Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let's do Hamper Math with Your Host, Professor Tricia Logan

Hello, the Wednesday's Special for today needs no introduction, especially if you are in the mood to organize.  The hamper basket and the Tall tissue basket is today's special and they do more than just hold your smelliest clothes or hold tissues for your dirtiest nose. Come and  "size up" these ideas which can be applied in your home or office:
The hamper basket can be a toy bin, compost holder (when you have a protector added in), mulch holder, and remember Mike Brady?  He could used a hamper to hold some of his blueprints both at home and at work.  This would have made Alice's job a lot easier, and Mr. Phillips beaming with pride.  OK, I am dating myself, so let's move on...
The tissue basket can hold cotton balls, Post-a Notes, napkins, small office supplies, diaper wipes, hair accessories, small craft items, sewing notions, pens and markers (without the lid), rubber bands, straws, and other items too many to count.   So how can you get one or both of these baskets in your hands, let's do the math...

BIG Basket Savings – February 27
  • This sale is a REALLY BIG DEAL! Savings over 40% on the Hamper Basket Sets and Tissue Basket Set.
  • Both Baskets are available in 9 colors! Designed to coordinate with any d├ęcor in your home and office.
  • The Tissue Basket and WoodCrafts Lid is ONLY $39! Stock up – they work for more than tissues: recycle plastic bags, hold kitchen utensils, organize craft supplies for the kids.>
  • The Hamper Basket and Protector is $129 and Hamper Basket, Protector and WoodCrafts Lid is ONLY $169!! Know someone who became engaged during the holidays? They will love this as a wedding gift!
  • Hold your own online party and receive host benefits when your party reaches $150 or more. See the grid at right for how you can stock up and save!

So many colors to choose from.  Click on "Shop Online" and click on the banner to the right.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oasis Collection 30% Off at Longaberger at home®

  • Beautiful, elegant, but made for everyday dinnerware.
  • All pieces to set your table are on sale! Mugs, Bowls, Plates and accessory pieces
  • Only $39 for a four-piece place setting!

Have you started your collection and still need more pieces?  Get them today only.  Click "shop Online" then "Longaberger at Home" link to the left of page.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Lucky in Love

Do you feel lucky in love?  Longaberger has a limited time offer that to me, when I look at this basket, reminders me of a blessings baskets.  One idea is to take slips of paper containing blessings, thoughts, prayer request for yourself or others, or things that you want to remember in the basket.   So place a little Irish blessing on your table not because you care, but because you are also Lucky in Love.

Shared By: Patricia Logan

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Order 101: How to have an Online Party.

Peep baskets are still available.

 I was just wondering what is holding people back.  I was just thinking, what if there was a way for a person to have several friends place orders with them.  This can turn into an online order, and that person can get the credit.   For instance, if I had 5 people order something on my order.  I order $60 worth of product, person 1 orders $30, person 2 orders $60, and so forth.  That order ends up totaling $200, which I can get one half off selection, your choice.  So it is up to you how many people who order. 
Once you get the orders, you can do it one of three ways: you can collect the money, then order all of it on my Longaberger site, that’s, and it can be ordered through a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover Card,  I will set of the party on my end.
There is a third and simpler way of doing an online party, and that is I can set you up as a hostess, and your friends and family can go to a specialize location to order from.  They can provide their own information (including payment information), and the order will come right to their door.  You do not have to deliver the order, it is delivered by the carrier of that location (mainly by FedEx) to your guest’s door.  It is safe, and you still get hostess credit to purchase anything with host dollars or at half price.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them at or if you want to try an online party.   You can also post your comments below and I can get back to you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Little Helpers: Today's special

Are these cute?
I have a thing for little helpers.  What you are looking at are the Woven Traditions Ramekins without the lid and the Woven Traditions  Condiment without a lid. To be honest, I was not sure what to do with my ramekins I received a few weeks ago, until I saw a video of a cook  on YouTube.   She had this salt jar, which looked pretty much like the ramekin, except the lid was attached.  Now I do not need the lid to be attached to the ramekin while I am cooking, because I am a messy cook, and the last thing I need, as I dreaming of culinary delights, is to have a gunky lid.  Knowing me, you will still see the spaghetti sauce I made two weeks ago on it.  (No, I am not that bad).

Anyway, these "little helpers are just too cute to pass up, and I will tell you why.

For instance, you can do this:

Start a garden.
Spring is coming, and before you know it, gardens will be sprouting up everywhere.  Help your garden by starting the seeds out in  these little beauties.  Once they grow to the proper size, hopefully by April or May, you can replant them into their permanent home.  If you do not have a place to put them, why not get a plant that does not need much room to grow.  This make a great office plant or a gift to help cheer a person up, or to get for that person's birthday if they are a gardener.  Sit several around the house, then when they are ready, transplant them to a Veranda Basket, which comes in several sizes.

How about this idea:

Need something to put small items in.  I see in the bathroom, cotton balls in the ramekin, Q-tips in the condiment cup, or if you are the single occupant in the bathroom, get two condiment crocks, put your tooth brush in one, use the other for your rinsing/mouthwash cup.  make sure you wash them everyday for germ control.

If you are a crafter or painter, use ramekins to hold buttons, brads, small sewing needles, and if you like to melt items, why not use them in the microwave, but make sure that the item you are melting is safe for the microwave. The condiment jar can hold crochet hooks, tapestry needles, knitting needles, latch hooks, paint brushes, as well as a water holder.

Finally how about these kitchen ideas:
Coffee center:  If you are part of the coffee club (and I highly recommend you do if you are a daily coffee drinker.  the lids keep the coffee nice and fresh.  Non-dairy creamer can go into the condiment crock, and you can brew your own special cup without paying those high prices.

Make cute little tarts in the ramekins for your guests when you have a girls night in.  How about a sundae bar.  I know I keep making this suggestion, but nothing worst then have this or and type of a make your own station. You cannot find a small container, or rely on a larger container to hold condiments, sugars, salts, or you if you have a tiny bit of leftovers the food fits perfectly inside, and you have lunch for the next day.
Have you ever heard of Bento boxes?  If you have not, this is the Japanese version of a lunchbox.   What you find in a Bento box are small portions of meat, fish, pickled or cooked vegetable.  Now how could this be to your advantage?  If you are doing portion control, the ramekin can be the perfect bento box companion.  Make your own since you do not live in Japan.   Just make sure you do have a something to hold it in place if you are carrying it to work.

Make things child-like.  Nothing makes a child feel grown-up like their own little cup and bowl.   pour juice or milk in the condiment crock, and their favorite snack inside the ramekin.  It's kid size, and make sure they know it is not plastic.

Well these are some ideas you can do with today's special, the WT Ramekin and the WT Condiment Crock.    They are little helpers if this does not strike you, the price will.

Next week starts the new Spring/Summer catalog.  There are also two of the item available today as well.

Have a blessed day.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Top 10 reason why Real Men cook with Flameware

Any questions?  Send them to me at, subject :  Flameware.   To grab some for yourself (and your Real man), click the link above titled Shop at My Shop.  You may also comment below.  Remember easy Cleanup and no chemicals cooking through your food.   I love mine, and use it everyday.  
Have a blessed evening.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Retirement sale: Get it before it is gone forever....

Current list is out and running.  what is it?  how did it come to be?  let me explain...
In order for new products to make their debut, some of the current products go into retirement.  This is something that seasoned Longaberger lovers have cherished in past.   Since the Factory Store, now called Longaberger at Home, was started, you can go in, get your favorites at a discount.   There is a minor problem...sometimes, that product may not be available at the time of the sale.   The best way to get your favorite items is a retirement sale.  

How can you get into this sale?  Visit my Longaberger website online, and make a purchase.  Another option is have your own retiring products party online.  I can set one up for you, and you can have friends and family order from that party, and you can earn free or half off products.   Just ask me how.  In the meantime, Enjoy this video, and contact me if you have any questions.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dine in Style

 There's nothing like a bowl.  Bowls can be used in many different ways from feeding the baby to providing condiments to a sundae bar in the summer.  No matter how you use your bowls, they can also be used to hold beads while necklaces are being made to fishing tackle in a garage.
What I love about these bowls are their sleek modern style, which  is different from any of the Woven Tradition®  bowls that Longaberger makes, and they are on sale today only.  Who knows, maybe this is the bowl that will help motivate your child into eating Vegetable Soup or even oatmeal. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

February Specials: A Sneak Peep Into Spring

When you think of Easter and spring, does this come into your thoughts?

If it does, ask me how this can be gotten for free?