Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Gift Yourself During Our After-Christmas Sale - Starting Friday, December 26

  • After all the hustle and bustle while getting ready for the "big day," you deserve a gift of your own. How about savings of up to 80% on retired items from Longaberger!
  • Save, save, save on retired holiday items, fabric pieces, insulated totes, handbags and more! But don't delay ... quantities are limited and when they're gone, they're gone!
  • And the gifts just keep coming! From December 26-31, you will receive FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders over $99! So shop this sale on my web site and add in whatever else Santa didn't bring. Then have it all shipped to you for free.
  • If you still are looking for last-minute gifts, all Longaberger at home® Showrooms have them now, and are open through Christmas Eve.
  • Visit my Longaberger web site today. And Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas

(c)  2014 The Longaberger Company
"I just wanted to say that I will be off-line from today until midnight December 26, 2014.  I just wanted to say Merry Christmas, and that my wish is that you everything that you hoped for, as you open your presents.  Enjoy your family and friends.  If you are not celebrating with family and friends, just know that there is someone who does cares and loves you."

Patricia L. Logan
Independent Longaberger® Home Consultant

Friday, December 12, 2014

What Could Be Sweeter? Two Sweetheart® Bundles and $28 In Savings! Available In December Only

Just in time Valentine's Day.  I know what you are thinking, it is not even Christmas morning, and you want me to start thinking about surprising my sweetheart? You don’t have to, it is always wonderful to think of others, especially this time of the year, but sometimes you have to get something for yourself.

  • You've spent the whole holiday season thinking of others, maybe now it is time to consider some sweet treats for yourself - as in our 2015 Sweetheart Baskets!
  • During our December Early Bird special, you will save $28 when you buy the Gift of Love and Chocolate Swirl Basket Sets!
  • Both are baskets you are sure to love, now and for years to come. You might even want to suggest to your love that you wouldn't mind having these tasty treats for Valentine's Day.
  • Visit my Longaberger web site or contact me for all the delicious details. Happy Holidays!
What I love about these 2 baskets are the Love Basket makes you think about love, while the Chocolate Swirl Basket reminds me of chocolate. The real reason why I love these baskets, is for the gentleman who loves to give little treats, and these are the perfect baskets to put a pair of earrings, a necklace, or even an engagement ring (hint, hint).

Friday, November 28, 2014

Order these product by Dec 7 to get by Christmas

Are you looking for something that is fresh and new? Take a look at these gifts that people can use all year long.

I just love my 8”skillet and lid.  This is the perfect gift for someone who lives alone or a couple.  I make small batches of sauce, eggs, one pork chop or steak.

I use these for my grocery shopping.  Get 3-4 bags.

“Great for the Entertainer in the family.”

As always, you are welcome to view my website at or browse through my online party.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hump Day Happenings: Santa Belly Baskets

Where has the year gone? In little over a month, the following holidays will be upon us: Christmas and Hanukkah. Don’t forget about those that celebrate Kwanzaa. I feel like I just took down my Christmas tree, but I didn’t. Next week is Thanksgiving, and we just celebrated Halloween. Snow was not supposed to happen this week in Central Ohio, but it did, and I’m sitting here with the heater at full blast. Today I’m not here to talk about how cold it is, or that 2004 is now a 10 year distant memory (I visited Disney World that year), or that we are getting ready for 2015. I am here today to talk to you about collections, and what they mean to you. In the Longaberger line of baskets, you will find that there are several baskets, which you will fall in love with, and will consider collections. Let me break them down to you in several categories: classic baskets (what Longaberger calls Core baskets), and specialty baskets. Core baskets, are those baskets that have been around since the beginning of the company, and specialty baskets are those baskets which have a special meaning to the company. Core baskets are baskets such as the bread basket, the Market Basket, the cracker basket, and the darning basket. I like these baskets because no matter what style these baskets come in, they will always stay to their truth shape. Out of the core baskets, I like the Market Basket line, because no matter if it comes in small, medium, or large, you can put almost anything in these baskets. The bread basket is not just for bread, you can put your favorite CDs, bottles of perfume, or use it to hold small kitchen items in it. The cracker, darning, or button baskets are good for the craft room, baby’s changing table or room, or even in the garage. Core baskets are very versatile, and a must for every home. I am sure you will find a use for them. Specialty baskets, on the other hand, can be either a core or a special shape basket with the theme. The common themes that Longaberger have each year are Christmas or holiday baskets, Horizon of Hope baskets, and some type of Master Basket. Horizon of Hope baskets are usually pink and white, and when a basket of this line is sold, $2 from the sale are donated to the American Cancer Society. The holiday baskets, on the other hand, and the reason for this post, is a specialty line of baskets, where the baskets are made in the traditional holiday colors of red, white, and green. These baskets have a particular shape (2013 was in the shape of present, this year’s basket is in the shape of a stocking), and has a story behind the basket. In addition to this year’s stocking basket, there are core baskets, which are painted red, and have a Santa’s belly band around each basket. What I love about each of these baskets, is if you have bought the very first Santa belly basket, any basket that you buy this year, is adding on to your collection of baskets of that line. What I also love about these baskets, is they make good gift baskets. In my next post I will show you how to make a gift basket, but for now just take my word on it.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Organizing for the Holidays and this weeks Special

