Thursday, June 13, 2013

Need a vacation? I hope so.

Today of all days, I was just thinking about the goals I have planned this year. It is close to the end of the year for me and my colleagues at Longaberger, and it is time to think about the annual convention. These are the things I am thinking about:
  •  My sales 
  • Sales of my friends.
  • Sales that my cousin should be earning.
  • New products I will get to see.
  • What products will be retiring? 
  • What products will be staying on, but will get their fall color on them? 
  •  New recruits that may be coming my way? 
  • Hawaii (Incentive Trip) and Walt Disney World (Family Trip)

 Some of the things that happened that were good in my business this year (July 2012-June 2013): 
  • ·         I made $5,200 in sales, and will get a ribbon.
  • ·         Made new friends while working at the Jeffersonville Longaberger at Home store and Homestead.
  • ·         Being able to make some cards to sell during the silent auction at the team’s Horizon of Hope luncheon in October, and knowing that the proceeds will go to a worthy cause. (There will be one in October 2013 as well)
  • ·         Signing up my cousin to sell Longaberger. 

 ....And so much more
Of all the things that I think about during that course of a fiscal year in the business, it gives me joy when I can make a difference in someone's life, no matter how great or how small.   I look at the little things in life.
So maybe you have been thinking about this business and you wonder, "What’s in it for me?"  I will honestly say that I do not know what this business will bring for you if you sign up, but I do know this:  
  • ·         Maybe you are looking for something new to do in your life.  
  • ·         Maybe you are looking for something new to place in your home or office, but you do not have enough money to make that purchase.  You will earn a commission to do whatever it is you want to do, including buying product and perhaps earn free products.
  • ·         Maybe you do not know about Longaberger but perhaps you are curious enough to give it a try.  The best way is to purchase an item or business kit, and learn about the company and its products.  
  • ·         Perhaps you are trying to find a way to earn extra money to pay off a few bills, get a new car because you need one, or to take a vacation to anywhere, because you have never been on one in quite a while.
  • ·         Maybe you need a new friend in your life.  At the bee, Longaberger’s convention for consultants, you will meet tons of new people, all striving towards the same goal or perhaps different goals.
  • ·         You always wanted to stay at home with your child, but could not. If you are a single mom, you need to earn a second income, without dealing with a second set of traffic, trying to get to that second job, and missing more of your child growing up before your very eyes.  This business is flexible enough to allow you to work as many hours as you need or want to.

Whatever the reason for you to try this business, know this….give it a year, and if you are not satisfied, the Longaberger can always buy your kit back.   No questions asked, and I will not beg you to stay.  This business is not for everyone, but someone always say, “Nothing beats a failure but a try.”  I am not going to say it is going to be easy, but if you do, you may get a vacation to Hawaii in March 2014, sooner than later.

These are my thoughts and I thank you for listening.   If you want to try Longaberger, as a customer or a consultant, let me know.  You have nothing to lose.
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