Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Freshen Up With A NEW Woven Traditions® Online Exclusive

Freshen Up With A NEW Woven Traditions® Online Exclusive
The new Woven Traditions Bathroom Set ($39) is a great way to freshen up your décor – you'll want to order several of these for its many great uses.
Sale starts at 12 noon- 12 Midnight EST (9 AM -8:59 PM PST)
  • A must have for every bathroom in the house.
  • Buy a few sets so you can mix and match or change them with your seasonal and holiday décor.
  • They make great housewarming and wedding gifts
Be sure to click on the link next to Home (My Shop) to visit my website.    Have a great day.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today's Longaberger at Home Special: The Earth and Sky Collection

f you are the type of person who loves crisp cool colors in the springtime, then this collection is for you.
Natural Beauty – Save Up To 40%!
Don't miss our Longaberger at home® special. It's the perfect opportunity to refresh a room on a budget.    If you have purchased the Earth and Sky Collection, you can finish your collection.  It's a great time to purchase them at this price.   Even if you never purchased this collection before, these pieces are perfect for Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation and Bridal Showers!

  • For just $128, buy all four pieces to give your favorite sitting room, sunroom, or all seasons room a fresh beautiful look.
  • Purchase individual pieces at
    • $25 for the candle holder, which includes the glass insert
    • $35 for the bowl
    • $29 for the pillow
    • $39 for the throw
Sale starts at 12:00 PM-12:00 AM EST(9 AM-8:59 PM PST)
Just click on the link at the top of this page next to the My Shop tab to order.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Luck of O' The Irish!

If you looking for something green, I have something to share: (and I do not mean that kind of green...that comes later!)

Isn't it Adorable-Lucky Me Basket
(c) The Longaberger Company
During the month of February, this Lucky Me Basket says, "Kiss me, I adorable." And adorable it truly is.   the 2012 Lucky Me basket says that, and a lot more.   It is one of the cutest baskets that Longaberger has ever made.  The basket set was available all month, and is now in its next to last week at this price  ($79 for the basket, protector, lid, and liner), It has 3-leaf clovers on the liner, a decorative Kelly Green knob on the lid, and the basket is 4 7/8"d x 3 3/8"h x 6 3/8"h (including handle).   It is so adorable until you would think that a leprechaun was inside waiting to greet you.

President's Day: (today Only (Noon-Midnight ET)

Feeling a little patriotic?  Do I have a something for you.   This can be used not only for President's day, but Memorial Day, and July 4th gatherings.

Star plates in Red, White, and Blue colors.   The plates are 8 1/2"l x 10"w x 1 1/4"h. ($8 each)
Stars and Stripes Basket.   The basket is  5 1/2"l x 4 1/4"w x 1 3/4"h. ($24)
Americana Mosaic (perfect for putting a small votive candle inside for a little mood lighting.) The piece is 5"d x 9 1/2"h ($24).

To get to this deal, click on the Longaberger At home link on my website.

Wednesday Special (February 22 only from Noon to Midnight (12pm-12am ET))

This week's Wednesday special also brings up a bit of Irish luck as well.  The Tall Tissue Basket comes in 4 colors: Warm Brown, Rich Brown, Black, and leprechaun (with a little buckle on the front).  The set is $59 for the Leprechaun and $49 for all other colors.   The basket is 6 1/4" l x 6 1/4" w x 6 1/4" h and comes with matching lid. for another $10 you can get the protector (highly recommended).

Last year's cute Leprechaun hat is also back for one day only.   This 8 1/4" d x 5" h basket with a pottery base was popular last year.   So if you were unable to get this basket, now is your chance for just this Wednesday.   ($49)

That's it for this week.   to see these and other product, visit my website by clicking on the link next to the home page link.   Coming soon is an open house of Spring Summer products the week of March 11, and there may be a couple of giveaways coming your way.   Stay tuned.  I will have more news on it next week.  Until next time, have a great week, and God Bless You throughout your week..

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Reintroduction to some and an introduction to others

Business Kit  Copyright Longaberger®  


As many people are discovering my blogs, I feel that I need to do a reintroduction to some who have been following me, while doing an introduction to others.
My name is Patricia Logan, owner of this blog, and an Independent Longaberger Home Consultant.   I will not get into my bio too much because you can read to the right of post, and I do not want bore you with the details.   My life is never boring, I just want to introduce you or reintroduce you to the company I represent.
The company’s name is officially called The Longaberger Company, according to the company and people who do the business end of things on Wall Street.   Just plain Longaberger will do for the rest of this post and throughout this blog.   The company will be 40 years old next year, and it was started by the late Dave Longaberger in 1973.   He actually started selling what is now known as the Medium Market Basket in his IGA store prior to the start of Longaberger.  You can read the rest of the history on my website,  To get to it, click the words “my shop” to get it. 
Today, Longaberger sells baskets, pottery, wrought iron, comfort foods, and home accent accessories.   According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA), Longaberger is listed as a home decor company. 
The pottery, Woven Traditions™, is one of the most sault after patterns in the U.S.A.   It is made of Vitrified pottery, which means it is doable and safe in the freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher.   Pottery colors are named
·         Sage (lt. green)
·         Butternut (yellow)
·         Paprika (red)
·         Cornflower (blue)
·         Ivory
·         Ebony (Black)
·         Chocolate (brown)
Retired colors can be found in the Longaberger At Home shop and sometimes brought back for Tuesday and Wednesday specials and special sales within a month:
·         Tomato (orange-red)
·         Eggplant ( Purple)
·         Ivy (dark green)
·         Woven Traditions Red (Ivory with  red WT emblems on them)
·         Woven Traditions Blue (Ivory with  blue WT emblems on them)
·         Woven Traditions Green(Ivory with green WT emblems on them