Okay, I am going to say this once and for all, before you put down one single ornament, wreath, or start baking a single cookie, please do this for me. Organize, set a plan, and do not go into the holiday season, without doing any of these actions. The reason why I am saying this, is quite simple. You do not want to get into the holiday spirit and come out looking effortless. There are some steps you need to take before executing anything for the holidays. The holidays I’m talking about are; Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. If you have any minor holidays in the mix, such as Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or for the Muslim holiday, you really need to plan.

1.       Start early. By starting early, you are not rushing at the last minute, trying to get a list of things to do, things to be bought, in areas to decorate.
2.       Set a plan. By setting a plan, you know exactly what you are supposed to do, at what time, I many people you plan on coming, and how long it will take to do each project.
3.       Locate your decorations. Even if you know where your decorations are, a lot has happened since the last time you put your decorations away, such as moving to a new location.
4.       Make a guest list. By making it guest list, you know exactly who you want to invite, and when. Be sure to start sending out invitations at a reasonable time, so that your guests can plan ahead of time, and to let you know if they cannot make it that evening of your party, or family get-together.
5.       Make a gift list. This list should include items such as the name of the person you are giving a gift to, their size if giving clothing, color, and type of toy or other item if it is a special request. If it is a toy, make sure you tell the child in question, that this is only a request, and Santa may have something special in mind for that child, but they will like it.
6.       Make out a card list. Make sure you have the recipient’s current name, address, city, state, and zip code. Also, make sure you have enough postage for each card. The last thing you need, is to have a card returned, especially if you have something extra in it.
7.       Make sure you have everything ready for overnight guests. In fact, make it special for them. Have a basket filled with their favorite things, such as a book they might like to read, your favorite music, fresh towels, robe, or anything else feel will make their stay memorable.
8.       Have fun. Make sure everything is done before the guests arrive, so that you can be the hostess instead of being behind the scenes for most of your event.
Sometimes, it might be good to hire help if you can afford it, but I think it would be more fun, if you just plan ahead of time, have the knowledge that your guests are happy, and having a good time as well.
Now for today’s special.

Slide Our Sleigh Basket Into Your Holiday Decor
  • You can almost feel the cold air on your cheeks and taste a snowflake on your tongue when you add our 2014 Holiday Helper™ Sleigh Basket to your holiday display.
  • Beginning with a beautifully woven Longaberger Basket, our basketmakers nail 2 wooden runners on the bottom for a cute and colorful sleigh display.
  • Fill with evergreen sprigs, pinecones, holiday candy, nuts or anything that expresses the spirit of the season!
  • Dash on over to my Longaberger web site to view our complete 2014 Christmas Collection.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Your Holiday Table: The center of attention

