Tuesday, June 30, 2015

There’s Power in Pink! July 1-7

  • For one week only receive a FREE Horizon of Hope Travel Mug with your purchase of our stunning 2015 Horizon of Hope Basket.
  • For each Horizon of Hope treasure sold we will donate $2 to the American Cancer Society.
  • As the American Cancer Society’s longest standing cause partner, we have raised over $17 million together for breast cancer awareness and research. For over 20 years we have worked together to make a difference, because we believe in the power of pink!
  • Call me or visit my Longaberger website to order today!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Have a Super Summer with Super Savings! June 24-30

  • We've got a special sale just in time for all of your Summer occasions!
  • With 25% everything you can get unbelievable deals like our:
    • Set of 3 Wrought Iron Stands for $21
    • Pedestal only $18
    • 8" x 8" Baking Tray/Lid just, $18!
  • With so many events for this season now's your chance to stock up and save on all of your summer must-haves!

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Perfect Wedding Gift

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June is the official month for weddings, At least so I have been told.  It does not matter the culture of the bride, the groom, and their families, I have read that the connective bond between all cultures is the wedding present.

For instance, in Turkey, it is tradition to give a gold coin. from a rather large coin to a thumb-size gold quarter. Guests line up to pin these coins to the bride's gown. You can also pin cash to her gown as well as drop coins into her purse.

In Japan, the couple is the one who give gifts to the guests, which are small token of appreciation or small treats.  It is a way of thanks for attending their wedding.  You can bring cash for the bride and groom and put them in a small envelope.

In Egypt, they do not have bridal showers, instead the bride and her bride's maids dress up in traditional Galabiya gowns a few days before the wedding. during that time, they paint their bodies in Henna patterns, and the artist will hid the groom's initials in the bride's hands.  On the wedding night, the groom will search for his initials, and if he cannot find them, he give a gift to his bride.

These are a few of the many traditions around the world.  Start your own tradition.   I have the perfect gift for the first year the couple is together.  It is presented by Sharon Wood, and it involves wine.  Of course, if the couple does not drink, you can always substitute the beverage with non-alcoholic drink.   June is all about picnics, so the special for the month, is four different types of picnic baskets, and you have a few more days to make your purchase.   Visit www.longaberger.com/patricialogan to take a look.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Endless Summer, Endless Possibilities June 17-18

Endless Summer, Endless Possibilities June 17-18
  • Make the most of your summer, from parties to planting, the possibilities are endless with our Endless Summer Basket!
  • Whatever your needs for the summer are, this creation is at your service for only $57!
  • Available in 5 colors to enhance virtually any décor: Brick Red, Rich Brown, Denim, Warm Brown and Sage.
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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Extra Small, Extra Stylish! June 10-11

  • Indulge your plants and flowers this summer with our stylish Extra Small Planter Sleeves!
  • Fit a 4" flower pot inside to decorate your home with this extra small creation for just $29!
  • Woven of traditional Hardwood Maple, they’re the perfect accent to your home or covered porch.
  • Available in 5 colors to enhance virtually any décor: Brick Red, Rich Brown, Denim, Warm Brown and Sage
  • Want to create a matching set? Check out our June Flyer to see our Small, Medium, and Large Planter Sleeves!
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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Personalize Your Picnic! June 03-09

  • Show off your personal style at your next outing with our very special WoodCrafts Monogram Cutting Board for just $18!
  • Make the most of your Summer! By ordering this useful and stylish accessory early, along with your picnic basket(s), you can truly enjoy summer picnic season as soon as possible!
  • Personalize the perfect gift for your next wedding or special event!
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