The baskets are still being made by baskets weavers in the U.S.A.   The baskets are double-splinted for durability, comes from maple trees which gets replaced every time a tree is down.    They come in a variety sizes and shapes, and can be used in all areas of the house.  Basket colors are:
·         Warm Brown
·         Rich Brown
·         Black
Retired colors that are available at Longaberger At Home are
·         Deep Brown
·         Older basket colors
I have been selling Longaberger products since 2001, and the products have been changed over the years, keeping up with the latest trends in decorating.  
I am proud of being an independent home consultant, and enjoy looking at the catalogs, which renew two times a year, spring/summer and fall/winter.   I also would love to show you everything that Longaberger has to offer, from decorating, organizing, and entertaining in the home, to offering you the opportunity to become an independent home consultant yourself and a part of my team.   There are so many opportunities for you to earn commission as a Longaberger consultant:  Face to face, online, and through fundraising. Contact me or visit my shop by clicking on the link above.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Its a new season with Longaberger

Spring is in the air.  Well almost, but even with the mild winter so far here in Ohio, I have to wonder when will spring get here, so I can turn off this heater.  Today is Groundhog's Day, here in Ohio, we got two totally different sides of the coin.  In this corner, weighing in at about 20 pounds, from Marion, Ohio....Buckeye Chuck. (applause)  And in this corner, weighing in about 35 pounds, from Philadelphia, PA (I guess), Punxsutawney Phil (applause).   The crowds are silent as each groundhog is taken out of their cage.   Buckeye Chuck is first....and...he...does not see his shadow.   folks, Spring will come early this year.  (I know you are rolling in your seat about now.)  Next, is Phil.   He is taken out of his cage....and...he...sees his shadow.   There will be a hard winter for six more weeks.   So what does this mean?   Well, I don't know about you, but I prefer to flip a coin on this prediction.

I have another prediction....Longaberger will come out with their Spring/Summer catalog on the February 1st.   Yes, it is true, they are right here, right here, and ready to be looked.   I only ordered 10 copies of the catalog. just let me know if you want one.   If you want to see it now, click on the page, My shop, and it will take you directly to my website on Longaberger.  On the left hand side under the different categories is a clickable catalog, and you can look through it.

What's in the catalog?   There are two new fabrics, Spice Market, a reminder of spice markets around the world, and Fern Valley, featuring printed ferns in the fabric.  It reminds me a forest filled with forests of ferns, which is one of my favorite plants.   I am torn, between the two.   On the Veranda planters are making a debut this season, as well as three new fabric colors for the Sisters line.   They are Daydream, a mixture of blues and greens, Imagine, which is a match to the Spice Market items (white background with orange, red, green, and purple medallion flowers), or Fantasy, which is a mixture of pink, purple, and light green.  Medallion (black and white) is still available.   The Stacie tote is back in these colors, as well as a few other styles, including a Medium Boardwalk Basket with a liner and handles in the Sisters colors.

Lastly, I am still having my online party celebrating the start of this new catalog.   I am so excite about this line, and I will be making purchases, and do what I can to welcome spring into my home.   The link is here.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  As always, I am offering you the opportunity to have your own Longaberger business and be a part of the Longaberger family.  Just click at the top of the page My shop, and Tami's face will be there.   Click on the Join Me button, and see if this is right for you.   It takes a leap of faith to be in this business, and I truly enjoy it.   There are incentives every month you sale to your family and friends, discounts on products, samples, and a chance to have your own free website.  it takes $19 to join (Paperwork only).  If you want product, the kits are $99 and $199.   Cannot pay all at once?   you can pay for it in 6 months.   to give and example, a $1,000 party will net you $250 in commission, and there are more ways to earn, like signup up someone.  Once they are a qualified consultant, you are paid $50.  How cool is that or what?   Just think what you can do with you commission payment.  This year, consultants are earning a trip to Atlantis, and last weekend, some consultants just returned from a 3-day trip to Las Vegas, all expenses paid.

Well, I am getting a little too excited, so I need to go.    I will talk to you soon.   Take care of yourself, and God bless you.