(c) 2014 The Longaberger Company
I am not a Martha Stewart fan.  I will admit it from the start.  She does great work and I have bought a few of her craft products to make projects with (I do paper crafting on both the personal and professional level), but to me, she is not a goddess, repeat, NOT a goddess.  (You can read why I am not a fan here)Martha has her ways, has made a household name for herself, in fact, an empire, but not everything Martha says is not gold.  Angels do not fall out of the sky when she speaks.   So when I decorate, the secret police are not going to come to my house from the White House, if my tablescape is not directly from her magazine.   I do admire that she does has several Longaberger baskets, and that she is a Longaberger fan.  That pleases me a lot.  This is my personal opinion on Martha Stewart, and mine alone.  I do follow her, because I want to know where her head is at on decorating and crafting.
I will get into today’s special in a moment, but I do want to talk a little bit about your Holiday table.   It does not matter if you are having a party, or just trying to get through the day with kids in tow, you do want a neat table.  I also follow the following decorators:  Nate Berkus, B. Smith, Christopher Lowell, and a few others, as well as some bloggers for my decorating ideas, and there is one thing that all of these people do agree on, and that is you must have a beautiful centerpiece.
When making your centerpiece, there is a saying that YouTubber and Simply Laura host Laura Vitale says when advise her viewers they can put anything in a recipe that she is cooking on her YouTube channel and on the show, and that is, “The world is your pickle”, that means, do whatever makes you feel comfortable in doing.  This includes your budget, your style, your colors, and what you have on hand to make your centerpiece.  Now I am not going to tell you to go to design school for this task, because, you can find ideas on Pinterest, other peoples blogs, Google, Yahoo, or Bing search it (I do not recommend at all), eve ask your friends and family members what they do for a centerpiece.
A centerpiece, when done correctly needs the following elements:
1)      Keep it Simple –Having a complicated centerpiece overpowers everything else that is on the table, the place settings, the food, and ambiance.
2)      Make it festive- Have a theme (4th of July, Christmas, Joe’s retirement, or family reunion), use colors, textures, and be mindful of space and light (which produces the color spectrum), but still keep it simple
3)      Scale and proportion (sizing):  I am the first to say:  consider how big the surface of your table, rather it is big or small, or shape (Oblong (curved edges with sides), round, square, or rectangle).  There is nothing worse than seeing a really big centerpiece on a tiny surface.  In other words, a small table needs a small arrangement.
4)       Balance:  consider the following types
a.       Formal arrangements are symmetry.  Everything needs to be equal (matching; a mirror image).  If you have 6 place settings, you can have 6 small arrangements down center of the table, or at each place setting.
b.      Informal arrangements are asymmetrical.  Everything is at odd number ((the rule of three for example).  If you have 6 place settings, you can have 3 small arrangements down the center, or have an arrangement in between settings.
c.       Radical.  There is one centerpiece, and everything radiates from the center, like a sundial or sunburst.  This is common for round tables.
5)      Rhythm:  when people think of rhythm, they immediately go to music and sound.  The beat of a drum.  Not in the case.  Rhythm simply means how everything flows on the table, or in this case the centerpiece.  This is where proportion, scale, simplicity, and color, as well as balance come together, and your eye goes from one spot of the centerpiece to another.  To me, it makes a person say they hate it or love it.   A centerpiece, as well as the rest of table need repetition (elements used more than once) and transition (the eye being able to go from one spot to another and be able to tell that there are small and big pieces there, and well as the light and dark areas of the centerpiece.
6)      Emphasis:   a focal point.  The main element, and then being able to place pieces around that focal point.  Something that the eye is drawn to.
7)      Harmony:  When everything has mesh together as though they belonged in that space.
Keep these in mind for a centerpiece, and you cannot go wrong.  Just have fun in make it.
Now for the special:
  • Make it a star-studded holiday season, with Woven Traditions Star Platters and Dishes!
  • Great for all your fall and holiday decorating. They make a great "point" in highlighting your style.
  • Available in your choice of colors, to match any room or any occasion.
  • Stack with your favorite Woven Traditions Plates for an eye-catching place setting.
  • Pair them with our set of 3 Wrought Iron Stands (an exclusive booking gift), for an extra special presentation.
  • Visit my Longaberger web site to see all the good cheer we have now and through December!

