Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The April Super sale is here. Save up to 64% April 23-30

Now it time for Bridal, Mother's day, Father's day, and graduation gifts.   Visit my newly revamped website at for these and other specials.  If you have any question please email me at

Friday, April 18, 2014

My shop is fresh, new, and with possibilities

Caddy basket, available in May 2014
IT’S TIME FOR A REVAMP!!!   So far, I have seen a lot of new stuff this in the world of internet.   People are getting used to Windows 8.0 or is it Windows 8.14 (I have Windows 7), The Apple Ipad family just got bigger over Christmas with Apple Air (while my Ipad 2 is becoming obsolete).  Even my scrapbooking world is changing with the introduction of a Cricut machine that works entirely on the internet (Cricut is an electronic die cutting machine, which cuts out shapes).  Why not update my Longaberger website.  
If you have visited my website ( in the past, you may have noticed that navigating through might be a bit hard.   The website has now updated.   I will only give the highlights, because as you are learning this new system, I am learning too.
Accounts:   It does not matter if you have been shopping with me for years, or this is your first order, everyone now has an account with me.   For my customers, you should have received a letter from the company about your new log-in by email (if you have given me you email).  This account info contains your username (your last name), and a temporary password.  The moment you log into that account, you will be prompted to change that password, so change it to something you can remember (please do not put the word “password1234” as your password, because hackers will find you out).  Now you are free to shop my website
If you are new to the account, you can place anything in your cart, but when it comes time to check out, you will be prompted to create a new account.  I will tell you why this is important in a moment.
Once you have your account information and place your order, you will be prompted to put in payment information.  For the moment, I can only accept credit cards still (Visa, Master card, and Discover), but with the new system, I may be able to except Paypal or bitcoin payments in the near future.   (They are working on it).  
Another thing you will be able to do is track your order to see where it is in the processing system.  This is something new, because up to now, the only way you can find out where your order is to call me, and I call customer service if I do not see it in my back office or get an email that your is shipping.
So that is it in a nutshell.  I will give you updated if anything else changes in regards to the back end of the website. 
Product Availability: You still will be able to navigate on the left navigational side of the website, which shows you the different categories.  New to the ordering system is you will be able to find out what is available and what is out of stock.  Our baskets are made to order, so they will always be available, unless they are getting ready to be retired.  Here is a tip:   If you cannot find your favorite basket or piece of pottery in the regular current items list, please check the bottom and click on “Longaberger at Home” to see if it is there, before contacting me.
You can contact me at, message me on Twitter @tricia721, or message me on Facebook (Tricia Lynn Logan or on the page Tricia’s Baskets-Longaberger)
Like it…Let me know
Love it…order it or have a show (party) and you could get it free and ½ off
Love it a lot…join my team and get 20% discount, 25% commission, and 50% off of samples, and 1% override payment on your first qualified recruit.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Spice Of Life Is Here! - April 16-17

  • They are the perfect new partners for your kitchen ... or for the grill, or your patio or anywhere - our Spice Basket and Woven Traditions® Spice Jars!
  • Select your favorite colors! Pick your favorite stain for your basket and then order a set of Spice Jars in a complementary color, or mix and match colors!
  • Get creative! With a light-colored dry erase marker, you can even write the name of the Spice Jar contents on the outside.
  • Ideal for keeping all your favorite spices close at hand.
  • A set of 4 Spice Jars fit perfectly inside the basket without protector.
  • Item Nos. - Spice Basket 12896 (+color code); Spice Protector 42323; Single Spice Jar 32359 (+color code); Set of 4 Spice Jars 63308 (+color code); Set of 4 Spice Jars-Bold (Tomato, Cornflower, Ebony, Ivory) 63309; Set of 4 Spice Jars-Mellow (Eggplant, Ivory, Sage, Paprika) 63310.
  • Remember, my Longaberger web site is all new. Come and check it out when you buy this very Spicy collection!

NOTE: We respect your privacy. If you wish to be removed from The Longaberger Company's e-mail list, or your Longaberger Home Consultant's e-mail list, please contact your Home Consultant.The Longaberger Company is located at 1500 E. Main Street, Newark, OH 43055.

This message was sent by on behalf of The Longaberger Company. Please note, is a non-monitored address. Please direct all inquiries to or contact your Home Consultant if you need assistance.

Some Ideas to do with the spice jars:

  • Store your everyday meds
  • Working on a beading project?   Store to separate the beads.
  • Small embellishments for papercrafting and sewing
  • Mixology for perfumers and chemists
  • New spice blends for cooking and baking
  • Store pet meds
  • Fish food containers

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sunnyside Sale! - April 9-10 and an Update to a New System Means a Simpler Way for You to Shop Online

  • Let the sun shine, with a special Sunnyside Small Chore Basket that's like a breath of fresh spring air!
  • This Small Chore is BIG on functionality. You will find dozens of uses for it.
  • While you are shopping, be sure to check out the 2014 Mother's Day Basket Set and the Breakfast Tray. Both would make Mom's day on Mother's Day!
  • My Longaberger web site is all new! Check it out while you shop and save!
This offer has been extended to Wednesday April 9- Midnight Sunday April 13 because of the update of the new system.

Here are some wonderful Ideas on how and where to use the Small chore Basket: