Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Online Exclusives!

Woven Traditions Paper Towel Holder and Little Helper Basket Set
  • At only $20, you’ll love the Exclusive Woven Traditions Paper Towel Holder!
  • Available in all seven Woven Traditions Pottery colors
  • The Little Helper Basket is the perfect size to hold cocktail napkins, note cards, makeup brushes or even our Woven Traditions Soft Square Salt & Pepper Shaker Set!
  • At only $45 for this Basket, Protector and WoodCrafts Lid Set, it’s like buying the basket and getting the accessories FREE!
  • Get yours in Warm or Rich Brown or any of the seven color weaves designed to coordinate with your Woven Traditions Pottery and Flameware!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Longaberger at home® has Sweet Treats at Bite-Size Prices!

  • At prices from only $6-$12, you can entertain with both elegance and ease with these favorites for appetizers, mini desserts, and side dishes
  • You’ll want to stock up for your fall and holiday gatherings, while enjoying up to 73% off retail prices.
  • And don’t forget our 1st Annual Longaberger at home Anniversary Sale! This sale has been extended through September 30th!
  • Groups of three or more who visit a Longaberger at home® showroom or Longaberger Homestead, save 25% off their purchases.

Friday, September 21, 2012

It is Holiday time again

I have so much on my mind, until I forgot to tell you that my business is open for holiday orders as of September 1st, and it will continue until December 15th, 2012.  During this time, if you want ti host an online party, please let me know.  Gifts?  No problem.  Holiday entertaining?  Ditto here.  So far, I have a party that is closing October 3rd under the name of Rhonda Lofton.  Please click on the link if you want to order something through this party.  It will take you straight to my website, and the order will come straight to you home.  I do hope to get more order for her party.  If not, you can just click on the Shop My Shop link at the top of this blog.  So what's available during the last week of September?   Lots.  let's see:

  1. I mentioned in holiday guide a few days ago that the new Christmas Collection Drum Basket set, Holly Bells Napkins and Placemats were on sale this month.  What I failed to mention was the lovely Red Glitter Tree that was available in Small ($20) and Medium ($40).  it makes a wonderful centerpiece for any holiday party.
  2. Both the 9x13 and the 8x8 baking dishes have been redesigned, and now comes with a Tray/Lid (sold separately or as part of a set)
  3. The Woven Traditions Interlocking bowls ($10) are so cute.  Use them as condiment dishes (ketchup, mustard, and mayo), part of a cookie station (filled with jimmies, frosting, or colored sugar), in the summer as part of a sundae bar, use them for your beads while working on beading, brads for scrapbooking and card making.  In a beauty salon, they can hold clips, bobby pins, and beading for braiding.  In the office, they cam hold paperclips, binder clips, and tack pins.  These bowls even work hard in a workshop to hold nails, tacks or staples.
  4. For you coffee lovers, there is always a membership into the coffee club.  each month, you will get 4 bags (your choice of all regular ($30), all decaf ($34), or 3 regular and 1 decaf ($31) )While I am at it, the Woven Traditions Coffee Canister will keep your coffee fresh every time.  You can always send this as a gift to someone or office, and the coffee is 100% Arabica beans.
There is more than what was mentioned here in this post.  To check it out, go to the top of the page and click on the Shop My Shop link.  You can also click on the links in this post, and it will take you straight to the product you want to order.  As always, if you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below or email me at plogan@columbus.rr.com.  I would be happy to answer any questions about the products and about selling and fundraising opportunities. 

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Longaberger Traveling Cup for only $8

Longaberger Travel Cups — Only $8

I drink lots of warm beverages in the wintertime and I have a wonderful habit when I am cold.  I like to take a cup or mug, full of hot goodness (hot chocolate, coffee, tea, or apple cider), clasp my hands around it, and take little sips.  As I feel that warm drink going down my throat, I imagine myself sitting at the fireplace, with a really, good, juicy novel in hand and my feet up, turning page after page, to see what happens next.  I have done that on several occasions as I hold one of my travel cups in my hand, reading page after page either from a traditional hard or paperback book to a novel on my computer or IPad.  Thank goodness this cup is spill-proof, or I would have to explain to the people at Apple why I keep returning it for repairs.  