Friday, October 3, 2014

T'is the Season of preparing for the Holidays
The season of holiday gift giving is upon us, and I am here to help you with your list.  In need of some last minute Halloween goodies, getting ready for Thanksgiving, or doing some early holiday shopping for the table, these products are perfect. 
Before I tell you about the special for this month, I know for most people, the holidays are a stressful time with all the preparatory work that goes into it all.  I do not have too many things I have to worry about, because it is just me, but my mother does.  She waits until two weeks before Thanksgiving, and two weeks before Christmas to get everything ready for whoever drops by for dinner, BUT you have to let her and my father know you are coming.
I have learned in my research of blogging and reading other people’s blogs on the subject of decorating and entertaining for the holidays, which the idea situation for this time of the year, is to prepare NOW.  I am not saying that my mother’s methods are wrong. There was a time where she would start looking for me and my siblings’ toys in August for Christmas, and my dad would look for turkey deals in early October, but the method they use now to entertain for the holiday is THEIR method, and it works for them in their stage in life.
1.      Are you sending cards?   Get your list started now.  If you make them (which I do), get the materials now.  You do not have to start them now (early October), but making them in late October puts a damper on things. The idea time to gather and make cards is late September.  If you are not a crafter, premade cards are the way to go, but do not go to a store.  My suggestion is to look for someone online, such as sites like Etsy, Zibbet, or Art Fire.  Why?  These are people who dedicate their lives for making cards and they will customize for your needs.  Even if you need one card, the tick here, is to save time.  Some may be a little expensive, but the reason is some artisans have billable hours, and some work per piece.  I explain it a little bit more in another blog.  Places like Hallmark, American Greetings, and other companies like these have generic cards that often do not reflect your taste, your cultural, or what you want to say.  So if you want 50 blue and white Hanukkah and Christmas cards that says, “Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas” in Spanish, Hallmark is not going to have it, but Nadine, an artisan you meet on Etsy will customize the order for you, and have it for you, in a week, and at a price you and her agreed on.
2.     What about entertaining guests?   This is one of the best times of the year to break out the good china and dishes, and have a great time?  Only if you like it like that.  Now it is the time to plan your party.  If you can afford it, hire a culinary student to fix your meal.  Call around with some prices in mind, not only are you helping a student get through school, but you are again customizing a meal that is pleasing to your guests, and you do not have to slave over a hot stove.  If hiring a student chef is not your thing, you can easily whip up a meal, but in either case, plan out your meal.   Think about who is coming, and if they are bringing a guest or two (please not 10).  Also think about the dietary needs of your guests.  Prepare a meal that meets all of those needs.  On the invitation, ask them to call you ahead of time if there are any diet restrictions you should know about, and keep that in mind when you shop.   You want your guests to feel welcomed and comfortable, especially if they are staying overnight.
3.     Speaking of staying overnight, if you are going to have overnight guests, how about a hospitality basket?   They are really fun to make, and it will make your guests feel like they are staying in a 5-star hotel.   Start with a largeenough basket to hold everything in.  Place in the basket a set of towels (one set person guest if a couple is staying), a bar of soap, lotion, toothbrush and toothpaste or gel (in case they forget anything), favorite snack, magazines, and their favorite music (or holiday tunes) (do not forget to have a player of some kind).
4.     Finally, if you are going any place special, make sure you have everything to make the trip smoother, rather you drive or fly someplace.  My trip to Disney world is turning sour, because I did last minute planning, and everyone in my traveling party is not feeling it at the moment. My deadline is at the end of the month.   So, what is going on this month at Longaberger?
The month of October is all about the anticipation of a Christmas stocking.  Christmas stockings hold little presents for children (and adults alike).  I remember getting fruit, a coloring book, and some little trinket, as well as money in my stocking.   This month’s special is the StockingBasket and theTree Trimming, Little Stocking Basket.  Inspired by Tami Longaberger’s recollection of her first Christmas stocking given to her by her father, the late Dave Longaberger, many of these products are perfect as gift baskets, table settings, organizing and more. This special runs through October 31st and watch for other specials throughout the month.
 Visit my website at Also look for other blog posts, throughout the holiday season, where I will show you how to decorate your home for the holidays, or feature a product that would be perfect for you, as a gift, or for entertaining, decorating, or organizing.   Let me know if you have any questions, want to book a party, or want to earn some extra money by PM on Facebook, or by emailing me at

Saturday, September 20, 2014

My take of all things Longaberger at Bee 2014

Photo by (c) P. Lynne Designs
Last month at the Bee, I got a chance to give an opinion on why I love Longaberger and the products. This is a once in a lifetime interview for me, because other then trying to apply for jobs, I have never  been interviewed before.  I will be honest to say that that I looked a hot mess, but I had a good time despite my appearance (I had just got finished with the registration process).  I am glad that I did it for one main reason:  To show that love for Longaberger throughout the interview process.

