enough to fit in this tote bag will work nicely.
3. Secretarial bag. If you are the treasurer of your group, and need something to carry your notebook and other supplies, this is perfect for the occasion.
4. Gift bag. Carry your gift in the bag, and give the bag as part of your gift. If you are giving more than one gift, you might want to get more than one. You can get more than one bag, because the purchase is in increments of $35.
5. Short trip/overnight/diaper bag. If your baby or child is spending the night with grandparents or with a friend, this can be a sleepover bag.
6. Grocery bag. If you want to settle for the recycle bag to be just a grocery bag, that is fine too.
4. If you have ever thought about becoming an Independent Longaberger ® Home consultant, now is the perfect time to join. Some of the benefits of becoming one are:
1. The Holiday Business Kit – New recruits can get all they need to make money this holiday selling season for only $49 when they join before September 30 or at a Dreams Live Here tour stop. When they meet their sales goals ($500 in their first 30 Days and $500 in their second 30 days), they pay no more!
2. Success Start™ - As you meet your 30, 60 and 90-Day sales goals for the success Start incentive, you can earn Just For Business Shop Online credits to purchase samples and supplies to build your business.
3. Commission – with $1,000 in sales, commission is $250! And, the more you sell, the more you earn!
4. Holiday Bonus Cash – When a new recruit sponsors a friend or basket buddy September 1 – November 30, and helps them launch their business and become qualified, they too can earn $50 bonus cash! There’s no limit in how much they can earn!
5. Thinking about hosting a party in October, November, or December? No problem. I am also booking for those dates, and it does not have to be in your home. You can have an online party, a social gathering a eating establishment, fundraising for a cause, craft show, or Design a basket of an anniversary, wedding, baby, any special occasion, and order more than one.
Well I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. Thinking about the October reminds me of hay rides, warm apple cider while roasting marshmallows in an open flame outdoors, and kids raking leaves then jumping in them. There are a lot of holiday products that will make perfect gifts. As always, if you have any questions at all, please email me at, and you can place an order online at Thank you, God Bless, and Happy Fall.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mystery Host party

1)       You can shop 24/7 from the comfort of your own home.   If this is the first time you are shopping from me, let me know, and I will put you in for a special prize.
2)       Normally, you would go through my website to order, but this time I would like to ask you to email me your order, and I can email you back with an email or invoice of the amount owed.  I do except credit cards on Paypal.
3)       I want to wrap this up on September 29, 2011 so I can get my winner announced and issue out the hostess dollars to the mystery hostess
4)       Have fun shopping, Christmas is less than 100 days away, there are some really nice gifts for everyone on your list, from food items to baskets and pottery, and a whole lot more._

Some of the items for sale this month:

For every $35 spend, you can get a $5 Sisters™ recycle tote.  If you are getting a gift, you can use the recycle tote as a gift bag, or keep it yourself to go grocery shopping or run errands.
A set of 2 Woven Traditions™ small soup tureens for $29, and the large Soup Tureen for $90.

Also for the Mystery Host, If the show is $350 you can get a small berry and cracker basket bundle for $108, but as a half price item selection you can get it for $54.  Or the Soup Tureen Bundle ($148) for $74 as a half price selection.   You can also get a free Travel cup when you become the winner of this Mystery party.

Finally, I just want you to have fun shopping, and if you have an question email me at as well as any orders.
If you are unable to attend, do not worry, because I will have two more next month.
Also, If you would like to earn extra income, between now to the end of September  (Sept 30), you can join my team for $49.  You will receive product worth over $300.   please click Here to visit my website and Join

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Are these the cutest things?


