Wednesday, May 29, 2013

D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) party

It's almost that time of year, where there are no rules, and any budget will do.   I am talking about Summer, and summer is that time of year when the family takes anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks off for some rest a relaxation.   Some European countries take a whole month off for this stuff.   
It does not matter where you go or what you do, just as long as you fun and the budget to do it with.   If you decide to take a Staycation (stay at home vacation), make it a party, a D.I.Y Party, where only real rule is to have fun, and there is no work or summer school for the whole week.   To make it extra special, I have some ideas to start this summer of fun:

  • Take a small to large basket and fill it all sorts of goodies.  the Longaberger Small Laundry Basket is perfect for the occasion (see Ideas below).   
  • Plan your activities and places you want to go.   See your city guide for a list of activity that are age appropriate for the entire family.
  • If going to a theme park, make sure you plan when to eat and to take breaks.
  • If going to a theme park like The Disney Parks or Universal Studios and you are staying in a resort, plan times to take a break from the parks by going back to the room.
  • Finally, hydrate often.  It did not matter if you are at home or walking around the fairgrounds, your body needs more water in the summer months than in the winter months.  

Being prepared for the summer will make the partying easier, fun, and gives the sense of wanting more.   

  • Plans the perfect D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) party for any occasion
  • Get prepared for a party-full summer
  • Use the tray to customize for your picky eaters
  • Great for picnics and parties

Of course, I like to party, and would love to party with you and your guests.   Just let me know when I can set up a Longaberger home, catalog, or online party with you.    We will have fun, and there are lots of reasons to having  a party with me.   Just ask me how or see this page
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Friday, May 24, 2013

Join Our Made In America Movement!

Have you heard the great news? For the first time in our 40 year history, we will be making our own Longaberger pottery at the new Longaberger® Pottery Works in Buffalo, N.Y. Your favorite pieces of Woven Traditions® dinnerware are being crafted in all seven beautiful colors — right here in the U.S.A.
Contact me for more information, or simply click on the links below. Longaberger is coming home!

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Using what you have: The Holiday edition

Interior decorating, what do you think of when you hear the phrase?   Do you think Martha
Stewart or Candace Olsen?   What about Christopher Lowell or Nate Berkus?  How about HGTV or Longaberger?  I want to let you marinate on your answers while I give you this little tip.

No matter what your style is, do me a little favor before you re-decorate, and go shopping at this store.   It is a store like no other, and the price is perfect for you.  It is a store called YOUR HOME.    That’s right, look around your home to see where you can re-purpose a major item.    If you do not like the color, you can always change it.  Same with the fabric.  Most of the great interior decorators, like the ones I mentioned above are doing it now, and they have been doing it for years.
The sense of re-purposing was done at the start of the first recession, back in the 80’s, and then it slowed down a bit as peoples started buying again.  Once the current recession hit, people started re-purposing items again.  Money was no longer a luxury.   So how do you re-purpose a piece of furniture?
As I mentioned, you do have the privilege to making it your own.  Were you aware of this little feature?   It is no long part of the collection at the store you bought it from.   The designer police is not going to arrest you for changing the look of an item you bought 14 years ago.  So go ahead and strip the stain and stain that chest of drawers a different color, change the knobs on the kitchen cabinets, and add or take away that piece of wood that had you cringing for years.  It’s yours, bought, and sealed with a credit card or cash payment. (I hope you did pay for it with cash).   If you do not know how, either buy, borrow a book from library, or grab an e-book on the subject.  You can always pay someone to do it.  
Once the piece is re-purposed, you can add your accessories and/or accent pieces.   Not too many.  I would suggest using the rule of three on each surface.  You may spread them out or use as a cluster, your choice.  This is a perfect time to have things that functional well, such as baskets and other containers.   For instance, you can place two baskets on a shelf and something tall in the middle.   A stack of books represents a tall horizontal piece.   Pinterest is a great website to draw inspiration from.   At a later time, I will cover color choices, and how to complement a piece for a polished look.    
In the meantime, if you have questions or a comment, list them in the comments area or on my Facebook page (Tricia’s Baskets).  
Have a blessed day

