Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I just popped on here briefly to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year from Tricia's Baskets.  

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Let me do your last minute Christmas Shopping

With all the last minutes holiday preparations for the big day, the last thing you want is to miss someone on your list.   I would love to help you with that decision.   Longaberger has everything for those last minute gifts.   Here is what I suggest:

#1   Not sure what you are looking for?   Does the person Like holiday items, that last all year long?   Here are some suggestions in the Holly and Jolly picture listed below:

#2:  I can be your personal shopper.  Just tell me about the person you are shopping for, what their taste are like.   Also let me know if this is a secret Santa gift  (I can send it to their home, without you lifting a finger).   These can also make good teacher’s gifts, for your favorite mailperson, delivery person, or even your hairdresser.  

#3  If you prefer to do it yourself, My Shop address (website) is   All the products are listed, and if there is something unique that you want to find, you can also shop at the Factory Store Online ( or go through the link on my website.   Right now there is a Glass stand that is only $15 (original price $35), a So Rachel jewelry sale, and a holiday sale where the prices start from $6 (Markdowns are 60%)

There are even more clearances after the holidays.  December 26-31 starts the clearance sale for all holiday items.   Be sure to watch on my Facebook page (, my twitter page (, or email (  If you have any questions or would like to place an order with me. Please email me (, Inbox me (, or Tweet me (, and I will help you out.

Thank you,

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Shopping Longaberger this Holiday Season

Looking for Christmas gifts is a nerve racking experience that should be done only once a year.   With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and all sales in between, a person should not have any problems finding that perfect gift.  Longaberger can help turn that mundane task into a ease of use experience.
First of all, a person can always shop through the home show or party experience.   More on that in a moment.   This is how the company first started out.   These days, a person can shop through the convenience of online, and with a busy schedule, which includes kids, marriage, and being on the go, a person can literally sit down in front of the computer, and shop.   If there is an Independent Home Consultant involved in the shopping process, a person can shop from their home consultant’s website.   For an example, a person can shop through without a consultant, or, which is my individual website, because I am a consultant, and I will receive sales credit whenever a person shops through my site.   In fact, I encourage anyone who reads this article to go through my website, not the regular Longaberger website.
Another way for a person to shop this holiday season is through the factory stores.   Factory stores are another fun way to see the product up close and personal, have both current items from the Wishlist Catalog, retired items, as well as some items that would be shown in the main homestead store in Dresden, Ohio.   There are currently 7 stores located in Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, and Indiana, with more on the way.   Please visit this link to find out where they are located.  Of course, if there isn’t a location nearby, there is The Factory Store online, which is
As stated earlier, Longaberger has a long standard of having home parties, also called home shows.   This started when Dave Longaberger started this company in 1973.   His basic belief was for guests to see the product, touch the product, and in the case of baskets, comfort food, and candles, smell the product.    This gives the guest the total package.   If a guest sees the total package, in my opinion, the person would want to purchase the product, learn how to earn the product for free, and even learn how they too can sell the product.   This is done by an independent Home consultant, who walks guests through the sights and sounds showing products and, again in my opinion, educate the guests on what the products are, and how to use them.   Next the consultant will instruct guests on how they too can have a home party like their host, and offer the opportunity to make extra money with Longaberger.   I will be up front to say this business is not for everyone, but it is very obtainable to do.
I am offering the opportunity to make money with Longaberger.   The starting kit is $19, and there are two additional kits you can purchase too. For more information visit my website, or read this article here.   Further information on the business kits are here.  
   This is the last blog post for 2011, unless there are specials that I need to bring up, such as this one:

Available this Wednesday from Noon-Midnight EST

Or to tell you that you can shop my online party now through December 17th.   The beauty of this online home show is you may be the winner of some host dollars and free product.   Just follow this link, and it will be shipped directly to your door.   Your name will be entered in a drawing, and I can contact you through email you want.   It will be shipped with your order because you will be the new host (currently I am listed, but I can change that).
As always, have a wonderful merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.