For the last few days in August, I am featuring items, that would make perfect gifts. (OK so I am getting a big jump on this)

Halloween Travel cups (2)

Back to School Month and Halloween:

It is a little early, but today’s feature is the Halloween Travel Cups (2 for $36; 1 for $18).  Last month, Longaberger debuted a Horizon of Hope Travel Cup.   I have one, and love it.  FINALLY, something I can place in my car’s cup holder, without it spilling when I turn the corner, or make a sudden stop.  Well this month, it is the Halloween version of this cute little cup that holds a lot.   I am not big on the holiday, but I love my cup (yes I have this one too).  It does keep hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold.  This cup makes great first day back at school teacher’s gifts.   I do not have kids, but what fun it would be, if for a teacher’s gift, he or she opens up the lid to find hot cocoa mix or one of the instead coffees in there.   I can think of all kinds of goodies for the teacher to put inside the cup.  If you do not have a teacher, how about a boss, co-worker, or  mailman,  As a added bonus, When you purchase two of the cups, you will receive free coffee.   This is Longaberger’s Private Reserve Arabica coffee blend, and it is delicious.  

Let me explain some features about the cup itself…it measures 3 1/2” d (top) x 2/1/2”d (base) x 5 1/4 h, and it holds 10oz, so that is 2 more ounces then your average 8 oz. cup.  It is a Woven Traditions pottery piece, but it is double-walled, to allow the outer wall of the cup to stay cooler the inner wall.   The cup base is Vitrified-safe to be use in the microwave, oven, dishwasher, and freezer.    The top is made of silicone, which is included.  Please remove the top before placing item in the microwave.  Also note: Take caution when using around children, make sure the lid id on tightly before drinking

I also want to advise, that if Halloween is not your holiday for decorating and using all things Halloween, These travel cups are also available in the Woven Tradition colors (Sage, Cornflower,Butternut, Paprika, Ebony, Ivory, and Chocolate;  as well as in the Sisters line of Celebration, Golden Fields, and Medallion.), and as always, just as durable.

So I ask you once again, are these cute?  Visit to see these and other August specials.

Tomorrow’s Wacky Wednesday Special….

Speaking of specials, Tap your day and night with these equally adorable Tapas plates ($14 tomorrow between 12nn to 11:59pm Only)  perfect as snack plates.   Have a blessed evening.

Aug Tapas plates aug 17, 2011Tomorrow’s Special :  Tapas plates

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am hiring

Today, I want to speak to those people out there who are struggling trying to find work.   Maybe you have recently been laid off, or perhaps been out of work for a while.  I am especially talking to the ones who have had  some sales experience, although that is not required in this case.  I am offering a chance for you to become your own boss.   It is a wonderful opportunity that I have enjoyed for 10 years.   That opportunity is the become a Longaberger® Home Consultant.   I know what you are saying, because I have been there.  It is just like any new job you start, and it is a job.   The only difference is you are working for yourself, but you are not by yourself.
When I got started as a home consultant, I was in school, and I was not working at all.   My major was in marketing, sales should be right up my alley, right?  Wrong, I was scared to speak up.  I chose how I wanted to work my business and when I work my business.  At the time, it was around my classes and other activities.   When I graduated, I change how worked my business to fit any jobs I got, but unfortunately for a while, I did not have a job to go to.  So, it became a full time job.   I did not have any insurance, but I made enough to afford my own health insurance.   In 2005, I worked part-time in a scrapbook store, and stayed until 2010.  I still did not have any health insurance.   Did you know there are health insurance policies for the self employed?
When I left that store in January of 2010, I was working only 4 hours a week.  I was making only $8.15 an hour, and my last paycheck from that company was only $82.50 take home pay.
So you are wondering why am I telling you this?   I am telling you this, because it is possible to make it as a home consultant.   I will tell you up front that this will not make you rich.  You do have to work hard to get sales, build your team (like I am doing now), but at the end of the day, you will be able to pay a little money on your bills.   Like any new job, it takes time, money and effort to get started.   Once you get going, you have to keep it up, through good days and bad.  This is the nature of any type of business venture or journey.   If anyone tells you different, such as you can make tons of money, do not believe them.  That job is considered a scam in my book.
When you become a Longaberger® Home consultant, You will receive the following benefits:

A free personalized Website
50% off Samples for 30 days
Earn up to $250 in FREE products
Training and support each step of the way

If you sign up, you can sign up for $19 (free if you are in the military (active duty, reservists, retired, veterans, and spouses))
In addition to to this, you can earn up to 25% in commission pay, credit card processing through Longaberger, percentage based commission possible starting at 4 qualified recruits to build a team, discounts on samples and your own purchases, and periodic incentives.
If this is something that might interest you, please click here.   if you have any questions, please email me, or tweet me at @tricia721.  You can click the Facebook badge to the left to leave me a question on facebook.  I will be set up on Google+ soon. 
I hope you would consider my offer if you are unemployed, need any extra income for a bill, vacation or the holidays; or simply want to make a career of it. 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Renewing yourself as a consultant… Go to your company’s convention-part 1

July is a wonderful month for vacations.   Some people go to the beach, while others opt for a new term called a Staycation.   A staycation is a vacation where you stay at home or tour your state or country’s best attributes.   This is not a post about what do on your staycation, or where to go.  I just want to talk a few minutes about my staycation and being a consultant for a wonderful direct selling company called Longaberger.   Really the post is not even about that, it is about renewing oneself.  

Most companies operate on a fiscal year, not a calendar year.  To explain it all takes me to write another post.   The selling season for Longaberger is from July 1 of the current calendar year to June 30 of the next year.  So means the current selling year runs from July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012.   Every July, we have our annual Bee.   Some companies call their conventions something else, but the purpose is still the same:  register to go, plan to get off work if you are still working, or plan for some vacation time off from your business if you are not.   I do not currently work outside of the home.   It is my choice, because I am not old enough to retire (today is my 47th birthday, nowhere near 55 years of age).  You sign in, take in some classes (training), go to the general session to find out how the company is doing, more training, congratulate the top sellers and sponsors, have fun seeing the new products (that is in a few hours.)   If you are lucky like me, you do not have to check into a hotel (I live 10 mins from the place.)  I am nice and cozy in my office typing the first half of this post turning slowly into an article.

Like I said, I got up, dressed, and headed where the Bee was supposed to be.   Traffic was nice, I sung to my favorite gospel songs .  I parked the car, and went in.   I could feel the energy en the air, as I walked towards registration, and relieved that I did not have to hike two hundred miles to get there (although the convention center is huge.)  I saw my leader and spoke to her for a minute.    I sat down at my first training session, ”Brewing up August bookings.” Let me stop for a moment, because you are probably wondering two things:  1) what the heck is a Longaberger, and 2) What does this have to do with me?   

The Longaberger Company started in 1973 by Dave Longaberger, and the company makes baskets, pottery, wrought iron, candles, food, and accessories.    The company’s baskets are made in the USA, and the baskets are very functional and can be used in organization.  They are accompany by protectors and liners.  The pottery can be used for entertaining and dinnerware, and they are requested by more brides as the perfect china pattern.   Wrought iron is used in the company’s tables, organization units, and for the first time this year, wall hangings.  I will answer the other question later.  

Anyway, after learning about how the new Halloween products can increase sales, I went to learn how to increase sales with Collector’s club, and offering Collector’s Club to my customers.  I already have one customer who is already in the club, and whenever she order, she orders the regular items in the wish list (Longaberger catalog), and collector’s club products as well.  How am I ever going to get other customer on board with the club?  I will find out after Monday.   After that class, I made my way across the street to where my leaders year end meeting is taking place.   I am part of her central line, and I always attend her meetings, even if it means driving 45 mins to get to it.   I love it, I pull out my 1st generation IPod Nano, hook it to my car stereo, and I am singing away.  I love traveling.
We had pizza, and then my leader gave out awards various things.   I will be celebrating my 10 year with the company coming October 8th.  They also sung happy birthday to me.   We had fun.
I am looking forward to the morning session, and we get to see all the wonderful products for the fall and holiday season.   I loved last year’s collection, and I am sure I will love this year’s.   If you want to hear more, come back to this blog this evening.   I may be tired, but I will post something.