I also want to say this:  It does not matter if your passion is selling one of your favorite products, making something with your hands, singing, making a world famous recipe, or collecting stamp, make it your passion.  If that passion is enough to make a little money for it, do it.  If you do not know how to make it into a sustainable income for yourself, find out how.  who knows, you could inspire someone else to do the same.  It does not have to be selling a product.   I have lots of passions.  In addition to selling Longaberger products, I have a passion for writing, crafting, Disney, and organizing.  

One last thing; I would love to have you join me on my team.  It does not take much to start.  You can find out all the information on my website.  There are benefits you will enjoy, and this is not a full-time job.  In fact, you can have this business while you are still working.  I leave my job 5 years ago, because I wanted to turn my other passion of papercrafting for others into a business.  So now I have two, and I was still able to get a consistency rewards basket for making over $500 each month for the past selling season.   I am not saying this to be bragging, because I do not like to brag, I am saying this because whatever you set to do in life, go for it, and find out how to make it work out for you.  It may not bring you a lot of income at first, but if you keep at it, you will be able to see the benefits from trying a new skill, or by working your passion. 

I love meeting new people, and that is what this business has allow me to afford.  I have been in this business of selling and serving my customers since 2001.  In fact I was approve to start selling one month after the 9/11 events happened.  I had my first meeting with my then sponsor, two days after the Twin Towers fell and they were looking for survivors, while I was meeting with him to see if Longaberger was a good fit for me.

Take a look at the video, and even if this post was nothing more than just information for you, have a great Saturday.  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Autumn Classics - September 17-September 23 (The First Day Of Fall!)

  • Beautiful baskets that offer a brilliant Autumn hue, just in time for the change in seasons!
  • Fall-like color combinations: 36 Green – Sage up-splints with Bold Green weaving and Merlot accents, solid Sage inside; 53 Deep Gold – Deep Gold up-splints with Merlot weaving and Spice accents, solid Deep Gold inside; 70 Spice – Spice up-splints with Gold weaving and Merlot accents, solid Spice inside. Solid Warm Brown, Rich Brown and Black also available.
  • Perfect for autumn picnics, tabletops, tailgating, whatever the day brings.
  • Remember, my Longaberger web site is all new. Come and check it out while you save!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ideas with Khaki Check Baskets

This is installment #2 in a series of introductions before the big reveal of Longaberger's Fall/Winter catalog.  Today's I am going to talk to you about decorating with Khaki Check.

First of all, this line of baskets is sort of a new line for Longaberger, but the cloth isn't.  In fact, the last time the Khaki Check fabric made its appearance was around 2010 or 2011. This time around, they are joined by some baskets.  They are as follows with some ideas:

(Caution: Links ahead)

1. Go To Basket...(21 1/2" l x 13 1/2 " w x 6"h  Rec Wt: 30 lbs) This basket is similar to the Gathering Basket, so it is going to be your "go to" basket, as the name implies.  Use it from harvesting your fall fruits and vegetables to corralling toys after a messy day of kids playing on the floor.  How about using it as a book center for library books or a place for all things small electronic devices?   In the kitchen, kids can grab their daily snacks from it, or use it in the pantry for smaller items, but to me, it is too pretty to hide.   In the family room, I see it as a place to grab your favorite project, sit in from of the television or fireplace and relax.  How about turning it into a family game night basket, filled with board games, cards, checkers, and even an ..uh um.. a tablet or two.

2,  Pass Alone basket.... (14 "l x 10 3/4"w x 6 1/4" h  Rec Wt: 23 lbs) This basket is the same as the Flare Basket, except handles have been added to it.  This basket is one of those baskets that sits on an end table, where you can place a mending kit in it, on the desk for stamps, paper clips, or in the craft room for Washi tape, crochet hooks, or eyelet setters.  In the kitchen, it can hold a small number of K-cups, but I would not use it for that purpose for long as next month, there is a product for that too, and I cannot wait to get mine.   For a girl's room, it holds bows and other hair products or little belts.  For boys, a small car collection fits nicely in there.

3.  Media basket.... (11 3/4 "l x 10 3/4" w x 6 3/4" h  Rec Wt: 27 lbs) This basket takes the same form as the previous TV Time basket, which I still have mine.  What I have always loved about that basket is its versatility, and that is saying a lot for such a small basket/  Some ideas include:  a remote corral.  There are people out there who still insist on having so many remotes.  Just label the remote, and place in basket.  Need a place to put your most secret item, next to your smartphone and social security card, which is your journal.  Just place your journal and your favorite pen(s) in there, but from one journal writer to another, place the basket in a place where prying eyes cannot get to it.  In the kitchen, place packets of marinades, smoothie mix and hot chocolate packets inside.  Use it as a utensil corral, or for snack bars.

 4.   All Things basket.... (8 3/4 "d x 5 1/4" h Rec Wt : 6 lbs)This is the basket that reminds me of the Signature Plaid baskets from a couple of seasons ago.  What I like about it is the sales force calls it the "Cat head" basket, because the feet of basket does reminds you of a cat's head when turned on its side.  Whatever you call the shape, it is another end table basket, where you can put reading glasses, stamps, a mending kits, or in the bathroom or bedroom for cotton balls, cotton swabs for make-up, or the even small wipes for little bottoms.

No matter how you decide to dress up these baskets, like all Longaberger baskets before them, they are durable, and  will last a lifetime.   If course, there are also protectors that  help protect the inside of the baskets, and can be used as separate containers.
Any questions or you want to have a party?  Shoot me an email at .  You can also view these products and many others on my website,   Need more ideas for this product line?    Please take a look at the ideas video below. (credit:  Sue Miller)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Longaberger® Medium Fill-It Hurricane Retires Soon

Medium Fill-it Hurricane
(c) The Longaberger Co.
Over the next several days, I want to show you some beautiful decorating ideas you can recreate in your own home. 

First up is the Medium Fill-it Hurricane.  This Lamp is retiring at the end of the month, and if you are looking fun ideas on how to dress up your table during the holidays, and beyond, this makes a wonderful centerpiece for any time of the year.   What I love about the fill-it hurricane, is it a two tier section.  The first section you fill-it with candles of all heights (it can hold a medium pillar candle-divider is included with the fill-it hurricane) ornaments for starters.   With the second half, you can fill-it with candies, or confetti.  But that is just the beginning.

Take the divider out, and you can use it as a food container to hold cigar-like cookies, Prosciutto wrapped melon or bread sticks.   You can also use it in a game called guess how many.  It is a cute little game done at fundraiser events and even some parties for a prize.  Just fill-it full of M&Ms, chips, and other small collectible items.  You can even give the candy (and the fill-it hurricane) away as the top prize.

So now that I have given you some ideas, how about a few more.... (Warning, some links ahead…)

September:   September 21st is the start of the fall season.  Time to get out your reds, greens, golds, and browns, and fill them up.  It is a good way to carry it into the next month.  Add nuts, tiny pumpkins (without the faces), gourds, and leaves around the table for that festive fall look.  

October:  When October hits, it is time for harvest. It is also time for all things Halloween and spooky.  For the bottom half of the hurricane, add some purple and black confetti (or candy wrapped in those colors.  Add in the top half, add in some googly eyes, spiders (plastic ones of course) or for the party, have some punch colored with some greenwitch’s brew, if you want to use the whole hurricane as a punch bowl.  

November:  it is time to take the black and purple out, and stick to the traditional fall colors.  For Thanksgiving, make a cornucopia, by adding a piece of fabric on the table to keep the hurricane from rolling off the table.  Gently add in small pumpkins, Indian corn, leaves, and small squash on the inside.
December:   The holiday season gives us two specials this year (actually four, more in a moment)…  Take the browns and oranges off of the table, and add in the bling.   White serves three purposes (winter, Christmas, and Hanukkah), and what better way to add is through lights (tea and table lights).  Blue is the traditional colors for winter and Hanukkah, and a non-traditional color for Christmas.  Burgundy is a non-traditional but classic color for Christmas.  All of them can be showed off in the Medium Hurricane.  The end of the month, highlights a non-religious holiday for African Americans called Kwanzaa, and if you celebrate the 7-day holiday, harvest colors make a comeback, alone with black.