One more week left.
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

       Memorial Day is a day in which Americans remember those who were is service and died for the rights we all call freedom.   My father is still living, but he served 22 years in the Air Force.   Although we do not often do not see eye to eye on some things, my mom says that I am my father's daughter.  Even though I chose not to serve my country in that capacity when I turned 18, I feel like I too have served this country by giving them my daddy.   Oh, but for a young child, the perks were wonderful. A Pachinko machine here, little trinkets there.  Believe it or not, I moved a total of 8 times in my life before the age of 18.  I have heard stories of families moving more times than that on civilian jobs.   Me and my mom lived with my maternal grandparents for a year when I was 2, 3 homes in California, 2 in New Jersey, 1 in my present city.  What my father missed in dance and music recitals, choir concerts, plays, and so forth, he made up in love (although at the time I wanted both).  My father was retired by the time I graduated from high school.   That is how committed he was to serve his country.
Longaberger is a lot like my father.  For instance, did you know that if a person becomes a consultant and they are an active, reservist, or retired military personnel or the spouse of one, they can get their business kit free of charge?  If you are a fan of the products, getting a free business kit is like getting a gift at Christmas or on your birthday.  It makes it so much special.
Another thing that Longaberger is doing is bring the pottery back home to America.  This means more jobs, and more money in American's pockets.   I was there last year when Tami Longaberger made that announcement.   I remember being so excited about this announcement, until it made me feel even more proud to be not only an American, but a consultant with this company call Longaberger.  I blogged about it that night.   Monday (May 20th) that dream became a reality.   I did attend, but there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony in Buffalo, New York to the new Longaberger Pottery Works Plant.   My leader, as well as several others from the Big Basket (including Tami and her daughter, Claire) will be attending.   I am so happy about that. 

With that being said, the special for this week (May 22-Tuesday May 28, 2013) is a Memorial Day Sale.   

Also on sale:

Also, offer to support someone this Memorial Day.

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

If this does not bowl you over with excitement....

  • It's time for summer entertaining, and you will find dozens of great uses for these handy Woven Traditions® Party Bowls
  • Fill with dips, chips, snacks, condiments, etc., and surround the pole of your patio umbrella.
  • Fill with assorted goodies and tuck them in a basket for safe carrying to a cookout or picnic.
  • Load the Party Bowls onto the WoodCrafts Cutting Board for easy transport. Great for items on the grill!
  • Perfect for breakfast cereal or late-night ice cream.
  • Keep small items organized in your kitchen cupboard.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A lot is happening this week with Longaberger at Home

New Assorted Bags! 30% Off At Longaberger at home® - Tuesday, May 14 – Monday, May 20
  • Your choice of stylish bags — including new designs online for the first time!
  • Perfect for summertime pack and go.
  • Great for gift giving too.
Longaberger at home Showroom Weekend Sale - Starts Thursday, May 16
  • 30% Off EVERYTHING!
  • Online and in-store

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Duck Dynasty Fans, Here a special for you! Available from May 8-14th.

Are you a Duck Dynasty fan?   Do you love the great outdoors?   Does the very idea of the great outdoors anything send you running for the nearest fly fishing pole?  

  • This is the first basket available featuring camouflage weave.
  • Makes a fun gift for those who hunt, fish and love being in the outdoors. It's guaranteed for Father's Day delivery!
  • Also available in Warm Brown, Rich Brown or Black
  • Priced at only $40 in celebration of our 40th Anniversary.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hats off to the grad....

Hats Off To Your Grad – Wednesday, May 1 – Tuesday, May 7
  • Only $45 for the 2013 Graduation Cap Basket Set! Order on May 1 for guaranteed delivery by May 17!
  • Make it special for your grad:
    • Write a congratulations message to the graduate on the bottom of the lid.
    • Ask guests at the graduation party to sign the basket and lid as a keepsake for the graduate.
    • Place special mementos and photos inside the basket for the grad.

Contact me If you have any questions , or would to have a party in home on online.
Tricia Logan

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