Oh, one more thing.   You want to know what in it for you?    If you sell for anyone, whether it is in retail, or direct sells, you can relate to this post.  Perhaps, you have already had your convention, or about to have it.   If this is your first time, you are in for a treat, no matter what your company sells.  If you are in it for the passion of the products presented to you in the general session, great.  If you are it for the money, not so great.   If you are in it to learn something, you will go far with your business.   You will see someone who has do it, and try to be like him/her.  Go at your own pace.  You will get there.   That person got there, because they are good at what they do.  You find a purpose in your business, get good at it, and you too will shine.   What’s in it for you is what you make out of your business.  
If you have been contemplating about going to your company’s convention, go, learn something.   Learn with make that company shine. 

Like I said, if you want to learn more about Longaberger’s Bee, stay tuned, I will have more tonight. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Featured Article...

Just to let you know that Longaberger is prominently featured in the July 2011 Women's Day magazine Edition.    Pick up a copy today, or just read this.
Longaberger is prominently featured in Woman's Day Magazine's July, 2011 edition, in an article about Made In America. Our signature Medium Market Basket is highlighted, along with an interview with CEO Tami Longaberger as follows:
Tami Longaberger, CEO

In 1973, entrepreneur Dave Longaberger founded the Dresden, Ohio–based self-named company to sell baskets like those his father had made. Today, his daughter Tami, 49, runs the show. "We make the baskets very similarly to how we did it at the turn of the century,” she says.

Baskets are crafted by hand with maple from forests in Michigan and Wisconsin and tacks from Connecticut. Even the pens the company’s 300 artisans use to sign finished baskets are made in the U.S.A.

Though customers can purchase products on Longaberger’s web site, the company also has 35,000 consultants who sell baskets at home parties, online or one-on-one to personal clients. "In times like these,” she says, "we have to contribute to the rebuilding of America.”


June is winding down and so is the selling season.  July 1st starts fresh and new.    So if there is anything you every wanted from June, You have the last few hours to visit my website:   Remember my shop is open 24/7/365 days of the year.   No need to go out to wait in long lines, lessen the chances of not finding what you need or want.

Horizon of Hope:

Tomorrow starts the Horizon of Hope campaign.   This year for the campaign, I am doing something different, and Longaberger has four new  items for the campaign.   

The first new item is a Hope of Hope travel cup. ($18)   It reminds me of those carryout coffee cups you get at places like Starbucks or McDonalds.   The cup itself is a made of pottery, and has Horizon of Hope and the breast cancer ribbon on it.   the top is a silicone one. 

Travel Cup and Scarf (c) The Longaberger Company

 Next new item is a Scarf. ($20) It is made of cotton, and it various shapes of pink.  July 1-15, for every $50 you order, you can get the scarf for just $10.

 The Potpourri basket Set ($58) comes with sweet cherry blossom Potpourri , or purchase the potpourri separate ($34) to place  in any basket or pottery to make your whole room small good.

Potpourri Basket (c) by The Longaberger Company

While I am at it, this year HOH Basket is:

2011 Horizon of Hope Basket (c) The Longaberger Company 

You can get it warm brown or white.   The set is on sale for $68, and a set of 2 is $72.   You can also purchase one for $40.

Check out all July Specials beginning tomorrow at    For every purchase, $2 will go towards the American Cancer society.

Thank you,

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The new Eclipse Basket

"Holy Double Splints, Batman", Robin would say, if they were looking for something to show and entertain with for all their rich superhero friends.   I think that if the Dynamic Duo (Batman and Robin) were to look for something to entertain with, I believe they would choose this "dynamic duo", The new Eclipse Chore Basket and the New Eclipse Casserole Basket.   Let me show you what they can do in terms of decorating and entertainment value:

The Eclipse Casserole Basket: $42

  • The Woven Traditions® Buffet Bowl fits perfectly inside to make toting your favorite summer salad simple and gorgeous to your next BBQ.
  • With the protector, add the Woven Traditions Small Low Bowl or Soup & Salad Bowl to the center and create a party pal for chips and salsa, potato chips and dip, veggies and dip and more.
  • Add a potted plant for a beautiful and mysterious look.
The Eclipse Chore Basket: $49

  • The Woven Traditions Loaf Dish fits perfectly inside. And, don't forget to add on the Hearty Beer Bread Mix.
  • With the protector, serve the Parmesan Garlic Seasoning dip mix in the Contour Small Flare Bowl with Hearty Beer Bread cubed on the side.
  • Use this functional hero to transport your party supplies to your gathering - plates, napkins, cups and utensils tuck great inside.
  • Take time for a coffee break - include two Woven Tradition Mugs, two Soft Square Small Bowls stacked, along with two spoons.
Be sure to check out this "Dynamic Duo" for today only by going HERE.   

You know I am always saying that these products make wonderful gift.   Take for instance, The Eclipse Chore Basket.  I can see this basket making the perfect wedding, coffee lover's birthday, office or house warming gift when you add two Woven Tradition mugs, Two of the Soft Square Small Bowls, spoons, and flavored creams, coffees, and sugars, any coffee combination you can think of.   Now all the receiver needs to do is add water (or Ice), but now in the basket,   If the person does not like Coffee, then substitute the coffee for their favorite drink of choice.

For the Eclipse Casserole Basket, I see a dips and salsa basket.   Place your favorite dip and salsa in individual bowls  (like the June only special-Summer Lovin' Melamine Lidded Storage Set).   next surround the bowls with your favorite chips, and it is an instant party.     Makes a great gift too.

the Summer Months linger on....tip

No doubt summer bring fun in the sun, break time for the kids (and a few select adults), and vacations.   Be careful as you drive around the neighborhoods, children do not often watch for cars and other vehicles when they chase after balls and each other.   I know there have been way too many accidents in the past couple of weeks in the Central Ohio area where kids being struck, because both the child and the adult behind the wheel did not watch for each other.  It is a nationwide problem.    Also, PLEASE DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT.   There is a reason why the speed limit is set the way it is.   Leave on time, and no talking on the cell phone.   no call is too important that you cannot answer at a later time, That goes for texting too.   the average human cannot concentrate on two things at once.   If you must answer the cell phone, pull off to the side of the road.  You can replace a phone and car, but not a life.   So be careful out there, and remember that we are all someone's loved one.   

July is...

  • National Blueberry Month-Bake some blueberry muffins, and deliver them in a Longaberger basket.   If you are a Home consultant, add a note saying, "If you like this basket, I can get you another one just like this one.   Call me"
  • National Anti-Boredom Month-Beat the boredom, and do something creative out there.  While you are at it, beat the heat as well.
  • Unlucky Month for weddings-Beat odds and make it a bride's lucky day, by getting her a gift she will appreciate.   
  • National Cell Phone Courtesy Month-Do this by, once again: No texting or talking on the phone while driving.   (Did you know that congress is trying to make this a national law?)  No yelling and screaming on the phone.  Not everyone wants to hear the conversation, and you may not want them to either.  Turn off the speaker option when in a public area.   Please turn off the cell phone in concerts, areas of worship (Unless God is calling you); funerals, eddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  Putting it on vibrate will help if you mush have it on.
  • National Hot Dog Month-Great way to enjoy a hot dog is with ketchup, mustard, pickle relish, and onions.   I love cheese and chili sauce on mine, but will go with the first way to eat it.  My niece loves it "Au Natural" or "naked dog".  But you cannot argue with a 2 year old. 
  • National Ice Cream Month-Ahh, My favorite dessert food next to chocolate.  What's even better is when I can dive into a big bowl of chocolate ice cream, topped with whipped cream, and chopped peanuts. So get yourself a great big bowl (in moderation) of your favorite flavor, and dive right in.  You can always serve it up in a Woven Traditions Soup and Salad Bowl, Woven Traditions Soft Square Small Bowl, or a Woven Traditions Small Low Bowl.  
  • Independence Day (4th)-The 4th of July.   A celebratory event in this nation when we came one country, separated from the British.   Go ahead and decorate.  Find all the red (Paprika), White (Ivory), and Blue (Cornflower) you can get, and then some.   See a fireworks display or two.   Have fun with family and friends.   Live it up.   Today and tomorrow is the last day you can get the Americana collection of baskets and pottery on sale.   Fact:  Did you know that back in the 1700s, there was talk and a vote whether English or German would become the official language in the US?  Click HERE if you want to read about it.
  • Horizon Of Hope Month.  Starting July 1, $2 of all Horizon of Hope products (special baskets, accessories, mugs, and new this year, scarfs) will go to the American Cancer Society for further research towards a cure of all cancers. Stay tuned , as I have something planned for this year.   Anything I do for this campaign will be in honor of my Aunt Mary, who had breast surgery last month, and is going through treatment right now; my father, a 25 year breast cancer survivor (Yes, men can get it too); and in memory of my friend, Lois Copper, who died in 2002 after a long battle with the disease (she was diagnosed at the same time as daddy).  Be on the look out. 
Well that is it for this month.   Also next month, I will have other things, such as new products to report, and how to decorate with them. This is when I go downtown to the convention center to learn all about the new fall products, so stay tuned for that as well.

Until next month, be well, and remember the Wacky Wednesday Special.  It ends at Midnight EST. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are you seeing double?

This is the video campaign for double Hostess dollars for the month of June.   So what are hostess dollars?  When you become a hostess of a home or a catalog party, you can earn hostess dollars.   You can spend them like cash.   Here is a video from Longaberger which explains the how the whole process:

If you would like to host a catalog party:  contact me at and leave a email message.  If you are local, and would like to schedule a home party.  There is still time to do so.  Please leave a message in my inbox.  Please leave your name and how to contact you.

Collendar Bowl and plate...
is currently available for today only

Have a wonderful day.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ebay and changing mind about switching blog servers (for now)

This is the third time I have tried to write about my Ebay listings.   I have the following up on Ebay, as a new way to expand my Tricia's Baskets (AKA my Longaberger business.)   I have listed the following products in Ebay:

* The Large Entertaining Basket
* The Large Entertaining Basket combo (comes with a lidded protector)
* The Spring Basket (Goofed on the title, and it is called Longaberger Spring Basket)
* The Spring Basket Combo (comes with protector) (Goofed on this title too, and it is called Spring Basket)
* The Tea Basket
* The Tea Basket Combo Set (comes with protector)

The whole idea is to let customer purchase these items (each quantity is 10 each), and if you are familiar with Ebay's system, you know there is an auction side, and a buy it now side or non-bidding side.   All of these listings are on the non-bidding side of Ebay, and I hope you will take a look at them.  If you want to purchase them, you have 25 days to do it, before they are sold out, but you can always go to as well.

That is all I have for today.  

Monday, May 30, 2011

Moving blog at the end of the week

It has been a pleasure to have this particular blog on Blogger.   I read some shocking news.   It was an article that dated back sometime in the middle of 2010, and the person stated that If you like blogging, you probably better move your blog to a platform like Wordpress.   Why?  Because Goggle has spam bots looking for blogs that are a threat to spam people.   Now, I trust myself, but I do not trust Google.  They already have me questioning my adsense and adword accounts.  These "bots" look for words like "free", and "sale".   According to them, it is ok to have these words every once in a while, but if your blog has a lot of these two words in them, then Google has the right to lock up or even delete your blog without giving you a warning.

Now I am not against Google at all.  They are just a mini Microsoft or Apple, that's all.   The point is you either work with them, work around them, or work against them.  For Tricia's Baskets, which is an extension of me being an Indep. Longaberger Home Consultant, I have choose to work against them, and I AM shutting the blog down, before they can send their minions to shut it down.