However you enjoy your activities, the Travel cup is easy to handle, and it is not just for the car or office.

  • Really, they're only $8! That is better than Buy One, Get One FREE!
  • Stock up on gifts for the holidays.
  • All Woven Traditions® Colors, including fun Sisters™ prints AND Horizon of Hope®
  • And think about filling your Travel Cup with Longaberger Private Reserve Coffee. Join the coffee club and have it shipped straight to your door! Click here to learn more.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Great Treats, No Tricks from Longaberger at Home

I was think about what season was coming up, and as the last days of summer come to a close, I think about the cooler days ahead.  Here in Ohio, you never know what you may get in September.  Some days may be in the low to mid 80's while some may get into the mid to high 50s.  Fall in Ohio also make me think of October and the coming Halloween season.  As you get ready to pass out the treats during your parties and in the neighborhood, why not pass them out in true Longaberger fashion with the Wrought Iron Treats Holder and Orange Treat Bowl:

  • The Wrought Iron Treats Holder and Orange Treat Bowl make Halloween treats more fun this year!
  • The orange bowl is vitrified for added versatility in the microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher.
  • You get both for Only $29, that's more than 55% off!
  • The Halloween Party Treat Bag is perfect to use for Trick-Or-Treating year after year and it's over 70% Off!
  • Priced at Only $4 — get them for all your little ghosts and goblins for Beggar's Night
Tricia Logan

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Holiday 2012

Holiday 2012
Hello, and welcome to Holiday headquarters, Longaberger style.  I am Tricia, Santa's little elf, ready to spread some holiday cheer.  Yes, I know it is September, but you can never be too early with anything holiday.  My helpers, otherwise known as basket weavers have been feverishly to get ready for the big days ahead, as instructed by Mrs. Clause, Code Name:  Tami Longaberger. By starting preparations early, you can get your gifts, entertaining, and holiday organizing done, just in time to enjoy friends and family this holiday season.  I am confident these products will go over well.

First off this year's Holiday basket does not disappoint.  It is called the Drum Basket.  The basket is shaped like a drum, and it comes in three sizes and two colors (two of them are shown in the picture. ) The White Drum Basket is decorated on the bottom.  Use this basket for to hold Chex Party Mix, popcorn, candy canes, or non edibles such as ornaments, pine cones sprayed painted in silver and gold glitter,  and poppers to ring in the new year with.  Set the table with a set of Holly Bells Napkins and place-mats to make the table very festive.  To make it even more festive, take the new 2012 Holly tie-on, and place one at each place setting with their name on it.  This can be a take away gift for your guests.

These are some of the few gift, entertaining, and organizing products Longaberger in store for you during the holiday season.  Check back often, and you are welcome to ask questions and when you are ready to order, just click "Shop at My Shop, and I will be glad to assist you.

As always, thank you, and be blessed everyday.
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

I am Hiring for the Holidays....apply within (Part 2)

(continued from part 1...)

On a personal note:  some of the things I have been able to do as a Longaberger Home consultant:

  1. Learn about new products and earning that same product for free.
  2. Have the CEO sign the bottom of the baskets I own, as well as a book she wrote.  She even knows me by name.
  3. Get free business materials.
  4. Have fun and laugh until I cried
  5. Meet new friends
  6. Pay for a product at discounted prices, feel good when a customer buys something and you get the credit for it, as well as the commission.  In my case, that is one step closer to going to Disney World next year or using the money to adopt a child.
  7. Earning money towards a trip to Atlantis all expenses paid by the company.
These are just a few of the things I love about the company.  One thing I am truly proud of and that is we are a 100% Made in America company again.  Jobs are coming to anyone who seeks it.  Workers will be able to put food on the table once again, when a it is hard to tell your small child that they cannot have that treat they want, or that nutritional meal they  need.  I am Proud to say to that person that I helped make it happened.  If you want to know how I really feel about this company called Longaberger is family.  We are all one great big family of employees and consultants, who stand behind our products, who are happy to help a person earn their first commission check or paycheck.  
If you really want to earn a living by becoming an Independent Longaberger consultant, you can earn the money in so many different ways:  through giving home parties (both in person and through Skype), Online and catalog parties, open houses, sharing your story at one of the 11 Longaberger at Home showrooms, fundraisers, a program called Design a basket where a organization can make a profit by selling a basket with their logo on it.  There is also the coffee club where a customer subscribes to receive coffee every month and you make a profit every time their order comes in.  The coffee is delicious.  
These are some of the many ways you can earn money as a consultant, how cannot not say no.  OK, I am going to stop right there.  If you are ready to go on this journey.  Take it, and hold on tight.  
If you are in the military:  Active, retired, or in the reserves, as well as your spouse, you can join for FREE.  Did you hear me, FREE.   You own nothing.  zero, Zilch, goose egg.