I have given you 4 months of dressing up your Medium Fill-it Hurricane, There are just a few more to show you how to decorate beginning with the month of January in the video below, and this will give you 365 days of unending table decorating with this products.

Questions on how to get one?  Email me at or just visit my website.  

Friday, August 29, 2014

Treat Yourself To Some Halloween Fun At Longaberger

  • Trick or Treat? No doubt about it — nothing but treats at Longaberger in September!
  • The festive fun starts with our Hallow's Eve Basket and our bigger, Host-only Fall Harvest Basket, in your choice of colors!
  • Next, check out the Scaredy Punkins — they are a scream!
  • Rounding out our Halloween goodies are the Scaredy-Treats Baskets, perfect for little treats and little hands.
  • Visit my Longaberger web site to shop now!


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Join me and get your kit 1/2 off

How can you not have this much this much fun with a groups of friends learning about a product you love at first sight?  Join me today.  1/2 off your business kit (Through August 31), more goodies later in 30 days, 50% off all samples,  25% off discount, 25% commissions, and 20% discount when you shop Longaberger at Home showrooms.   If I say any more, I would be giving away the candy store.   Contact me today or go to, and click on the Join me button.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

It's No Trick, Halloween Treats Are Coming Early At Longaberger!

  • Don't let the hot temperatures fool you, fall is coming and so is Halloween. Our September Flyer features an awesome collection of frightfully fun Halloween Baskets. They're so cute, it's scary! And we can't wait to share them with you, so we're not.  My Favorites are the Hallow's Eve basket, which has a form similar to the Cake Basket and Scaredy  Treats Basket seen below.
  • Starting at 12:01 a.m. on Sunday, August 24, and continuing through September 30, our Scaredy Treats Halloween baskets will be available to customers. Order now and dress up your home for the occasion.
  • You have 3 great months of offers to choose from — July, August and now September too. Plus, Hosts can earn DOUBLE Host half price selections through Sunday, August 31!
  • Visit my Longaberger web site to shop now.  
  • Here is how you can make it an even better deal:   If you go to my website, sign up to become a home consultant, not only will you get your kit at 1/2 price this month, you can also get the Scaredy Treats basket at 20% off. ($21.75 instead of $29.00) to name a few.  You can be your own best customer.

Spend $50, Get $10! - Saturday, August 16 - Sunday, August 31

  • What's better than our incredible August offers, including the super Handy Helper Baskets, a Retirement Sale and the continuation of our Horizon of Hope® campaign? Getting $10 additional to use in September when you spend $50 more now!
  • It's like saving $10 on your Longaberger favorites! Spend $50 or more August 16-31 and we will have a coupon code and $10 in savings waiting for you when you visit us again in September.
  • When you return to our online store, you will enter the SEPT10 coupon code in the box, as shown here
  • Our August Flyer is full of great back-to-school items. Check it out!
  • Visit my Longaberger web site to shop now. And remember that we have extended availability of all our July products through August too.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Live, Laugh, Lunch! - Sunday, August 3 - Sunday, August 10

  • Sunday, August 3, is Friendship Day. Share your friendship with someone special with a stylish Sisters Lunch Tote.
  • It's the coolest tote on campus, literally! Our Lunch Tote is available in two bright patterns, with a zippered top and silver thermal lining.
  • Perfect for school or work lunches, road trips, ballgames, boating, biking, hiking ... anywhere you want to carry something cold.
  • Our August Flyer is full of great back-to-school items. Check it out!
  • Visit my Longaberger web site for complete details. And remember that we have extended availability of all our July products through August too.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Celebrating Our Horizon of Hope 20th Anniversary – In a BIG Way!

Celebrating Our Horizon of Hope 20th Anniversary – In a BIG Way!
  • This NEW 20th Anniversary Basket is a great basket to share the message of our Horizon of Hope campaign with your customers in a BIG way! A larger version of the 2014 Horizon of Hope Basket, you’ll want to be sure to buy one for yourself and buy one for a special gift.
  • Collectors Club Members will enjoy an exclusive PINK handle. Not a member? No worries – join The Club today!
  • Visit my Longaberger web site for complete details on Horizon of Hope 2014, including the adorable HOPE Wooden Blocks, the HOH Travel Mug and, of course, our beautiful 2014 Horizon of Hope Baskets and our precious Pink Inside Baskets. Order today!