With that being said, I have already setup a back up blog, in case what happened a few weeks ago with the whole site being down for a few days.   Does that mean I trust Wordpress more?  Not really, they can change in the heartbeat too, but they are also not Google.   My other blog, MDN Creates, will not change at this time.   I mostly show my scrapbooking work, and not in threat of being shut down.  But, I am keeping an eye on it as well.   I am shutting it down at the end of the week, because I have my Facebook page attached to it, and I need to change the address to reflect that.   I need to notify Networkedblogs, you say too, google, and Blogupp!!  I have five fans on this blog, so I need to notify them too.   I hope with this move, I will get more.
Well I will let everyone know later on in the week.  The best thing about this move is I actually get to have some pages on the blog.   I get to do more things, and will be able to turn this into a website, even though I will still have my company website,   That site stays with me until I leave the company, and at this point, I do not feel like leaving.   I am having too much fun on this part of my journey through life.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dish for One

As a single person, sometimes it is hard to find that perfect "meal for one" casserole dish to cook your favorite meals in. I can relate to that situation. I sometimes hate dragging out a great big 9x13 or 8x8 pan just for me. I do not have to save leftovers, and it is perfect if a child wants to heat food in the microwave.  For one day only, your food problems can be solved with this mini Casserole dish. Just visit, and this dish is yours for $19.95. A great gift for a graduating senior is going off to college in the fall.   comes in butternut, paprika, ivory, ebony, chocolate, sage, and cornflower.   12 hours only.

Friday, April 22, 2011

I am looking for a few good sales


by Patricia Logan on Friday, April 22, 2011 at 12:03am

(Note:  This is a copy from a Facebook note I wrote on my fan page last night....)

I am taking a clue from my friend, John Lovejoy in asking, almost practically begging that I need sales. I love doing what I do, but I cannot do it without you. People always support the big name stores, and that it OK, but they can always find customers. If not, they may be out of business. I may be a small business, but, if I do not have the customers, how am I going to stay in business? So what I am saying is, I have my calendar open for May and June for parties, both catalog and home parties. If you do not want it in your home, we can go somewhere else to have it. Your choice. I also except orders. My goal is $12,000 towards the end of June. Another option is if you in need of a fundraiser for your organization, please let me know.

I understand totally if you do not have the money at this moment. The pottery sale is in its last two weeks, and all pottery is 20% off. Perfect for wedding and graduation presents. I would appreciate it if you cannot order anything or have a party for the month of May or June, you could refer me to a friend or two. An idea is having a home party where you and a friend be the hostesses, and the hostess products can be split between the two of you?
We can get together with a few of your friends, and have for example, a girl’s night out. I will even supply the wine, if you want. All you to do is supply the friends. We can sit back, and look at the Longaberger products. I can show
how they would fit perfectly in your home or office. You can also have a catalog show. I can send you a couple of catalogs, and you can show them to your friends and family to see if they would order something from the book. You
will get the same benefits as a home party, and it works if you are out of town.

My shop address is if you want to order something online. You can also email me at

Thank You

Patricia L. Logan

Independent Longaberger Home Consultant.

Join my Team for $19. Ask me how

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wednesday Special 12 hours only 12nn to 12pm

<> <> <>

Gather ‘Round This Great Basket

  it’s at home or on-the-road, this great basket is full of function and fun!
  Consider these ideas ...

  • Add decorative
           grass and top off with Easter eggs and treats for a cute Easter table
           centerpiece or Easter gift
  • Write a
           special message on the board bottom and fill it with baby bath
           essentials for a very special Baby Shower gift
  • With the
           protector, use it to serve up a beautiful cold salad for your next
  • To celebrate
           the happy couple, have the wedding party, bridal shower guests or bride
           and groom's parents sign the handle and tuck in a bottle of champagne
           and two glasses to toast the happy couple
  • To welcome
           spring, insert a potted plant (with protector) or a beautiful silk
           flower arrangement









Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Special for March 16,2011-something gr8 for everyone on your gift list.

Gre-8 Deals for $8 :

Divided plate : perfect for those who like to portion control, and it beats using a plastic plate...Its reusable.
Travel Mug: perfect for grabbing that morning cup of coffee. save money and brew your own.
Pump Dispenser: Perfect for Lotion, liquid soap or hand sanitizer. Also gre-8 for shampoo and conditioner. No trying to do the one-handed squeeze method.

Remember-To get these gre-8 deals for $8, visit Have a Gre-8 day.