Now for the best part:  Just click at the top of this page called Join Longaberger as a consultant, and it will take straight to my page.  You deserve this time to make money that does not require you to punch in a time clock because the time you spend at your business depends on you.  The bare minimum is if you like the products, you can put in a order every month for yourself and earn enough to get a commission check back for your purchases and that's it.  As long as you earn $1,000 by your anniversary date (Mine is October 8th).  That's great, but if you love the products and want to do more, you can do like I am doing right now and ask someone to be part of your team.  You can earn a check for  products they sell, plus anything you sell, have fun selling the products.  The higher you earn better chances of earning trips like Atlantis or free products for you to use.  You can work your business part-time because you are person who love their job and the company they work for, have a spouse and children to care for.  You want to earn a little money to save for that trip, payoff an extra bill, or a new car.  You can also work your business full-time, earning more money for the things you want to afford.  After all, this is your business and you work it the way your want to.  
So are you still reading this post?  If you want it, just  click the link at the top of the page.  You cannot afford not to, and it is just $19 to start if you want an all online business, no inventory to carry at all.  All the other kits come with products that you pay in full or pay for it in 6 easy payments.  You will receive training and help along the way.

I am going to stop right now, so you can go back to whatever you were doing before you saw this post.  If you need some time to think about it, go ahead and do so, but Atlantis is waiting for you and so are all the things you want to do, but you cannot do, because you do not have the money for it.   I am just saying...

Be blessed everyday.

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I am Hiring for the Holidays....Apply Within (part 1)

Now Is The Perfect Time To Join Longaberger!

  Hello and Welcome to my team!  There is so much to love about being a Longaberger Home Consultant! Whether you’re looking to earn extra cash this holiday season or earn a full or part-time paycheck, Longaberger is the opportunity for you! With Longaberger, you can sell online, on the go, one on one or at a home party – it’s your choice how you would like to make your money.
Becoming a Longaberger Home Consultant has never been more exciting, or easier, than right now! Longaberger offers two options for joining our family of Independent Home Consultants — either contact me for a copy of our New Home Consultant Agreement, or complete our new online Agreement now.
The process is simple. First, choose which Business Kit you would like to purchase. Then contact me or click on the "Join My Team" button at the top of the page. You will have your business up and running almost immediately, with support from me, the Longaberger Home Office staff and thousands of fellow Home Consultants throughout the country. And, you will have your own personal Longaberger web site in just a few days! Consider these Business Kit choices:
  • Business Builder Kit - $199*
    Offers more products than ever before. This kit offers something from each of our great product lines to get new Home Consultants off and running! Available on a six-month credit card payment plan.
  • Business Basics Kit - $99*Represents our most popular products and starting materials.
  • Easy Start Kit - $19*
    The perfect entry point into Longaberger, allowing you to earn extra income and enjoy all the perks of being a Home Consultant.


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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do more than Laundry with this basket

Online Exclusive Square Laundry Basket & Protector Set
  • Priced at only $99 for the Basket AND the Protector, you save 55%!
  • It's not just for laundry! It's the perfect size to keep drinks on ice when you tailgate this fall
  • It will soon be time to pull out the blankets and throws – this basket will hold them all!
  • Take this basket from your home to the car and back again…a great way to corral the kids' fall sports equipment
  • Makes a great recycling station.
  • Parents: Corralling toys is a breeze (as well as many other things kids put down).  Tip:  having the little ones helping is a plus.
  • For Flylady friends:  Pick up 25 misplaced items in this basket, and put them in their place.   
  • With the protector, this basket make a great compost starter.
  • Place newspapers in to take to the recycling place.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

Need a Little Glow to your decor

Longaberger at home® Stock Up and Save Candle Sale
  • With prices starting at only $5, you'll want to be sure to stock up for the season!
  • Save up to 55% on jar and pillar candles
  • Our Fall and Winter WishList® is full of great new products, including Wrought Iron! Click here for a chart that shows which current and retired products will work perfectly with these candles!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Redesigned! Woven Traditions® 9" x 13" Baking Dish Set-62751POT

Redesigned! Woven Traditions® 9" x 13" Baking Dish Set-62751POT

If you have always wanted the 9"x13" baking dish, but were sadden when it retired, rest assured, it is back, and  redesigned just in time for the up and coming holiday season.  I have both 9"x13" baking dishes, and I have to  say that I am not disappointed with this new design.  It is sleeker than the previous model, and it had an added bonus:  a lid that doubles as a tray.  What a neat option.  Second of all, it comes in all of the current Woven Traditions® colors:  Ebony, Ivory, Sage, Cornflower, Butternut, Paprika, and Chocolate, so matching it to your current collection is no problem.  I am going to give you a few suggested uses for this new tray:

  • Bake cookies
  • Make garlic toast.  OK, that is a little boring, how about my favorite:  Garlic Cheese Toast.   It is so simple.  Take a baguette and slice it into rounds or in half lengthwise.  Brush with a little extra virgin olive oil, or as Rachael Ray calls it, EVOO.  Next, you can either take two cloves of garlic and chop it up finely before placing on the bread, or if you like just the taste of it, take the clove and rub it on the bread.  The last part before popping it in the oven is take shredded cheese (I like mozzarella), and sprinkle on top.  Place in the oven in a 350° oven for about 5 minutes or until the cheese becomes a little bubbly.
  • Make a tablescape with it.  Take the colors of the season (in this case, we are going into Autumn), and make an arrangement.  For this, I would take flowers of orange, red, and yellow, brown acorns, a pumpkin or two, or leaves and arrange it on the tray.  Place candles of the same colors, and put in the center.  Place the whole thing in the middle of the table.  Change it up for Halloween or for a harvest party.  Do not forget the Christmas or Thanksgiving arrangements for later in the year. 
  • Have a perfume collection?  Arrange them on the tray in your bedroom or bathroom.  If this tray is too big for the purpose, the 8"x8" baking dish has also been redesigned.
These are some of the things you can do with the tray.  Back to the baking dish for a moment.   I would feel bad  if I do not give you a couple of tips on how to use the baking dish with non-edible items:
  • Potpourri, the original room deodorizer.  Place in the dish and set it in a room.     
  • Steam bath.  To clear sinuses, boil water, and place it in the baking dish.  Add medicated stuff like Vick's Vapor rub in the dish.  Make a towel tent, and sit with your face over it for 10 mins.  You can do the same for  your pores too.  One caution:  consult your doctor to see if they recommend it.  Not recommended for children.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Online Exclusive Large Picnic Basket Set And More!

  • The lowest price we've offered on this basket set in years — Only $139!
  • Stock up for fall wedding and holiday gifts
  • Available one day only — and available in Warm or Rich Brown, Black or Autumn Woods weave
  • Coordinates with your Woven Traditions® Pottery
  • More Autumn Woods Baskets available in the new Fall WishList® and on sale only during the month of September
  • Football WoodCrafts Cutting Board is perfect to take to your fall tailgates
  • Don't miss out on the Woven Traditions Square Berry Bowl and Long Oval Tray — available in all 7 Woven Traditions colors

Monday, September 3, 2012

Longaberger at home® Fabric Tote Sale

  • 30% Off great bags to carry this Fall and during the holidays
  • Halloween Tote perfect for Trick-Or-Treat
  • Holiday Totes that are great for gift-giving
  • Selection varies by style and pattern online and in showrooms. Shop online for the full product selection
  • Shop early for the best selection!
  • I have two or three on my wish list, what about You?

Tricia Logan